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Everyone remembers their first concert experience. They provide us with long lasting memories of seeing our favourite musicians live on stage performing songs from their admired back catalogue of songs for our listening pleasure.

Concert tickets are available for all manner of events across the United Kingdom from well known bands and musicians from Britain and beyond. They are passes to witness some of the biggest musicals acts in the world and also to some of the lesser known artist that deserve our attention.

So whatever your style, it could not be easier to find concert tickets for some of your most anticipated shows online.

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Welcome to our section on concerts, gigs, and all things musical: this is where you will be able to browse our wide selection of concert tickets to some of the worlds biggest bands.  Whether you’re after a chance to rock and roll all night or perhaps simply relax to the subtle pleasures of an evening of jazz, we have a vast array of tickets to make your dreams a reality.

Gigs are a hugely important cultural aspect of our lives in Britain: so much of our time, money and attention is focused on music, and it seems to be the one aspect of everyone’s lives that overlaps and intersects.  Think about it: when was the last time you met someone who didn’t like music?  No, in one way or another, we all share passions for the art of organised sound.  Our lives revolve around it: radio in the morning with breakfast, before switching to your iPod to pass time on the tube, and then out at night to a bar filled with rock and pop before hitting up a dance club to boogie the rest of the night away.  Indeed, it is so all-encompassing that often we have to remind ourselves how special an art it is.  This is why concert tickets to gigs are so vital: you must remember your greatest love time and time again to breathe new life into it and experience it anew. 

As a music lover you will of course know that there is nothing like seeing a band in the flesh: you feel a direct, unspoken connection with the music that you love, and it often goes to transform it for you forever.  You know the feeling: the introduction music building to a crescendo, the surrounding fans screaming their adulation at the stage as the band swagger to their instruments and strike that first, wonderful chord.  It really is an unbeatable experience.  And always remember: studio recordings are only one aspect of what a band can do, and if you want to experience them for real, then the only way is to see them in the flesh.  So get hold of some concert tickets quick, and prepare yourself to rock!  In our concerts section you will be able to secure tickets for gigs across a widespread variety of genres.

The most popular and pervasive of these genres is surely that of rock and pop music, and here at boxoffice you will be able to secure tickets to hundreds of famous musicians all expertly trained in the art melody and the 3-minute wonder of the radio single.  For that feeling of pure euphoria that comes from fandom, rock and pop succeeds above all else.  If it’s catchy choruses and turbo-charged riffs that you need, then this genre is the place to be.  So why not head over to our section and browse for your favourite acts to obtain tickets to see such things as the technical mastery of Joe Satriani, the classic stylings of Michael Buble, the art-pop genius of Lady Gaga, the heartthrob anthems of Westlife, the dance-tastic ska of Madness, the slap-bass funkiness of Level 42, the cheeky pop-punk scamps that are Blink 182, the genre-bending pop of Gorillaz, the inexhaustible 12-bar-bluesters that are Status Quo, the folk prog of Runrig or the ribald antics of Bowling For Soup, to name but a few. 

But if this whole mainstream pop-market malarkey just isn’t your thing, we have a good deal of tickets to alternative and indie music shows that are sure to impress.  So squeeze yourself into a pair of the skinniest jeans, sweep your hair to the left and slap on a t-shirt for your favourite band: Boxoffice always has the latest and coolest new tickets on sale so you will never be left behind.  So if this is your thing why not check out our extensive range of tickets to shows, such as the Scottish alt-rockers Biffy Clyro, the shoe-gazing melodies of Snow Patrol, the electro beauty of Imogen Heap, the dark indie of Modest Mouse, the folky pop of Mumford and Sons or the bleak rock soundscapes of The National. 

Aside from these we have a wide range of genres that include pretty much any type of music you could imagine.  How about some dance music?  We can get you tickets to the likes of the incredibly popular Basshunter, the surprisingly original Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip, the dance-indie of Hot Chip, the jazzy electro of Mr Scruff and the rock/dnb mash-up outfit that is Pendulum.  Perhaps you love dancing, but hate the sound of dance music: ok, fine, we can do that as well.  Why not check our wide selection of Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B and Urban Soul tickets?  Here you will find access to the likes of the wonderfully gifted Joss Stone, the beautiful stylings of Beverly Knight, the fun hip-pop of N-Dubz, the lyrical mastery of Sage Francis, the award-winning Dizzee Rascal or the chart topping Tinchy Stryder

But if your attention isn’t kept by this sort of stuff and you need your music to be supercharged and full of excitement then you have two options: turn the amps up to eleven or play outside the scales.  For the former, we have a section on heavy metal, and for the latter a good section on jazz.  So for all you metalheads, why not check out our tickets to the cello-rock of Apocalyptica, the metalcore favourites Bullet For My Valentine, the utterly ferocious Motorhead, the robot-rock of Queens of the Stone Age or the daddy of them all, Ozzy Osbourne.  And for all you jazz enthusiasts, go check out our tickets to the likes of  the piano virtuoso that is Jools Holland, the electro-jazz of The Cinematic Orchestra or the sheer excellence of Herbie Hancock

You will also be able to find tickets to the highlight of any self-respecting music fans summer months: the music festivals.  Enjoying a spot of gigantic popularity at the moment, the music festival has never been in such high demand before.  This means securing tickets to them is now even more important than ever.  With so many different types of music fans flocking from far and wide, the festival experience has transformed into something that is truly legendary.  Whether you’re looking for a weekend of mayhem at the massive Reading and Leeds Festival, or you want to relax at one of the smaller, family-orientated festivals, Boxoffice can get you there.

With such a huge selection to choose from, there’s no time like the present to get going and decide what gigs you will make your own this year.  So let music into your life: get some concert tickets now.