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London Coliseum

London Coliseum
St Martin's Lane

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(3mins) Take Cranbourn Street until St Martin’s Lane, where you head right until you reach the theatre.

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Booking From: Thursday, 17th August 2017
Booking Until: Tuesday, 22nd August 2017
Age Restriction: No children under 5.
Important Info: Please note: No food or drink purchased off-site including alcohol, soft drinks and water are permitted inside the theatre.
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Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 67 review(s)


Latest Review: "Brilliant show brilliant songs and done by brilliant actors.The story might be predictable..."

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    Wednesday, 21st Jun 2017 by Helen

Fantastic. Full of surprises. Brings home the meaning to the words of those iconic songs. Amazing performance by everyone on stage. The voices of Strat and Zahara are out of this world. The camaraderie and fun the cast are having, infects the whole audience. Loved the humor of the parents to lighten a dark story.. Truly amazing and I am going back for more!

    Tuesday, 20th Jun 2017 by Ayla

Fantastic music and great vocals from most of the cast but especially Andrew who played Strat; however the story is rubbish, which was such a disappointment but rather inevitable with these musicals based around songs.

    Saturday, 17th Jun 2017 by phil

probably the best musical i have seen. The stage set was split into two levels which was fantastic . The voices of the singers where spot on and they put 110% into delivering a first class act. If you can go see it Try to get seats in the stalls or lower circle as there is so much to see. A must to see if you enjoy a first class musical and love the album

    Friday, 16th Jun 2017 by Clive

Really enjoyed the story was a bit thin but the music carried it. Hope the show a resounding success

    Friday, 16th Jun 2017 by Elle

Possibly the most dreadful show I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot. Cast can sing but can't act, script absolutely cringe making and puerile. Production overblown and messy which is a case of throw a lot of money at the stage to make up for the lack of creativity. Speechless as to how this can justify a west end run, regardless of how short.

    Friday, 16th Jun 2017 by Deborah

Went on the 15th June and have never been to a theater before but this is an absolutely fantastic show it's a must watch show we sat In the balcony row E and we had the perfect view of the whole show would definitely watch again it was a phenomenal show well done to everyone an outstanding performance x deborah

    Thursday, 15th Jun 2017 by Stoney

Fantastic show - loved it - staging extraordinary - vocals and energy great

    Thursday, 15th Jun 2017 by Als

Utter rubbish! I was really looking forward to seeing this as it is one of my favourite albums but when it descended into watching people "making out" on the back of a car i was crying with laughter - but not in a good way.

So bad we left at the interval - couldn't take any more

    Thursday, 15th Jun 2017 by Feasty

Wow what an evening. Fantastic show, loved it from the explosive start and didn't want it to end. The cast were superb and the set amazing. Thank you for a truly great experience.

    Wednesday, 14th Jun 2017 by Dave

Saw this on a Monday 12th June and was slightly disappointed that the normal male lead was not appearing.

But as soon as the Alternate appeared on stage any doubts I had dissapted quickly.

The story line is quite simple, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they fall in love. Her dad doesnt like it and some turmoil ensues.

The sub plot revolves around the relationship of the father and mothers relationship.

So not a complex story line, but this show is about the music of Jim Steinman.

Did it make the hairs on the back of my neck .... yep it had its moments and with hits such as paradise by the dashboard light cleverly done, along with I'd do anything for love, bat out of hell as well as dead ringer for love certainly certainly hit the highs.

If your not a fan of Meat loaf, there's no point .... if you are then there will always be that trade off between Meat Loaf and a West End Show....

I for one thought the show was superb and will return ...

Congratulations to the cast and thankyou for a really enjoyable evening.

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