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Venue Information
New Wimbledon Theatre

New Wimbledon Theatre
93 The Broadway
SW19 1QG

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Take the tube to Wimbledon (District) or South Wimbledon (Northern) and the theatre is an easy walk. The Wimbledon railway station is also nearby.

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Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 73 review(s)


Latest Review: "Saw the film but that was not a patch on this production ! Will it be coming back to South London in..."

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    Monday, 22nd Dec 2014 by Ray Baker

Saw the film but that was not a patch on this production !

Will it be coming back to South London in 2015

My wife and i are 72 and we get less hassle and better service out of town

The new Wimbledon theatre is an experience in itself and just a Route 3 tram away from home

    Saturday, 23rd Nov 2013 by Christine Cowsill

Brilliant. Would go again. Very powerfull. All cast great, especially will young.

    Saturday, 7th Sep 2013 by ellie

I watched this at the Liverpool Empire this week, Wednesdays matinee show.

I am in two minds about it. The choreography and dancing is excellent. The story line is powerfull and well executed.

Will young is my problem. He conveys his part very well, but he just seems rather smug to me.

It also feels the show has been written around his part, which is not how it should be.

The first half dragged on a bit, but i enjoyed the second half much better, the storyline became clearer, and the whole thing appeared to have more of a purpose.

    Monday, 2nd Sep 2013 by Lisafaith

Just got home after watching the performance at the Liverpool Empire and I was completely blown away. Never really liked Will Young until now that is. Stunning performances from all the cast, amazing directing, choreography and stage setting. My only problem is I want to go and see it again, so much was drawing my attention that I'm afraid I may have missed detail in some of the scenes. There was definitely no chance I was falling asleep during the performance as I was almost afraid to blink!! Can't praise the show enough, if you get the chance, go see it. Very happy bunny now needing sleep.

    Sunday, 1st Sep 2013 by geekygirl

I am told there was fantastic dancing in this production, unfortunately I couldn't take my eyes off Will Young. He stole every scene he was in. What a versatile talent he is, and his voice is sublime. LOVED him, and glad to see he is up for the coveted Olivier award. The production was good, I was thoroughly entertained and everyone around and after seemed to love it too. Not sure why someone would leave. The Wimbledon show was excellent!

    Wednesday, 28th Aug 2013 by Rachel

I should be sitting in the theatre watching Cabaret, instead I'm on the train home. I would write a review but it was so bad I want to forget the whole thing.

    Wednesday, 16th Jan 2013 by Gouldie

Forget any bad reviews. Best show I've seen in a long time (and I've seen a few) Ok so Michelle' s voice is no Liza but "so what?"! Will should get some kind of award! Made me laugh, smile and cry, often all at once. A- ma- zing.

    Tuesday, 15th Jan 2013 by John Yates

I attended a performace on 14th January 2013. The only reason I give this production 3 stars was because of Will Young's performance - frankly, he held the show together. However, I found all the performers to slightly wooden. Judging by the glowing reviews on this site, I must have caught Michelle Ryan on an "off" night. Her voice is terrible - my favorite song form Cabaret is Maybe This Time - she totally killed this touching number & was completly unbeliveable. The rest of her performace wouldn't have gone down badly on "The Wooden Tops" (anyone old enough to remember this childrens programme will know what I mean). The rest of the main cast had very little impact & at time I thought they were improvising & not actually memorising a script. The "ensemble" danced well enough & the "band" sounded on good form, but this whole show would have fallen completely flat if Mr Young had not been so good. Even though his performance was somewhat two-dimensional, it really worked for the role of Emcee. Would I go again - I think not.

    Friday, 11th Jan 2013 by 27happyhelen

Went on 10th Jan 13 - The theatre was small but lovely. The production had some risque moments but was absolutely brilliant. Will Young - what a talented chap as Emcee Happy & Sad,Michelle Ryan - Fabulous voice ,again very good. I found it a very enjoyable show and thought provoking in the 2nd half. Loved the pineapple song!would recommend going.

    Sunday, 6th Jan 2013 by Michaela Deighton

The show itself was very good, and the older actors showed true talent. The choreography was excellent however the dancers at times were out of sync. I particularly liked the variety of body builds which made the show much more realistic.

The only real issue I have is that I specifically asked for tickets to the show (which were a christmas gift) because Will Young plays a main character, however on the night he was ill and was unable to perform.....this was a great disappointment to myself as I would not have travelled all the way from sheffield to see the show had I known that he would not be in it. I feel that the theatre should have made it clear that Will Young would not be performing and should have given ticket holders the option of changing their tickets for a later date as soon as they were aware of Will Youngs illness.

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Show Information
Booking From: Wednesday, 28th August 2013
Booking Until: Saturday, 31st August 2013
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 2.30pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.30pm
Show Status: This production is closed

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