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London Palladium

London Palladium
8 Argyll Street

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(2mins) Exit 8 from the tube goes out onto Argyll Street (opposite the large Topshop). The theatre is 100 metres down the road.

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Average Rating: 3 out of 5 stars based on 102 review(s)


Latest Review: "29 August 2013 I had truly expected a fantastic show. I adored the concept and the music. I was ho..."

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    Monday, 1st Apr 2013 by Lisa A

Cannot understand these poor reviews, the show does 'exactly what is says on the tin'. The performances where strong the dancing was excellent, true there is no - fancy scenery, and the only glamour comes right at the end. It couldn't be any other way, its a rehearsal - all about the characters and their stories.

If you enjoyed Chicago then this is the musical for you.

    Sunday, 31st Mar 2013 by Mei-Mei

Boring, tedious, painful. The actors were fine I guess, but there was no story line, sad sack stories of the boring tediousness of being on a chorus line. We want dancing and singing not the dark side of chorus lining. Dire. Theatre was lovely and the only good bit was at the last 5 minutes at the end.

    Saturday, 30th Mar 2013 by Clare

It had mixed reviews after I had booked. I wish I hadn't bothered. Truly dreadful ,dull as ditchwater no storyline, a mediocre cast and for a west end show very second rate. What a waste of £45

    Saturday, 30th Mar 2013 by Wuz

I booked and was a little disappointed. My husband enjoyed it more as he's not seen anything like it before. I was brought up in the 70s and saw Michael Douglas film in the 80s. I think we see SO much amazing dancing today on tv and theatre it just didnt cut it for me and not one shiver down my spine.

    Sunday, 24th Mar 2013 by Peter

The majority of these public reviews seem to be more a review of the show itself rather than the performance. Someone who saw the original A Chorus Line holds a special place Iin my heart and it is one show I have no problem seeing new productions. But I guess it is of its time and I acknowledge may not meet the tastes of a new audience.

As to this production it was not the best Chorus Line I have seen. With the exception of the extended participation in the dancing of Zack - which I found very uncomfortable as it destroyed the dynamic - it was true to the original. A Chorus Line is a one off and it has to be a very bad production for me not to have a great time when I watch one. his was not a bad production.

One interesting thing - in the row behind me, two girls adopted a particular character and rooted for them, showing great disappointment when he failed to make the last eight! The X Factor Generation certainly brought a new perspective to the show!

    Thursday, 21st Mar 2013 by TheatreGoer

This show proves that the critics are blind. I have never seen so many in the audience showing such disinterest in any show over the past 30+ years. This is one Broadway show that does not meet the standard for the West End. It is BORING!

    Thursday, 21st Mar 2013 by sally g

..I am not in a position to give a review, as yet!!.. we bought tickets before Christmas, going on the 27th March.. looking forward to Chorus Line, a show I saw twice in 1976 in New York & absolutely enjoyed... however, on reading the above public reviews, I am already disappointed... very much hoping this shall not be the case as we have expensive seats for six people... The London Palladium is one of my favourite Theatres too... well, I cannnot judge until next week when I shall give my review... come on guys.. put your heart & soul into every performance...

    Wednesday, 20th Mar 2013 by Ann Wilson

My friend and I went on a girlie night out to see this so called musical. Apart from a rousing ending it was a complete bore and an insult to the wonderful Palladium theatre

    Wednesday, 20th Mar 2013 by Vic Leer

My wife and I booked for this show with a great deal of anticipation but were sadly disapointed.

A feast of enjoyable music and dancing it aint.

Apart from a rousing finale it was a complete bore.

Each dancer was required to audition for the chorus line. This went from some of them telling unfunny jokes to a smattering of moderate dance routines.Also included was one of the females dances telling her family history with a volley of expletives that somehow did not fit in with this type of musical. We were so fed up we couldnt wait for the relief of the interval but sadly there was no interval.

To be fair some people around us were whooping and clapping at the end but they were doing that even before the action started so you wondered if they were easily satisfied or plants to manufacture the atmosphere.

    Monday, 18th Mar 2013 by Avril

Have never forgotten how much I enjoyed this show 37 years ago and that has just added to my disappointment.

Whats with the lack of an interval? It really threw me, as I was waiting for the build up to it and then the grand finale. As it was, it just fell flat and did not lend itself to an emotional ending.

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Show Information
Booking From: Tuesday, 5th February 2013
Booking Until: Saturday, 31st August 2013
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 3pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.45pm
Running Time: 2 hours (no interval)
Show Status: This production is closed

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