Robyn Hitchcock Tickets

Robyn Hitchcock Tickets

A multi-talented musician, Robyn Hitchcock returns to the stage to present a glorious concert of celebrated songs and styles. Since the 1970s, he has been a figure of renowned music and song-writing, continuing into the new millennium with his head held high.

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Whilst best known as a singer-songwriter and guitarist, Robyn Hitchcock employs a wide array of skills to get the best out of his shows. So don’t be surprised to see him perform on the piano, the harmonica or the bass guitar at some point during the evening. What you can also expect is a night in which the lyrics take you on a unique and surreal journey, with eccentric angles of English society turned on their head to present a show that is like no other. It makes purchasing Robyn Hitchcock tickets a necessity and when he takes to the stage

Though he has never been a prominent part of the mainstream music scene, Hitchcock has built up a big enough cult following to make his live shows stand out amongst the rest. So make sure you get to these shows before they sell out.

He began his career as part of The Soft Boys in the 1970s and with them he released albums such as “A Can of Bees” in 1979. They would disband in 1981 and from then onwards, Hitchcock would embark on a solo career, winning new admirers along the way. During the 1980s he released albums such as “Black Snake Diamond Röle” in 1981, followed by “Groovy Decay” (1982) and “I Often Dream of Trains” (1984). The rest of the decade also saw him release albums as part of The Egyptians such as “Globe of Frogs” in 1988.

The 1990s would continue his success with albums like “Eye” (1990), “Moss Elixir” (1996) and “Jewels for Sophia” (1999), before the new millennium brought us albums like “Luxor” (2003), “Spooked” (2004), “Olé! Tarantula” (2006), “Goodnight Oslo” (2009) and “Propellor Time” (2010).

Robyn Hitchcock continues to go from strength to strength and when he takes to the stage you know you are in for a great evening of glorious music. It means that witnessing him live is a must and purchasing Robyn Hitchcock tickets a necessity as soon as they go on sale.

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