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London Palladium

London Palladium
8 Argyll Street

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(2mins) Exit 8 from the tube goes out onto Argyll Street (opposite the large Topshop). The theatre is 100 metres down the road.

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Average Rating: 3 out of 5 stars based on 102 review(s)


Latest Review: "29 August 2013 I had truly expected a fantastic show. I adored the concept and the music. I was ho..."

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    Monday, 2nd Sep 2013 by Rebmat

29 August 2013

I had truly expected a fantastic show. I adored the concept and the music. I was however disappointed with this production as it felt like we the audience were observing a "run through" and not a spectacular west end show.

The cast knew there were only 2 more days to perform and it appeared they were running through the motions as quickly as possible. No encore which was a shame as the ending was lovely and there was a standing ovation. In this respect I felt cheated.

Choreography was great but there was no deeper meaning (soul) felt which ironically was the concept.

    Saturday, 31st Aug 2013 by Christy

Saw the matinee today and absolutely loved it. Those people bemoaning the storyline, set, costume etc seem to have no idea of what the show is about.

There's no need for fancy backdrops - in fact they would be out if place. The dancing was beautiful, and with a single exception the singing gorgeous too. It's a shame some people assume that a West End show needs glitz - some stories just aren't about glitz.

    Saturday, 24th Aug 2013 by Sam

As a fan of this musical, I was very disappointed. Many cringeworthy moments of questionable pitch from the singers. As a professional musician, I expect to see a show on the London's West End that is better than anything I have been in. Poor singing is unacceptable when people are paying over 60 pounds for a ticket. The acting was also poor which made it difficult to connect with the characters. I now know why its doing such a short run.

    Wednesday, 21st Aug 2013 by Dan

Just so, so, so terrible. The worst two hour experience I've had my entire life, let alone solely theatrical one. I saw this with a large group of people- most of us fell asleep, and I came out of the palladium feeling extremely angry that I had wasted so much time.

Terrible 1970s gay, black and poor cliches, which make you cringe back in your seat. The one good musical theme is repeated so much that it makes you want to shoot the conductor.

I really can't understand why many people who I respect like this terrible rubbish. The real time concept is the only thing good, but that is now an overshadowed pro compared to the massive cons.

Go see it if you can't sleep and you want an easy way of sleeping, or if you really hate someone but your pretending to be nice by getting them tickets.

Otherwise spend a far more entertaining and enjoyable evening whacking your head against a wall.

    Monday, 19th Aug 2013 by Gary

Saturday 17th.

We were hesitant in view of previously noted reviews. However, we had an excellent evening and thoroughly enjoyed a professional performance. My daughter who is a budding vocalist / songwriter found many aspects of the production real and convincing in view of her own experiences. Go see!!!

    Saturday, 17th Aug 2013 by Lyanne

Absolutely brilliant. My 11 year old daughter and i loved it :)

Anyone who saw the original film would love it. I cannot believe its closing!! I feel that you do have to love dance to get the feeling behind the show but anyone who has been there it was fantastic. My daughter says its one of her best musicals she has ever seen! A brilliant night i'm so glad we got to see it. All the cast just portray it exactly as it was. Excellent.

    Friday, 16th Aug 2013 by Wibble

Having seen this show last night, I would venture to review this show in one word, LAZY.

Now before the show's numerous fans howl in derision, I do understand the concept of the show, I've seen, and been involved in a number of productions of it, and I would say it is one of my favourite musicals. But this particular production was so poorly executed it was only my respect for my fellow audience members that kept me in my seat throughout.

Yes, this is the story of an audition session, and as such is set on a bare stage, in random costume, but there was still a complete absence of any design concept, until the finale, badly executed and random spinning mirrors aside. Black box theatre may be a main stay of school drama and fringe venues but this is the West End, some effort to actually make the stage look realistic could have been made, exposed brickwork, random furniture, anything that looked a little less clinical.

