High Voltage Tickets

High Voltage Tickets

When it comes to summer festivals, there is nothing quite like seeking out the a great event and experiencing some of the very best of your preferred style in a live setting. This is why the UK has such as great festival scene, with events appearing up and down the country and providing audiences with an abundance of choice.

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Some festivals have been running for decades whilst others are more recent affairs that have built up their audiences in the last ten years or so. Then there are those that are still in their infancy and this is where High Voltage comes into play – a new festival on the landscape that offers the very best in classic rock entertainment. So if you are looking for festival tickets, look no further than High Voltage.

High Voltage tickets provide audiences with a new festival experience that offers some big names from rock, with the 2010 line-up consisting of none other than ZZ Top alongside ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer). Further big names also appear across various stages, including the Prog Stage and the Metal Hammer stage and as a result, tickets for this big event are certain to be hot property.

To give the event its full title, the festival is known as Classic Rock’s High Voltage Festival and when this British magazine is taken into account it becomes clear how a band such as ZZ Top could have been secured in the inaugural year of the show. The magazine has been a popular outlet to read up on some of the pioneers of the classic rock scene and find out about up and coming bands that fit the mould, developing into one of the best known magazines in the UK.

ZZ Top are, of course, the American blues rock trio who are regarded as one of the greatest hard rock bands of all time, resulting in their being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004. From their popular songs to their memorable appearance in the Old West in “Back to the Future Part III” they have been an influential part of the rock scene for many years. So for High Voltage to secure these musicians in the very first year of the festival’s appearance, you know this is an event to keep an eye on.

But 2010’s line-up also featured other acts like Heaven & Hell, Foreigner, Asia, Marillion, The Reasoning, Black Label Society and more, with future years of the High Voltage festival lying in anticipation.

So each year, High Voltage tickets should be snapped up by classic rock fans all over the country. By doing so they will be able to catch some of the biggest names in classic rock in one setting and enjoy the unbeatable atmosphere of a summer festival alongside like-minded fans. It is not an event to be missed.

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