Summer Pops Liverpool Tickets

Summer Pops Liverpool Tickets

The Liverpool Summer Pops event is a music festival that occurs every summer in Liverpool, in the Northwest of England. Carl Davis of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society founded the event in 1993. The event was originally created in order to provide a place for the Society to perform whilst their concert hall was being refurbished between 1993 and 1995.

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The event began to gain popularity, and soon other musical acts were performing at the festival. The new popularity however proved too expensive for the Royal Philharmonic Society, and the city’s Council asked CMP Entertainment to take over and run the festival. The event originally took place on King’s Dock in Liverpool, however the location of Liverpool Summer Pops has changed through the years due to renovations and expenses. The festival has seen various well known and respected performers such as Bob Dylan, Jools Holland, Alice Cooper, Eric Clapton, The Who and many others.

Liverpool’s Summer Pops festival is an excellent idea for those who cannot afford to travel south for Reading festival, or to pay for the expensive Leeds festivals that occur during the same period of time. It is possible for guests to purchase day or weekend tickets, both will vary in price depending on when they are purchased. Bringing your own supplies such as snacks and drinks is advisable as food stands may become congested and will be significantly more expensive.

If you wish to attend a Summer Pops festival, tickets can be purchased through various online ticketing agencies, or through the Summer Pops website itself. Tickets will sell out fast, so pre-purchasing is highly recommended. If you are buying tickets in bulk, it is a good idea to purchase these tickets even further in advance, as many other attendees will be buying bulk tickets also.

The Summer Pops website wil house all the information you need before you arrive; however, it is a good idea to check with rules and regulations regarding what you can and cannot take to and from the festival. Also, for customers with young children, you may need to contact the organisation to double check on security regulations. Liverpool’s Summer Pops festival is an affordable and fun way to see some of your favourite musical acts during the warm and pleasant summer months. Previous guests will all agree that an excellent time is in store for you. Buy your tickets now!

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