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Edinburgh Playhouse

Edinburgh Playhouse
18-22 Greenside Place

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The Edinburgh Playhouse is situated on Greenside Place, at the top of Leith Walk and close to the east end of Princes Street. This is less than 10 minute's walk from Waverley Station, 5 minutes walk from the bus station and on various major bus routes.

Show Information
Booking From: Tuesday, 4th December 2012
Booking Until: Saturday, 12th January 2013
Matinees: Friday 5pm, Monday and Saturday 2.30pm
Evenings: Tuesday to Thursday and Saturday 7.30pm, Friday 8.30pm
Running Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Show Status: production_closed
Review Summary
Average Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars based on 56 review(s)


Latest Review: "Dire..... Like a school production. Paid 60 pound a ticket and ended up leaving due to staffing p..."

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    Wednesday, 2nd Jan 2013 by Martin

This was terrible (matinee 2nd January). Rubbish American accents, wooden acting, hardly any singing and lots of recorded background tracks. More like a school production or something in the village hall. Some members of the audience, however, were clearly easily pleased. Or don't get out much. Avoid.

    Wednesday, 2nd Jan 2013 by Lynn

Very disappointing waited a whole year to see this show. What happened to johnny!!!!!!! The performance was very very dull with no magic to the show. Stay home with the DVD.

    Tuesday, 1st Jan 2013 by Unhappy

My husband bought 2 tickets as a surprise for our anniversary on sat 29th Dec. I was really excited about going to see the show but was so dissapointed with what we saw. I have seen a lot of westend shows and this is no where near that standard(even though the ticket prices are the same as the westend). An amatuer production!!!!

    Tuesday, 1st Jan 2013 by Alison

I generally look forward to a show and was looking forward to Dirty Dancing. What a huge disappointment. Baby maybe looked the part from a distance, but her accent had no depth or character. It sounded like she was reading from a script. The only part I enjoyed was the ending , instead of time of my life, it was time t go home! People bringing in drinks, getting up and down to the toilet constantly also spoiled the night. This was a Christmas present for family. I am glad we had a sense if humour and found it laughable. I will stick with the original version of Patrick and Jennifer. One character did stand out in her rendition of the hula song She was brilliant .

    Monday, 31st Dec 2012 by Sharon

Very Very Disappointed at the performance on Saturday 29th December. After hearing good reviews, I was sadly let down by the show - felt the lead role of Jonny Castle lacked any quality - his dancing was ok but there was no real presence on stage. I heard it was the stand-by we had, but still, you expect quality from the lead roles! Also, the amount of drunken women sitting behind me was a big distraction as they talked throughout the performance, being loud and spoiling it for many people I am sure. The stage set was good for what they had to do, but there was too much quick changing of scenes and not a lot of substance to any of it. Probably the worst show I have seen, which being a present to my mother-in-law and sister-in-law for xmas made it even more disappointing.

    Sunday, 30th Dec 2012 by Fiona

Bit disappointed to be honest. All just a bit lack lustre and poor acting. Patrick Swayze is a tough act to follow but by putting a rather slight short guy in the role the lead male lost impact and gravitas on stage.

I got more amusement from the comments from tipsy women in the crowd than from the production.

Also, the playhouse is cramped and hot. Anyone over 5ft10 will struggle for leg room which makes for an uncomfortable 2 hours.

They also charge over £5 for a vodka and coke in a plastic cup. No wonder a lot of people were taking their own drink in with them!

All in all, not worth the £40 we paid for a ticket. Invest in the DVD and stay at home!

    Saturday, 29th Dec 2012 by Lorna

This is the worst show I have ever seen! Surely this cannot be a west end production. Very poor acting and accents. The audience continually interrupted the performance - people up and down to the bar / toilet, late arrivals allowed in and people generally shouting out all the way through. Very disappointed at this totally overrated and drastically overpriced show.

    Saturday, 29th Dec 2012 by Kirsty

Don't do it! Don't go! Stay at home and bath your dog instead.

Really bad, worse show I have ever seen. Any amount of money would have been too much to pay for this however 2 tickets at £40 makes me want to cry.

I love going to the Playhouse, I love going to see shows and I can't quite work out where any of what I saw tonight can pass for a show. We had 2 understudies on main characters. There is hardly any singing, the band hardly play, there seemed to be a large amount of pre recorded music, there is alot of badly acted dialogue.

A very drunk audience largely seemed to not mind which suggests they should turn it into a sing along show.

    Saturday, 29th Dec 2012 by Betts

Very disappointing. After reading a great review in Evening News, I was most looking forward to seeing this show, as it was a Christmas present bought for myself and youngest daughter by my eldest daughter. Females who left the theatre (to purchase more drinks) during the show were allowed back in, leaving the audience loosing the thread of the show by being distracted. A crowd of girls on the front row of balcony continually rested their drinks on balcony despite being 'told off'. The show itself was very nondescript.

    Sunday, 23rd Dec 2012 by Hazel

Very disappointed, the show lacked substance, was very bitty and never grab my full attention. The fact that I was distracted by a row of drunk women behind me shouting obscenities at every oppotunity and the area where I was sitting reeked of vomit which got worse as the night proceeded and the theartre became hotter. My husband paid a small fortune for these tickets as a chritmas present. My advice is to keep your money and buy the DVD.

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