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Dominion Theatre

Dominion Theatre
268-269 Tottenham Court Road

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The theatre can be seen from the station, on the corner of the crossroads between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.

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Booking From: Friday, 16th November 2018
Booking Until: Saturday, 5th January 2019
Age Restriction: Due to strong language, partial nudity and scenes of a sexual nature, the show is not recommended for children under the age of 12. Parental guidance should be used for children aged between 12 and 16. For further information, please contact the Box Office. Children under the age of 5 unfortunately cannot be admitted.
Important Info: The show contains strobe lighting, haze and flame effects. The sound levels are very high throughout the show and there are scenes that include gunshots sound effects.                                                                                                                                                                       
Show Schedule
Mon: 7.30pm
Tue: 7.30pm
Wed: 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Thu: 7.30pm
Fri: 7.30pm
Sat: 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Review Summary
Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 99 review(s)


Latest Review: "This show is absolutely amazing, I was recommended it by a work colleague and we travelled from ..."

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    Thursday, 8th Jun 2017 by Linda

Saw the matinee on 8th June at the London Coliseum. My husband went reluctantly as he doesn't like musicals. The plAce was rammed. The applause was deafening, this was without doubt the best show we have ever seen. The whole audience was on their feet at the end. Pure joy.

    Wednesday, 7th Jun 2017 by merod

We went to The second showing it was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. A definite must see for any meatloaf fan and an insight to anyone wondering what Bat out of hell is about. Great show.

    Tuesday, 6th Jun 2017 by Rob parkin

Went to first night at the Collisum London, best show Iv ever see just fantastic from start to finish, will have to go again

    Wednesday, 26th Apr 2017 by Stan

Fantastic music, fantastic performances by all cast, great set, just a fantastic show. At Manchester opera house Tuesday 25th April

    Wednesday, 8th Mar 2017 by Dan L

Wow, I've been waiting 20 years or more for this.

Loved every minute.

Every song was a joy to listen to, and closely matched or sometimes exceeded the originals in quality.

Great cast and some excellent audio/visual ideas.

A few funny moments, and some not so funny Jim Steinman "jokes".

The song What Part of my Body Hurts the Most was amazing - I've only heard Jim's old demo version, which was "nice".

The only issue is the silly dancing - which is the Jim Steinman way if you look at many of the early videos. It just looks wrong and takes your eye of the main singers.

Standing ovation from the whole theatre at the end and well deserved.

Meat never delivered that amazing voice after Bat 1 for me (except the odd song such as dead Ringer and Objects in the Rear view mirror) so I never went to see him in concert.

This made up for that.

I'm sure I'll go again.

    Saturday, 4th Mar 2017 by Dave

Just saw this in Manchester, and I have to say that I'm less impressed than I thought I'd be. The singing, choreography, jokes and costumes were all great, but Bat Out of Hell's biggest letdown is the set and storyline.

Without spoiling anything, whilst a very nicely constructed set, the way that it's laid out makes the experience difficult and awkward for those that are sat to one side.

For the storyline, think We Will Rock You with far less cohesion. A dystopian future about a controlling and manipulative government, which is overthrown by Bohemian youths.

The issue here is that the story is never set up properly (it's not explained how things got like this, or why the controlling force is the controlling force, you're given 2 sentences at the start, and it's left for you to draw your own conclusions.

Overall, Bat Out of Hell is a fun time, with all the Meatloaf songs you're probably hoping far. The cast sings, acts, and dances brilliantly, but the set design and storyline let it down.

See it if you're a big Meatloaf fan, don't see it if you're going for the show.

    Saturday, 25th Feb 2017 by Ian Loveday

bat out of hell the musical had you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the closing curtain, the entire cast did Jim steinman proud, the whole cast made every song there own, the songs fit perfectly , i cant wait to go see it again, if there is anything you do this year it must be to see Bat Out Of Hell The Musical

    Wednesday, 22nd Feb 2017 by Margaret pemberton

what a fantastic show i loved it,as did everyone else in the theatre by the reactions,every cast member did a stunning job,WELL DONE ALL

    Saturday, 18th Feb 2017 by Jeremy Balcombe

On Friday night, hundreds of hard-core Meat Loaf fans descended on Manchester's Opera House to experience the opening night of Bat Out Of Hell. Now, those who consider themselves fans know that the real star is Jim Steinman, who wrote the music for Bat Out of Hell trilogy, Dead Ringer, and also the core album 'Bad for Good' (more on that later). The crowd was in fine voice, and the common age must have been mid 40's, with denim and leather much in evidence. The show started with a motorbike on stage, being cleaned and pimped by the 2 lead characters, Strat (Andrew Polec) and Raven (Christina Bennington). They were there whist the audience entered, and set up the beginning act. And what an act! I was expecting the opening chord of Bat Out of Hel, but was treated to one of many of the classic Steinman monologues, beginning 'I remember everything,'. Fans recognised this from both the Bad for Good album as well as being in Bat 2, and joined in straight away. Polec was in mesmerising form and held the crowd spellbound with his delivery and stage presence. His awareness of the crowd (and yes the Manchester lot certainly made their presence felt) was clear from the start. Rock hit followed after hit, with songs appropriately adapted to match the story. The evil leader, Falco (Rob Fowler) and his wife Sloane (Sharon Sexton) had a key role in the experience as parents battling with the desire to raise their daughter well, but also battling their own desires of a wasted and lost youth. One of the highlights of the first half was their rendition of 'Paradise by the dashboard light', with full car, baseball commentary team, emotional impact and car wreck into the orchestra pit, played for big laughs from the audience. The other supporting characters that must be mentioned are Zahara (Danielle Steers) and Jagwire (Dom Hartley-Harris) who had some of the best duet songs with the emotional 'Two out of three ain't bad' and the barnstorming 'Dead ringer for love'.

The end of the climactic first half was the escape of Strat and Raven on a motorbike to the pumping sounds of Bat Out of Hell, which got the audience on their feet for a first half standing ovation. The second half fulfilled the promise of a wonderful night with every classic track covered, and finishing with the emotional powerhouse of 'I'd do anything for love' The whole cast was assembled on stage, with the three main couples each taking part of the song for themselves. Even though water on the stage made Strat slip over mid-song, he carried on like a true professional, and got a rapturous cheer from the audience. When the last line was delivered as a challenge by Raven, 'Sooner or later you'll be screwing around', Strat turned to the audience and was given many suggestions about what to do.

Overall, a monster hit for fans of Steinman, the young cast giving some old rockers one hell of a night.

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