Costume for a Chorus Line should be a relatively simple challenge, random dance wear for about twenty people, mostly down on their luck. The only key factors, they all consider themselves professionals, and they've all been in this audition for several hours already. Oh, and this is a dance audition, including ballet and tap. So sweaters, thick jumpers, perfectly tucked in shirts, cossack boots, really?? Let alone a complete absence of tap shoes.

The clinical look of the stage was only enhanced by some lazy, and curious, lighting choices. Once again the stark look for the "line" might be perfectly acceptable, but the random use of colour and spots, inconsistent at best, jarred with any subtlety. It really looked as if this was a rushed preview, not a show nearing the end of a prolonged west end run.

Similar criticism has to be levelled at the sound, from the outset, I've heard better quality from my car radio, and the missing of lines and some random mic mixing didn't help.

Also, one of the show's main conceits - the offstage voice of the director - was so badly handled I'm convinced it could well have been a recording. Overloaded with reverb, that stayed even when he briefly appeared on stage, and missing any kind of true point source. In fact the only time in felt genuine was when the actor felt the need to swear at late-comers through his open mic.

Which brings me on to the performers themselves, thsi is a show about empathy, symapthy and pathos - words the cast and director would do well to re-familiarise themselves with. Not a single performer broke a sweat - yet these are supposedly people desperate for work at the end of a long day of auditions. Furthermore, several of the numbers within the score are supposed to play on the emotions of the audience, they failed consistently, on no occasion did I actually relate to a single character.

Lazy, disconnected performances, in every department, ruined what should be an intense, passionate performance.

    Tuesday, 13th Aug 2013 by PaulB

This show is preternaturally poor, unimaginative and tedious. The actors tried their best but the whole concept is so abysmal that I don't see how anything worthwhile could be salvaged from this wreckage of a performance.

I cannot believe that this is a revival - how on earth anyone could think this was worth putting on once never mind twice I do not know.

The staff empty the theatre very quickly at the end - I think it's to stop people demanding their money back. People file out at first in a stunned silence and then with a grumble.

There are some people writing reviews here who thought it was good, but I've never met anyone in the flesh who thought that. I went with a group and it did at least engender some comraderie: we still talk about it like soldiers who have endured a horrifying battle whose experiences can only be understood by those who were there.

    Saturday, 10th Aug 2013 by Alison

I am not quite sure why everyone who gives this show a high score assumes that others who do not, are too dim to understand the show ! I understood that it was about an audition and the trials and tribulations of that process. Every show does not have to be filled with gimmicks and electronic wizzardry to be enjoyable...however, I do agree that this show did drag and was boring at points. I am not an expert in script writing but something about the script did mean I failed to find the characters interesting or to engage with them. They didn't make me care who got the jobs on offer. I think this was partly because the characters situations seem so full of cliches, all full of misery, difficult childhoods, parents who didn't understand them, repressed sexuality, stories about wet dreams (a bit cringey when you have taken a 13 year old) etc...couldn't one of them have had a happy life ?! The monologues went on too long without anything really happening and it just made for rather boring viewing. I did think the cast tried hard and I enjoyed some of the dancing and I did like Scarlett Strallen who has a punchy voice that commands attention. I like John Partridge but he isn't on stage enough. Overall though I have to say despite the casts efforts and some of them are talented, the show is disappointing and certain bits really do drag on with little story or character interest. Not one I could honestly recommend but I blame that largely on boring dialogue of somewhat stereotypical characters.

    Saturday, 10th Aug 2013 by Anon

If I could give this a score of 0 I would. Without a doubt the most awful west end show I have ever seen. If I had paid full price for my ticket I would have felt cheated.

The singing was appalling and the dancing pretty rubbish too. I managed to stay for 1.5 hours before deciding to leave (which was the best decision me and my friends made as there was no interval - I've found out after reading comments on this site).

I would say save your money and don't bother. Watching paint dry wold be a much better option.

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Booking From: Tuesday, 5th February 2013
Booking Until: Saturday, 31st August 2013
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 3pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.45pm
Running Time: 2 hours (no interval)
Show Status: This production is closed

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