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New Wimbledon Theatre

New Wimbledon Theatre
93 The Broadway
SW19 1QG

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Take the tube to Wimbledon (District) or South Wimbledon (Northern) and the theatre is an easy walk. The Wimbledon railway station is also nearby.

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Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 73 review(s)


Latest Review: "Saw the film but that was not a patch on this production ! Will it be coming back to South London in..."

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    Thursday, 11th Oct 2012 by Christine

Saw Will Young in Caberet twice whilst on tour in Nottingham. Im going to see the show at the Savoy next month for my birthday. Will Young as always was suberb and I though Michelle Ryan was really good. The whole show was awesome and I'm fully expecting the show at the Savoy to be just as great. Will Young - the best thing since sliced bread!!!

    Wednesday, 10th Oct 2012 by Bea

Went to see it on Monday and Will Young was a big surprise as I hadn't expected him to be so good in the role of Em-Cee. He was absolutely superb in everything he did, singing, acting, stage presence, interaction with the audience. I enjoyed the ensemble, too, as they all did a great job. I liked the production overall although it was very similar to the one from 2006. There is one fail to it though. Michelle Ryan! Her singing is dreadful. And even though Sally Bowles is not supposed to be a good singer, paying 60 pounds for a ticket at the West End theatre I do not expect to go through pains of listening to someone who sings off key and can't hold any long notes in tune. She ruined "Maybe This Time" and "Life is a Cabaret" was very weak. Even though she's a good actress she is not exceptional enough to make up with her acting for a bad vocal performance. However, overall it is a great show with some fantastic moments especially from Will Young and the ensemble. I also enjoyed Siân Phillips' performance as Fräulein Schneider.

    Tuesday, 9th Oct 2012 by blondiebucks

Saw the show on Friday 5th and thought Will Young was absoluletly excellent as the Em-Cee. Those people who only know the film version may find some parts of the show rather slow, as the film cut out the elderly couple, their dialogue and songs. But they are important to help us understand the impending national disaster which is ahead."Tomorrow belongs to me" was clever in it's execution and extremely chilling, as was the very final scene.A production for lovers of real musical theatre, not those only interested in frothy frocks and tap routines.Would happliy go again.

    Tuesday, 9th Oct 2012 by pottypink

loved every moment of caberet. will young truly amazing. cant wait to go again in dec. if you get the chance go and see for yourselves. great production.

    Monday, 8th Oct 2012 by Rachel

A fantastic show, will young was exceptional as were all the actors can't wait to see it again. The story was both funny and poignant but not for those easily shocked.

    Saturday, 6th Oct 2012 by Dawn Aporado

What an amazing show. Will was excellent and perfect for the part of Emcee. Michelle Ryan was good vocally and did an excellent job as Sally. Loved Sian Phillips as well. The story was interesting and Will suits theatre so should do more. Will definitely be booking for a second time before it ends in the west end.

    Saturday, 6th Oct 2012 by anneandsteven

Saw this at the Lowry last weekend. Sooo disappointed as this is my favourite musical. Good points: the band and the end. Bad points: spoken, out of time recitatives, Michelle Ryan (the worst 'Maybe this time' I've ever heard), Will young being visibly tapped on the leg to warn him the stairs were about to be moved (while conducting the band 'a la Mozart' - what was THAT all about?), blatant homosexuality (in 1931?) - this is supposed to be dark and edgy musical theatre, I think the musical director and producer didn't understand this. Will young sang well but is not really the emcee - he would have been better cast as cliff.

    Friday, 5th Oct 2012 by Chris

Saw this Thursday 4th October. It was incredibly good at times and just slow and boring at others with nothing in the middle. The set was good and the scenes with the EMCEE and dancers were awesome. The story between the old couple was so slow and really needs cutting. I can see where the director was trying to go but in my humble opinion I think the whole show needs to be much darker, seedier and edge of your seat to match the fabulously set ending. Will Young was a good EMCEE although spoilt the whole thing by mincing on and off for the bows completely out of characters. Michelle Ryan was woeful as Sally, which is a shame because I love her as a actress and was really looking forward to seeing her live. Her opening numbers were good and obviously sat in her natural vocal range, but the showstopping 'Maybe This Time' was nothing short of pathetic. Re-written for her and never go even close to the crescendo it should. Clifford did very well with what is one of the weakest male lead characters in musical theatre. Certainly did not deserve the standing ovation at the end but I guess that is what you get with audiences spoon fed TV stars in these shows instead of properly trained musical performers. Very hard nowadays to be blown away by a musical in the West End.

    Friday, 5th Oct 2012 by stuart packer

A very exciting lively new production,miss it at your peril!!.The whole evening blew me away,everyone from the leads to the chorus gave 100%,it knocks spots off some other West End productions!.....we saw show Thursday 4th October

    Thursday, 4th Oct 2012 by Annie

I watched the show this evening and I found it absolutely faultless. Except for one thing- Michelle Ryan as Sally Bowles. Not only was her singing TERRIBLE, but I couldn't decide what was more fake- the accent or her sexuality. Shame as she is definitely the weakest link.

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Booking From: Wednesday, 28th August 2013
Booking Until: Saturday, 31st August 2013
Matinees: Wednesday and Saturday 2.30pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.30pm
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