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Dominion Theatre
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The theatre can be seen from the station, on the corner of the crossroads between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.

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Booking From: Saturday, 1st November 2014
Booking Until: Saturday, 1st November 2014
Show Status: production_closed
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Average Rating: 2.8 out of 5 stars based on 28 review(s)


Latest Review: "Went to see this at the weekend,it was one of the best shows I have seen ,well done to all the ca..."

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    Monday, 20th Oct 2014 by Karol

Disappointed. Love Marti Pellow's voice but in this he was not great - felt like he was playing catch up with the lyrics because he held some notes longer then he should have. Madalena also gave a very mixed performance. Very shrill in the first half and distracting during Goodnight and thank you when both the males and her are singing as if she was competing to out sing them. The choreography for Rainbow High with the mirrors was brilliant and the singing was better during this number. She also delivered during Don't Cry for Me. If I was to pick a singer who stood out for me, it was Peron's mistress during Another suitcase. Our seats were in the stalls close to the front. Wish I hadn't bothered - been desperate to see Evita live but wish I hadn't wasted my money. If I could have my money back, I would ask for it....

    Sunday, 19th Oct 2014 by Terri

So looking forward to this show and so disappointed!! Both leads, in my opinion have been poorly cast. Was so disgruntled with the whole of first half that we left at the interval and listened to the soundtrack in the car instead!!!

    Sunday, 19th Oct 2014 by Maria

Glad I didn't read the reviews before I went. Eva's voice stunning and crystal clear, her white dress stunning-well done wardrobe. Marti Pellow relied on his pop star fame for audience response unfortunately his delivery was not clear or as enthusiastic as it was in the 90's I went to the matinee and it felt as though he was saving his voice for the evening performance although reading the other reviews perhaps not. Poor that none of the stars saw fit to say hello to the 10 of us paitiently waiting at the stage door. . .thank you to the other actors who saved us from wasting more time by saying telling us they dont bother for matinees!!!

    Friday, 17th Oct 2014 by Marky Marc

Very weak voice from Marti Pellow. After the interval lots of stalls seats were empty so I moved seats but got bored and left. Never left a show before. Boring but the famous song was executed brilliantly. Disappointed.

    Friday, 17th Oct 2014 by wimbo

Unfortunately I think this is by far the worst performance of Evita I have ever seen (and I have seen almost all west end and rep productions over the last 30 years as well as the excellent film). The main problem is the terrible casting of the 3 lead characters - surely the west end can do better than this.

Firstly Marti Pellow as Che the narrator is truly awful, acts woodenly and mucks up his phrasing. I've never seen the narrator done badly before - its very distracting as he is on all the time. He gets a little better in the second half but that is not saying much.

The actor who plays Peron can sing fine and is OK, but totally lacks the necessary charisma and menace of a ruthless dictator that is Juan Peron. He would be better off playing a first footman or minor toff in Downton. Jonathan Pryce did this part perfectly in the film version.

Magdalena Alberto can also sing OK (although is a bit shrill at times). My main criticism of her is that I think she hugely over acted the second half and seemed to smile through the serious parts where Eva is getting ill. I ended up not really caring about her or feeling much emotion which is the opposite of how I normally feel. She also lacks physical presence - Eva should in my opinion be alluringly beautiful - enough to mesmerize a nation. Afraid Magdalena is not in that league.

The only good news is that Magaldi (Ben Forster) and the Mistress (Sarah McNicholas) are both excellent - but

these are relatively minor parts. Evita only comes to the West End every 5-10 years which is about right. However if you are going to stage it please cast the lead parts better than this or don't bother.

    Tuesday, 14th Oct 2014 by Walter

Marti Pellow's voice was no goo at all and Eva's was screechy... i could not believe or feel her acting. I was waiting for Evita to come back to London for a long time and It was the most dissapoiment experience ive ever had. Ever her dont cry for me argentina or her lament (one of my favorites) were not believable at all... on her lament i felt she was having an stomachache! very very bad!

    Thursday, 9th Oct 2014 by Pit

We left at half time totally weak and boring. The sound quality was terrible there was either screeching by Evita or mumbling by Marti Pello. We were in the stalls maybe the people who are saying the singing is brilliant had different seats where the acoustics were better.

A waste of money for the ticket and time we will never get back!

    Sunday, 5th Oct 2014 by Emma

Came out of the theatre feeling deflated, not what I expected at all. Marti Pellow was very poor, I couldn't understand what he was singing, although his voice was ok. Evita had moments of brilliance, ''Don't cry for me Argentina" was sung very well, but on the whole you didn't feel the story from the actors. It was like they'd turned up to churn it out again for their paycheck.

    Saturday, 4th Oct 2014 by Christie

Sound quality and vocal diction poor. Martin Pellow was definitely miscast. Magdalena's portrayal of Eva's death was excellent.

    Saturday, 4th Oct 2014 by David

Overall sound quality was poor, Marti Pellow's voice was disappointing and Eva's was screechy. Enjoyed the two main songs but was wholeheartedly unimpressed with the show.

Wine during the interval didn't help, and we left before the applause - which we have never done before, despite being regular show-goers.

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