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Edinburgh Playhouse

Edinburgh Playhouse
18-22 Greenside Place

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The Edinburgh Playhouse is situated on Greenside Place, at the top of Leith Walk and close to the east end of Princes Street. This is less than 10 minute's walk from Waverley Station, 5 minutes walk from the bus station and on various major bus routes.

Show Information
Booking From: Tuesday, 4th December 2012
Booking Until: Saturday, 12th January 2013
Matinees: Friday 5pm, Monday and Saturday 2.30pm
Evenings: Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday 7.30pm, Friday 8.30pm
Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Show Status: production_closed
Review Summary
Average Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars based on 56 review(s)


Latest Review: "Dire..... Like a school production. Paid 60 pound a ticket and ended up leaving due to staffing p..."

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    Thursday, 10th Jan 2013 by Lynda

Very poor performance actually embarrassing to be honest . I left half way through it was that bad . The local community could put on a better show than that . A total waste of money £100 . I was at We Will Rock You last year and it was fantastic which is why I decided to go to Diirty Dancing this year .Won't be back if that is as good as Edinburgh Playhouse can up with . Even the programme at £4 was a waste and rip off . Must say though staff were most helpful and friendly .

    Thursday, 10th Jan 2013 by dissapointed

Went to see the show last night and was really dissapointed. Perhaps overly high expectations due to the movie but the acting was wooden the dancing however was good but not amazing. Absolutely no chemistry between the lead characters. Very amateur production with technical hitches. Lasf 5 mins was the best part. Complete waste of money though would not recommend anyone to spend cash on it.

    Thursday, 10th Jan 2013 by Lisa

Honestly, this was nothing to write home about. Bought the tickets to this expecting a half decent performance, but Id say that it was on par with some amateur performances I've seen, so not worth the ticket price.

First off, we know that it is a stage show, and that they are limited in terms of set etc, however it just didn't seem to translate from screen to stage well. Most of the actors were not American, and their accents were pretty bad - Penny in particular sounded American one minute, then Irish the next.

There didn't seem to be any real chemistry either between Johnny and Baby on stage; indeed, Johnny seemed to want to deliver his lines as quickly as possible just to get on with it, and get off again.

The dancing was good, I suppose, but nothing more than that. The 'finale' felt rushed with very quick dancing and blurted out dialogue.

Away from the production, the Playhouse really do need to get their act together with regards to audience behavior. There were people talking and having conversations in the balcony consistently throughout the performance, which no one from the theatre seemed to care or do anything about. There was also a large number of very drunk 'ladies' who saw fit to wolf whistle and laugh at inappropriate times (when baby finds penny crying in the kitchen and learns what is wrong with her) during the show; we actually started to think that we were watching something else entirely from what they were. Again, no staff from the theatre did anything about this. Maybe they need to start employing a policy of no admittance for those under the influence, for the sake of other audience members.

Overall, I don't think I would recommend this show. Acting was poor, dancing and dialogue felt rushed. Several of the 'padding' scenes added felt odd (campfire scene, anyone?? Suddenly, we're listening to a talk on civil rights!!) Only notable characters seemed to be Lisa and Johnny's cousin, who both sung solos and did well. I think the Playhouse also needs to pull their socks up too.

    Wednesday, 9th Jan 2013 by Debbie

Saw the show last night and I must say its the worst show I've ever seen!!! Acting was terrible and accents were even worse was so disappointed whoever cast the show done a very bad job as the characters were just not believable at all:((( total waste of £70

    Sunday, 6th Jan 2013 by Leanne

Dirty Danicng is my favourite film of all time and i could not wait to go to the show last night (5/1/13) After reading the reviews on here i went not expecting to much!

I had a brilliant time!! Dont know what is wrong with some people on here - clearly went out looking for faults! The guy was never going to look like Patrick Swayze - its a stage show!! The accents were awful - no 2 ways about it but fantastic dancing none the less! Maybe i just went on a good night but the dancing and singing were great, the crowd were great - and the finale at the end was fantastic! Well done to all involved - my friends and i would definitely go back!! As for some reviews saying people that dont get out much if they enjoyed this - maybe they need to get out a wee bit more and wouldnt have time to go to performances and slate them! Lighten up - it was never in a million years going to match the film - never! Definitlely worth a watch if you get the chance!

    Friday, 4th Jan 2013 by nik

Bought two tickets to see the matinee for today a few weeks ago and must say after reading all the negative reviews i was absolutely dreading it to the point wasn't even going to go. I can now say that after going, , ok it was no Broadway performance but it wasn't that bad!

They're was a good lively crowd ,not full of drunk screaming woman, and anyway what do you expect when going to see a production like this an audience in silence! Dont be put off by all these negative reviews go with an open mind and enjoy!

    Friday, 4th Jan 2013 by MAT

Was so looking forward to seeing this show on 3rd Jan and unfortunately was most disappointed. Although the Band were excellent and some of the sets were cleverly done,, the acting was very wooden, the 'American' accents were awful and there was no connection between the two lead characters - a very important part of the whole show! Lisa got the most applause by far for her rendition of the "Hula" song and she deserved it. Dirty Dancing is such an iconic movie, that maybe it does not translate from screen to stage or perhaps the stage show that came to Edinburgh is the poor relation of the one that played in London? Either way, dont go expecting too much.

    Friday, 4th Jan 2013 by TB

I don't understand why so many people are lacking good words to say about this production. Perhaps everyone went on the wrong night because last night was absolutely wonderful. It's lacking one star to rate it an on point 5 STAR but that's only because I'd re consider casting someone else for the past of Johnny Castle, although he had great dancing abilities, his acting was pretty average along with his build (didn't sum up the character one bit)

We had a great and encouraging audience that night who cheered on the wonderful actors toward the middle to the end. Although I wouldn't go again to see it, it was still an amazing night filled with wonderful highs and questionable lows.

    Thursday, 3rd Jan 2013 by Sp

Awful! Wooden acting, minimal sets, prerecorded music. £60 down the drain and an hour of my life I'll never get back (we left at the interval, not being able to endure another second). Wish I'd read the reviews on here before purchasing a ticket.

    Wednesday, 2nd Jan 2013 by mkf

Went to the matinee performance today. The reviews are consistently negative here so I thought I'd start with the plus points. The singers and band were good. Male solo of "In the still of the night" was excellent, as were the vocals on the final number.

The minus points? The acting was poor, especially the two leads and the accents were hammy. Using long sections of dialogue from the film didn't work as just didnt translate to stage. The dancing was OK but I expected to be wowed. I wasn't. Better cast apart from the singers - needed to make this worth the ticket price.

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