MGMT Tickets

MGMT Tickets

When it comes to witnessing brilliant and critically acclaimed bands live on stage, it doesn’t get any better than the American musical duo MGMT, who return to the stage to present their fans with live versions of their popular hits.

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This Grammy-nominated music act have been earning well deserved success since they emerged on the scene with their debut album in 2005 and as their sound has progressed, their fan base has swelled, making MGMT tickets hot property when they go on sale.

MGMT consist of Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden and they released their first album under the name The Management, but changed it due to another name laying claim to the title. They abbreviated it to MGMT and have since set about earning success on a world stage. This ambition has been realised with the music press regularly landing unanimous praise upon the band, many referring to them as a band to keep an eye on, whilst appearing on numerous top ten lists of 2008.

Having formed the band during their first year of University, Goldwasser and VanWyngarden focused on chart success the moment they graduated, releasing their first album as a band “Climbing to New Lows” in 2005, following 2004’s EP “We (Don’t) Care”. They then signed to a larger record label and after changing their name to MGMT released their next album “Oracular Spectacular” in 2007. This album spawned singles such as “Kids”, “Electric Feel” and Time to Pretend”. They had made a mark immediately and the music press was impressed with this new and exciting band, announcing them as something everyone should keep an eye on.

Their second album takes the form of 2010’s “Congratulations”, which appears following enormous success and a cult following. The future is certainly bright for this band and as the new decade opens the levels of success they could attain can only be imagined.

So make sure you purchase MGMT tickets as soon as possible. It is an opportunity to see one of the hottest bands around whilst they are still relatively young. Like any band, their true home is onstage and so witnessing them there is a must if you are a fan of unique and exciting music.

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