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Victoria Palace Theatre

Victoria Palace Theatre
Victoria Street

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(2mins) The theatre is on the Wilton Road bend and can be seen from the station.

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Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 100 review(s)


Latest Review: "What a fantastic show we have seen. The cast were fantastic . Billy and Michael were brilliant an..."

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    Thursday, 5th Nov 2015 by Adela

Went on 4.11.16 What a great experience. Loved the film and loved the musical more. The bad langauage was ok, made me laugh as so did most of the audience. I had restricted view and couldnt see the left side of the stage. No big deal. the large person in the front row blocked my view more. First time to a musical and loved it and a great present it was for me. Ive now got the bug and want to see more shows.

    Saturday, 17th Oct 2015 by j hayes

I went to the show on frid 16th October .I was so much looking forward to it as the film was amazing ,what a big disappointment foul language from the children was unnecessary,the boy who played billy was a good dancer but his dancing was about the only good thing about this show .

    Thursday, 8th Oct 2015 by MaryB

Accepted the foul language and assumed it was English humor much like what we hear in the US. However, the dancing was so magnificent any other negatives was over ruled. The ballet scene brought tears to my eyes.

    Tuesday, 6th Oct 2015 by molly

amazing. literally loved every second. cried like a baby

    Saturday, 22nd Aug 2015 by Northern lass

Have seen it 10 times now and still want to go back! Dancing and acting is fantastic. Always moved to tears...

The swearing isn't that bad - hang around any playground when the teachers aren't in sight and you hear much worse! (I'm a teacher so know this is true!)

Thanks - and please keep this show going - my students love it too...

    Thursday, 20th Aug 2015 by patrick

A lot of swearing in it which was not needed ,but I do think it had fantastic songs and dancing.

3/5 for acting

5/5 for singing

5/5 for dancing

    Saturday, 15th Aug 2015 by Kathy Easter

In the end, I enjoyed the live performance but felt that the beginning and first section were disappointing. Billy Elliot's family were portrayed as hapless, foul mouth slobs with a very low intelligence. I do not think there was any need to degrade them so badly. Sure, Billy's situation was sad and depressing and that needs to be expressed to add pathos to the piece. However, it was a clumsy attempt to set the scene, setting up feelings of derision and lack of true empathy for a bunch of 'no hoper' chavs. It actually represented an insult to 'Northerners."I would have hoped that they could have been portrayed as 'salt of the earth' victims of hard work and poverty, their prejudices emanating from the hardships of their life. This would have set the scene far more successfully for the main characters to develop. The soft and comforting portrayal of the mother jarred unrealistically with the raw uncouthness of the father and brother. I have heard that many people have walked out at the interval of the live show and this is probably the reason. It is a shame because the musical goes on to have some very enjoyable and poignant moments later on.

The extreme foul language used by the young children and adults alike was over the top and became an unpleasant focus in itself. Yuk! When I think back to the performance the vile swearing takes centre stage, when it should be the dance scenes that stand out. This is completely unsuitable for children under 15. To suggest that it is suitable for children over 7 is disgraceful. The DVD of the live show has a 15 certificate.

The subject of this piece is how the joy of dance can transcend anything. Somehow this sentiment has started to get lost.......

With a few sensitive tweaks this musical could be MUCH better. Ditching the excessive bad language would be a start.

    Saturday, 25th Jul 2015 by suzanne

I had been to the theatre to watch Billy Elliott a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed the musical. I went again last night and after being totally bored in the first half, decided to leave the show at the interval. The acoustics were barely audible. I sat in the upper circle in a most uncomfortable seat with no leg room whatsoever. I am no prude but I could not understand why so much bad language had to be used. If I hadn't read previous reviews I would really have struggled trying to get to grips with a really muddled story. My priase tho to Billy who was brilliant.

    Sunday, 12th Jul 2015 by L Bianchi

The theatre is lovely, our stall seats although expensive were comfortable BUT the show was awful. Far too much bad language especially coming out of young children, there is no where near as much swearing in the film. The performance is absolutely nothing like the film and most of it didn't make sense. The boy who played Billy is an amazing dancer but more could have been made of the dancing aspect. I felt really disappointed as I love the film, my only comment to anyone would be don't watch the film first.

    Sunday, 14th Jun 2015 by john

absolutely brilliant ,the whole cast ,but especially the boy who played billy .he was amazing .I laughed & I cried .At times so funny &moments later so poignant This is the second time I:v seen it & I will definitely go again.

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Booking From: Thursday, 7th April 2016
Booking Until: Thursday, 7th April 2016
Running Time: 3 hours
Age Restriction: Contains frequent strong language, children under 7 will not be admitted. Not recommended for children under 12. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
Important Info: Contains some bad language and violence.  Ruthie Henshall will not appear on selected Tuesday performances.

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