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A Man Of No Importance Tickets - Arts Theatre, London

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Venue Information
Arts Theatre

Arts Theatre
6-7 Great Newport Street

Seating Plan


(2mins) Take Cranbourn Street away from Leicester Square up to Great Newport Street on your left, where you can see the theatre.

A Man Of No Importance

Sport is one of the defining characteristics of what it means to be human: along with art, ritual and other forms of communication, sports are an inherent quality that is particular to our species. They create a space for competition and skill, and demand the peak of physical perfection from their participants: to succeed in the sporting world, you really do have to be the best.  For many of us, there is nothing more satisfying than watching these sometimes superhuman individuals performing the sport which they excel at. can provide you with a range of tickets to some of the worlds greatest sporting events.  So no matter what sport gives you that much sought after adrenaline rush, we will be able to find the tickets to take you there.

So how about a spot of that great British sport: Cricket, anyone?  Known the world over as The Gentlemen’s Game, cricket emphasises skill, tactics and endurance over pure physical strength: it thus generates countless interesting and intelligent conversations from it’s many followers.  Cricket games can go on for days, and so it is a much more all-engrossing and intriguing experience than many of it’s peers.  We have a good range of cricket tickets on display from all over the world; so, if you fancy heading to London for the exhilaration of the nPower Test Series or the fantastic One Day Internationals, to Wales or Australia for the thrill of the Twenty20 event, or the awesome world-class event that is The Ashes, then is the place to be.

Cricket though for many can seem too much of an effort for too little reward.  If this is the case with you, that is, if you need a little more excitement and immediacy in your sporting events, then perhaps it is the thrill of speed from Formula 1 that will be what you are looking for.  Formula 1 is in a league of it’s own in it’s unique nature: along with showcasing the top of the range driving skills and lightning speed reactions of it’s competitors, it also takes the form of a mechanical, almost futuristic art as the various teams scramble to create the fastest car of all.  Formula 1 thus becomes exciting on a whole number of levels, and when this is combined with the ultra-fast speed which it’s played at, it becomes utterly irresistible in every way.  Here at you will be able to find tickets for the much coveted Formula 1 Grand-Prix events in Italy, Singapore, Belgium, Britain, Korea, Brazil and Japan. 

But speed can be lacking in something: it’s always the same.  If you’re a racing enthusiast looking for something more than just speed, then you can find that here at we host a range of tickets for all forms of racing, from the beautiful to the bizarre.  Motorsports are popular for many of the same reasons as Formula 1, though there is the added joy of the variant’s particular peculiarities.  Sport is always more interesting with the addition of boundaries and rules, and in motorsport’s various manifestations this is certainly the case.  Take the Goodwood Revival, for instance: at this very special event you will see the past again come alive.  For fans of retro cars, this is the festival for you: you will see a competition between cars from 1948-1966, something incredibly special.  If you’re not so much into a vehicle’s aesthetic as you are thrills and spills, then why not catch a bit of Supercross, where contestants take their dirtbikes across an off-road course full of jumps, landing, and full-on excitement.  Or how about Moto GP, where the worlds fastest bikes face each other head on at break neck speeds and with turns of truly terrifying angles.  But the daddy of them all has to be the one and only Monster Jam Monster Truck Racing, where the dinosaurs of the automobile world race each other and show off their formidable skills.

If you need something more physical in your sport and less removed from the more mental aspects so far described, then why not get into the ferocious and agonising world of rugby union.  Rugby is a sport unlike any other, retaining a primal brutality that many others suppress and disdain.  Rugby relies on a combination of a team’s unstoppable will, it’s finely tuned tactics and their sheer brute strength.  For these reasons it is surely one of the most exciting games to watch by far.  But it is not a game for hooligans or those wishing to catch some cheap violence: rugby is an incredibly complicated game with a huge amount of rules and traditions, and so the tactics themselves have room to be intricate and complex.  In this way rugby provides room for hours of discussion and debates, so satisfying the mind as well as providing a fantastic physical spectacle.  Here at we can secure you tickets for all the big rugby events such as Pool A, the Autumn Internationals, the Final-Tickets.aspx">Final-Tickets.aspx">Bronze Final and RBS Six Nations

If you like the tactical and team-based nature of Rugby, but feel put off by it’s almost violent nature, then look no further than the globally popular and all-pervasive sport of Football.  Football is known as the beautiful game for a reason: it has instant appeal and endless variability due to it’s almost total absence of rules.  This creates an atmosphere of fluidity and artfulness that many other games lack, as well as generating hours of conversation and speculation from its army of adoring fans around the world. can get you tickets to all the greatest games so you won’t miss out on the excitement.  A live football match, with all its peculiarities and traditions, is a true sporting event and perhaps one of the most exciting things you will be likely to see.  Besides, everyone else likes it, so why not get on board?

 Another very popular sport is the hugely enjoyable game of tennis, where two opponents face off against each other in a fantastic combination of skill and physical effort.  Like football, one of tennis’s greatest appeals is its pure simplicity.  So if tennis is your thing, why not seek out our tickets for one this sport’s many fantastic events, such as the US Open Tennis Championship, the Davis Cup, the Australian Open, or the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals

As you can see, here at we take our sport very seriously and want you to get the most out of the ever fascinating aspect of popular culture.  Whatever it is that gives you the sporting rush, we will be able to help you get there.  Feel free to browse our wide range of sporting events for what suits you the most.  We hope you enjoy it!

Show Information
Booking From: Wednesday, 10th February 2010
Booking Until: Saturday, 27th February 2010
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 2.30pm, Sunday 5pm
Evenings: Tuesday to Saturday 7.30pm
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