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New Wimbledon Theatre

New Wimbledon Theatre
93 The Broadway
SW19 1QG

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Take the tube to Wimbledon (District) or South Wimbledon (Northern) and the theatre is an easy walk. The Wimbledon railway station is also nearby.

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Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 73 review(s)


Latest Review: "Saw the film but that was not a patch on this production ! Will it be coming back to South London in..."

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    Saturday, 27th Oct 2012 by Lou

Saw Cabaret last night. It wasn’t at all what I was expecting but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Its more of a play with music than a musical and it’s a thinking man’s show rather than happy clappy. It gets progressively darker and ultimately very sad, with some terrific performances by Sian Phillips, Linl Haft and Harriet Thorpe. I can see why people criticise Michelle Ryan, although I think the criticism is harsh. She can belt out a tune, and I liked her portrayal of Sally Bowls, although I think her lack of musical experience affected her connection to some of the songs and I think that’s what people are missing. Matt Rawle was fine as Cliff, but didn’t really connect with Michelle. The real romance was between Sian and Linl as Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schultz. I hadn’t seen Will Young before. Wow, what a voice! But not only that, what a musicality he has about him! He sings with honesty and purity and straight from the soul. He can also act, and the changes he portrays as the story unfolds and events take over are extraordinary. He’s the one to watch, and I expect to see more of him in the future because producers should be fighting to get him. I’m giving the show 5 stars because I think everyone should see it. It has something important to say, and it does it very well.

    Friday, 26th Oct 2012 by Johoxby

I was expecting from the reviews that Michelle Ryan would be awful. Not so. She had a really good voice and the whole cast were great. Will Young was absolutely brilliant. What a talent. The ending left me stunned and it was very emotional. So well acted throughout to get the story across.

    Thursday, 25th Oct 2012 by Iris Braney

I can't understand these negative comments. I thought the show was brilliant (maybe I'm too easily pleased)! Will Young AND Michelle Ryan did a fantastic job and I loved their singing. Moved to tears by the ending. Superb and I will definitely go to see it again.

    Monday, 22nd Oct 2012 by Jo

Saw the matinee on Saturday and thought they just about got away with it. Michelle Ryan was too jolly hockey sticks, she was unrelentingly cheerful and failed to convey the complexity and vulnerability of Sally Bowles. Will Young, whilst I can't fault his singing was one dimensional and not nearly menacing enough for the part of the emcee. He minces around with a huge smile on his face and looks as though he's having the best time but there is no sexual ambiguity, I kept wondering why he was in bed with two girls in Two Ladies! The show doesn't feel decadent and seedy, it's too sanitised.

Sian Phillips acted all the others into a cocked hat.

Overall enjoyed it though, favourite number was Will Young's Tomorrow Belongs to me, jerking the ensemble around as string puppets. Not a triumph but a decent enough effort.

    Sunday, 21st Oct 2012 by paul dixon

I went to see cabaret at the lowry in salford and was very impressed with will young as the mcee but michelle ryan was awful,she has neither the vocal talent or acting to play sally bowles she was the fly in the ointment of a fantastic show.

    Sunday, 21st Oct 2012 by John

Saw a matinee performance today at the Savoy Theatre. Sheer brillance from everyone - it was truly magnificent - throoughouly deserving of the standing ovation. Truly captivating theatre - but I sense from some reviews I read below that people are comparing the film with the show. They are totally different. This show was far better - far deeper and thoughtful. The ending was poignantly handled - that left you not wanting to clap even though the show had ended. There were no weak spots... the power of Michelle Ryan's voice was a real positive shock and joy to hear; Sian Philips was amazing as always - and Will Young was just superb quality throughout - spot on for the role and with such a range to his voice. Well worth seeing again.

    Saturday, 20th Oct 2012 by Joneses

What an awful waste of time and money!

Poor set, poor dancing, poor singing, uneccessarily vulgar.

I went with my father and daughter on the second night of opening, within seconds i felt uncomfortable with the way the show was going. By the time the nude man had ran on stage and the topless overweight dancer had appeared I knew i did not like the show. We left at the interval, couldn't bare another minute. My daughter said she could not understand the story and my father was totally disgusted. All done in very bad taste.

    Friday, 19th Oct 2012 by Justine

Will Young is amazing! The best performer I have ever seen in a musical.

    Thursday, 18th Oct 2012 by Dawn

Absolutely fantastic - would recommend it for sure. Will young clearly is the star of the show however I would disagree with comments about Michelle Ryan I thought she too was right for the casting. Very poignant in parts and certainly deserved the standing ovation.

    Sunday, 14th Oct 2012 by Craig

I have decided to wait a day before posting my review as I needed to sleep on what I thought might have been one of the worst performances on a West End Stage by Michelle Ryan , £65 a ticket and I expected a professional performance. She simply cannot sing to a West End Standard. She came in too early on One of her songs and her acting was better suited to TV as she has not grasped the art of Musical Theatre. Take her out and you have an amazing show , find another Sally Bowles quick she is not right for the role x

Will Young is amazing and loved the staging.

Michelle simply is the worst Performance I have ever seen from a lead on the West End.

There are 100's of girls out there that would have given their right arm to play this role !!!! shame on you Bill Kenwright !!!!

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Booking From: Wednesday, 28th August 2013
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Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 2.30pm
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