John Hiatt Tickets

John Hiatt Tickets

A truly renowned artist who has secured his place with sheer talent and a variety of styles at his disposal, John Hiatt continues to impress audiences in the modern day as he returns to the stage here in the United Kingdom.

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The American musician has been a renowned artist since emerging in the 1970s and it is a testament to his ability that he has since managed to maintain his career with each new decade. So when John Hiatt appears onstage the first port of call for his fans is going to be concert tickets before they sell out.

His career has been an interesting and unique one and perhaps defined by the abundance of cover versions of his songs more than his own releases. However, this is not to downplay his output in its own right, which has included some expertly crafted and popular pieces of work. His songs include the likes of “Sure as I’m Sittin’ Here” in addition to tracks such as “Paper Thin”, “Child of the Wild Blue Yonder”, “Perfectly Good Guitar” and “I’ll Never Get Over You”, amongst others. So whilst there are artists out there that John Hiatt fans might also consider such as Lyle Lovett, as well as artists who have benefited from his work, like Iggy Pop, Hiatt remains popular in his own right.

And his career does not end with singles; he has also ensured his place in the album sections of shops with nearly 20 records to his name from 1974 to the current decade. His first took the form of “Hangin’ Around the Observatory” from 1974 and he would progress with the likes of “Two Bit Monsters” in 1980, “Warming up to the Ice Age” in 1985, “Perfectly Good Guitar” in 1993, “Crossing Muddy Waters” in 2000, “Same Old Man” in 2008, plus “The Open Road” in 2010. With these albums, and all those in between, he has secured his place in rock history.

So with rock tickets, audiences get to witness an acclaimed and skilled American rock artist in a live setting, where his work will undoubtedly sound its best. After decades in the business he knows how to put on a great show and this will make his concert tickets highly worthwhile.

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