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London Palladium

London Palladium
8 Argyll Street

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(2mins) Exit 8 from the tube goes out onto Argyll Street (opposite the large Topshop). The theatre is 100 metres down the road.

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Average Rating: 3 out of 5 stars based on 102 review(s)


Latest Review: "29 August 2013 I had truly expected a fantastic show. I adored the concept and the music...."

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    Thursday, 9th May 2013 by Sandra M

Went to the show very open minded after hearing poor reviews. Had trouble keeping awake it was so boring. Looked like a cheap amateur production. I thought ah its now getting better but it was the end of the show the curtain call!!! What a waste of money I expect better from the Palladium.

    Thursday, 9th May 2013 by Dave T

My daughter (who studied dance) took me to yesterdays matinee performance and being fans of the film we were looking forward to the show.We had a great time and will be going again, some of the audience did not get the show at all, this is not a false glitzy production, it is a proper piece of musical theatre that has real grit and believable characters.Great acting,dance and songs.Georgie Ashford was stand in as Diana Morales and her rendition of "Nothing" was worth the ticket price alone, stole the show.

    Thursday, 9th May 2013 by Nina

Really enjoyed the show!

    Sunday, 28th Apr 2013 by Valenina

Probably one of the main reasons why I did not enjoy the show at all was that I referred it to the Film in which Michael Duglas is Zac and the Beautiful Actors and Dancers makes it really emotional with the exquisit Songs....I was not moved at all by this show. I knew that the stage would have been very simple but...It was not a Musical in my view. It could have been made Very Much Better in 2013.

I have paid more than £240 for 3 tickets as I was celebrating an important event. I really do not recommend this show.

    Thursday, 25th Apr 2013 by Yamaha

Boring! Booked as a surprise for a friend, very disappointed. Glad we didn't pay too much for the tickets as we were upgraded on arrival because the theatre was only half full.

    Sunday, 21st Apr 2013 by Sheila Crown

My most favourite show of all time. I always sit front or 2nd row stalls, and just love the intimacy. The storyline is still "so real", the emotions of the characters so meaningful, and the singing and dancing still "one singular sensation"!.

I've managed to see the show 26 times since it first came out in London and New York. Keep coming back please............


    Sunday, 21st Apr 2013 by Julian

When you go to see a west end show in London, at probably the most famous theatre in the world - you want to be wowed, you want to be entertained. This is by far the most unentertaining, bland and boring show I have seen in the west end. There is no scenery, no majesty at all - no glitzy singing and dancing. Basically, a black stage where nearly 20 Americans making up the "CHORUS LINE" one by one go through their life story, to the choreographer who is standing at the back of the theatre. This took 1hr and 55 minutes with them dressed in their leotards and gym kits, and there is no interval (probably because people would walk out), and only in the last 5 minutes do we see the sparkly outfits and broadway style performance. This was such a let down and completely boring. I cannot see it lasting for very long at the palladium - the theatre was about 60% full, and this was a Saturday night! Get rid of this awful show. They have spent about £10 on production values. IF YOU ARE EXPECTING A BIG GLITZY WEST END STYLE SHOW - THIS IS NOT IT.

    Friday, 19th Apr 2013 by aregular

Went to see the show on Tuesday evening with my daughter and a friend. We all loved it and we were rooting for all the characters to get chosen for the final line up. Strikes me it's a tough life being a performer.

    Tuesday, 9th Apr 2013 by birdie

It baffles me the ignorance of people 'reviewing' (and I use this term loosely) this show.

A Chorus Line is exactly that!

I have been a jobbing actor for many many years, and the lack of understanding of the people slandering such an amzing proffession baffles me.

The show (and film) is a true insight into what us actors/dancers/singers (truple threats in this case) have to go through at every audition. We do stand around on stages telling stories, we do stand around on stages for hours with nothing to do, we do go through the torment of being rubbished for the years of training we have had - I could go on.

The show is a true insight into the performance of theatre and the pain actors go through - it doesn't need to have a cohesive story to make an impact or move you to tears, just to invoke reaction is why theatre is performed.

Perhaps this is doing just that - evoking a response.

A Chorus Line is the show, without exception, that made me want to become an actor and I thank the creative director and writer for being so ingenious and having the courage to show the cruetly and reality of a vain and harsh proffession.

Forget all the snidy remarks posted on here - be grateful that a talented bunch of people really do want to show the reality of the industry and how they struggle to make ends meet and the portay the agony of the audition process to educate, inform and entertain, so future actors have a benchmark and understanding of the industry.

I think each and every one of them is wonderful and I applaud their want and drive to perform in such an iconic musical and bring it back to the WestEnd. Thank you

    Saturday, 6th Apr 2013 by SB

What a disappointment this show has been!

- A poor and outdated storyline that should have been brushed up and adapted to a European audience,

- A minimalist stage that makes you feel the production is run on a very tight budget,

The dancing choreography and the last few minutes were overall enjoyable but the singing and the acting were just awful...

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Booking From: Tuesday, 5th February 2013
Booking Until: Saturday, 31st August 2013
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 3pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.45pm
Running Time: 2 hours (no interval)

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