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Dominion Theatre

Dominion Theatre
268-269 Tottenham Court Road

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The theatre can be seen from the station, on the corner of the crossroads between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.

Show Information
Booking From: Tuesday, 17th April 2018
Booking Until: Saturday, 28th July 2018
Age Restriction: Suitable for age 12+ due to mild swearing and scenes of partial nudity.  Children under the age of 5 will not be admitted.       
Important Info: The show contains strobe lighting, haze and flame effects. The sound levels are very high throughout the show and there are scenes that include gunshots sound effects.                                                                                                                                                                       
Show Schedule
Mon: 7.30pm
Tue: 7.30pm
Wed: 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Thu: 7.30pm
Fri: 7.30pm
Sat: 2.30pm and 7.30pm
Review Summary
Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 73 review(s)


Latest Review: "As a huge Meatloaf and Jim Steinman fan I received these tickets as a Valentine's gift. The show ..."

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    Sunday, 11th Jun 2017 by Dave

An incredible theatre, fantastic music but simply appalling show. I guess two out of three ain't bad but when I go to a show in the best theatre I have ever been in in the greatest city in the world I do not want ain't bad. I so wanted the hairs on the back of my neck to be standing up and a soppy grin on my face just like when I was thirteen years old and I first heard meat powering out one of the best albums ever written. I left feeling like a small part of my young life had been hijacked. At times the show was an absolute mess with.people running around the stage just causing a distraction. It looked like an amateur dramatics production beingayed out in a village theatre. You could tell the whole audience wanted to sing and dance and join in from the first note with the atmosphere in the theatre being electric. After twenty minutes of basically talking I am afraid I and a large part of the audience had been lost. From the first second I wanted to be captured and blown away. Instead I found myself looking around feeling annoyed and let down. The vocals were good but again I wanted incredible. The best two vocal pieces were heaven can wait and later on dead ringer. Can someone please tell me why so many vocals in shows these days descend into what sounds like a whiney New York accent. So disappointing. The evening was summed up for me by a woman five rows in front of me who sat there waving her arms about loyally to every song. I so wanted to be that woman as I suspect did the whole audience but I had been lost long long before.

    Sunday, 11th Jun 2017 by Jim

I caught one of the last performances in Manchester. I was expecting to like it since I am into musicals and also into Jim Steinman songs, but I was in no way prepared for what I saw...

I've been to many productions in Broadway and West End and this was by far the most spectacular and enjoyable. The use of the two level set and screens was ingenious and allowed multiple things were happening at the same time. I thought that it made the Les Mis West End production feel rather "tame" in comparison. The cast, although unknown (at least to me) was great. The songs... well, you know the songs ;) And there were a couple of moments that were beyond awesome. The first was when the female protagonist pushes a car down a "cliff" (big hole in the stage) and... well, I won't spoil it. The second was during the "I would do anything for love" song, again with multiple things happening. I have never seen such a long and enthusiastic standing ovation before. Everybody seemed to be giving praise as we exited, the most common things I would hear were "wow, how awesome was that???" or "I can't believe the small parts were so good!" etc. I'll probably try to catch it again in London...

    Saturday, 10th Jun 2017 by Nick Brett


Vocals are good, sets and FX work well too, but very much let down by poorly thought out and delivered plot. It's better than "We will rock you" because that had a storyline that could have been written by a 10 year old.

In fairness the audience seemed to love it (although about 70% full for a Thursday night) but I am not sure it has enough depth for a long run...

    Saturday, 10th Jun 2017 by Clive Michel

I went to see this show on Friday 9th June at the London Coliseum with my wife and daughter fantastic from start to finish great songs with excellent performances from all the cast.Stand out songs being paradise by the dashboard light,bat out of hell which was better than Meatloafs original version and i'll do anything which was a great closing number.The only downside was that the set was difficult to see at times if you were sitting at the side.Would see again.

    Thursday, 8th Jun 2017 by Linda

Saw the matinee on 8th June at the London Coliseum. My husband went reluctantly as he doesn't like musicals. The plAce was rammed. The applause was deafening, this was without doubt the best show we have ever seen. The whole audience was on their feet at the end. Pure joy.

    Wednesday, 7th Jun 2017 by merod

We went to The second showing it was absolutely fantastic from start to finish. A definite must see for any meatloaf fan and an insight to anyone wondering what Bat out of hell is about. Great show.

    Tuesday, 6th Jun 2017 by Rob parkin

Went to first night at the Collisum London, best show Iv ever see just fantastic from start to finish, will have to go again

    Wednesday, 26th Apr 2017 by Stan

Fantastic music, fantastic performances by all cast, great set, just a fantastic show. At Manchester opera house Tuesday 25th April

    Wednesday, 8th Mar 2017 by Dan L

Wow, I've been waiting 20 years or more for this.

Loved every minute.

Every song was a joy to listen to, and closely matched or sometimes exceeded the originals in quality.

Great cast and some excellent audio/visual ideas.

A few funny moments, and some not so funny Jim Steinman "jokes".

The song What Part of my Body Hurts the Most was amazing - I've only heard Jim's old demo version, which was "nice".

The only issue is the silly dancing - which is the Jim Steinman way if you look at many of the early videos. It just looks wrong and takes your eye of the main singers.

Standing ovation from the whole theatre at the end and well deserved.

Meat never delivered that amazing voice after Bat 1 for me (except the odd song such as dead Ringer and Objects in the Rear view mirror) so I never went to see him in concert.

This made up for that.

I'm sure I'll go again.

    Saturday, 4th Mar 2017 by Dave

Just saw this in Manchester, and I have to say that I'm less impressed than I thought I'd be. The singing, choreography, jokes and costumes were all great, but Bat Out of Hell's biggest letdown is the set and storyline.

Without spoiling anything, whilst a very nicely constructed set, the way that it's laid out makes the experience difficult and awkward for those that are sat to one side.

For the storyline, think We Will Rock You with far less cohesion. A dystopian future about a controlling and manipulative government, which is overthrown by Bohemian youths.

The issue here is that the story is never set up properly (it's not explained how things got like this, or why the controlling force is the controlling force, you're given 2 sentences at the start, and it's left for you to draw your own conclusions.

Overall, Bat Out of Hell is a fun time, with all the Meatloaf songs you're probably hoping far. The cast sings, acts, and dances brilliantly, but the set design and storyline let it down.

See it if you're a big Meatloaf fan, don't see it if you're going for the show.

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