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London Palladium

London Palladium
8 Argyll Street

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(2mins) Exit 8 from the tube goes out onto Argyll Street (opposite the large Topshop). The theatre is 100 metres down the road.

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Average Rating: 3 out of 5 stars based on 102 review(s)


Latest Review: "29 August 2013 I had truly expected a fantastic show. I adored the concept and the music...."

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    Thursday, 14th Feb 2013 by Ann

Great entertainment. Criticisms stem more from not 'getting it' than poor performance I think. If you want big sets and clever staging this is not for you but if you really want to look and listen you can't fail to enjoy it. We loved it.

    Thursday, 14th Feb 2013 by kirk hoatson

Saw it 35 years ago and hated it, was dragged along last week and loved it ! Talent on show was exceptional, apart from , sorry, Cassie, no charisma and dancing boring.Also gay monologue so DULL and dated.Shave 15 mins off and it is exceptional.John Partridge a pleasant surprise and every musical should have a Zimmerman !!!

    Wednesday, 13th Feb 2013 by RAYMOND

I have not seen this show yet, but I did see the original production in London. It's obvious that some people who are giving reviews did not realise its a show about an AUDITION, therefore no scenery, extravagant costumes and dialogue that relates the life stories of the characters who are AUDITIONING, SPEAKING TO THE DIRECTOR OF THE SHOW THAT THEY ARE TRYING TO GET A PART IN. The point of the show is that the audience are there to listen to the dancers/actors AUDITIONING FOR THE PROSPECTIVE SHOW, that they are hoping to get a part in.

Does that clarify it ????

    Wednesday, 13th Feb 2013 by Carolyn M

Loved this show. it didn't need a fancy set or backdrop because it had fabulous performers. I would happily pay to see it again and again.

    Tuesday, 12th Feb 2013 by Sally F

I saw Chorus Line first time around 30 odd years ago and LOVED it so it saddens me to post this review but I am disappointed with this latest production. I fear it is a little past its sell by date. Yes, the lyrics are still clever and I enjoyed hearing the songs again but the dialogue is dated and some of the "stories" just don't hold the audience - I found myself drifting off! The dancing in parts was a little wooden. In particular, the lead Cassie is sadly not very good and her solo seemed to go on for ever. There was no chemistry between her and Zac who seems a little tubby for a Broadway choreographer/director! Sorry! The costumes in the finale look cheap and tacky and don't fit! The dancers were all shapes and sizes and just didn't look convincing as a chorus line. Oh dear! I'm dreading what the critics are going to say about it!

    Tuesday, 12th Feb 2013 by Sue

Comforting to see I wasn't the only one bored to death on Saturday night. Shame we weren't able to find each other - we could have started a game of "I Spy"....

"I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'B'"


... Yep, got it in one.

I can only assume Peter has a family member in the cast.

    Monday, 11th Feb 2013 by Peter

Amazing what a good show dont go if you want big sets and boy meets girl love storys. But go if you want to see real and I mean real talent and real dancing and acting. I will go again it is the best of the best a real treat to see such talent on the satgae these days. The cast work hard and deserve a standing ovation well done see you again soon and good luck with the run.

    Monday, 11th Feb 2013 by Jim

I dont' want to write this, but the months of waiting, the hotels and restaurant bookings the home made fancy invitation I made my wife as something to open at Christmas, the build up.. dashed Saturday evening in the realisation that I actually hated it. To be fair I had not done any research to the piece I thought this may pay dividends as not to spoil what I thought would be a great surprise and honestly the tickets were bought for my more theatrical better half. But "Dear God" when did musical theatre become so damn depressing, why did someone think that listening to sixteen depressing personal testimonies would be entertaining, there are to be honest other ways of making them more entertaining but to go into that kind of discourse now would take too long. I can only say that if you do have no understanding of this show and you think that this will be a proper uplifting West End musical, please "HALT", actually stop for a moment before submitting your ticket request, because this is not uplifting, this is not a toe tapping, head nodding joyous experience but an arduous, bum numbing, brain grating endurance test that left me with nothing but a fevered need to find the nearest bar and open a tab.

    Sunday, 10th Feb 2013 by jenny hughes

I found myself not being able to say anything else other than it was ok!! I am a huge fan of the film but to be fair too the cast had tokeep telling myself that the film was massively adjusted to the orginal broadway show. In some respects I can now see why. There were obviously a few talented singers and dancers but I found my self often becomming bored and focusing more on the reflection of the audience in the mirror back drops. The costumes were very unflattering and cheap! Stage very dark and dull........but......what else can we expect from a show based on an audition process???!!!! In that respect it was very fitting. Good humor in places although the use of bad language was over used. Once or twice, funny! 3/4 times in the same 5 minute monologue.......verging on awkward! Too many monologues and not enough focus on the group as a 'chorus'! Finale was great, bright, upbeat and full of energy. Could have been longer. If you area looking for a fun night out then worth a watch but if you want to be amazed and be left with goose bumps see something else.

    Sunday, 10th Feb 2013 by Frank Hynes

I thought the acting, dancing and singing were excellent. The storline is strong and you could feel the emotion of the characters. Perhaps Cassie isn't as strong enough dancer for the solo when it dragged just a little. As for Arly above, what was he expecting, Gone with the Wind!

It might be a little out of it's time now but I will go again and recommend it to all.

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Booking From: Tuesday, 5th February 2013
Booking Until: Saturday, 31st August 2013
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 3pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.45pm
Running Time: 2 hours (no interval)

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