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Playhouse Theatre

Playhouse Theatre
Northumberland Avenue

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(2mins) Follow Embankment Place right under the bridge; turn right onto Northumberland Avenue and you’ll see the theatre.

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Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 6 review(s)


Latest Review: "I saw the current production, in the Matinee, on 26th September. Though I was sitting in seat A1, up..."

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    Friday, 27th Sep 2019 by ANTHONY KREPPEL

I saw the current production, in the Matinee, on 26th September. Though I was sitting in seat A1, up in the Gods, I felt close to the stage and almost part of the production … and what a wonderful production it is. As clear and crisp and tear-jerkingly poignant as the original script and as witty.

Performances were blissful and the singing voices were both angelic and strong and clear as a bell, in telling the full story.

To accompany classic songs such as Sunrise, Sunset - Matchmaker & If I were a Rich Man, the full cast gave full reign to this fascinating story built on the Marc Chagall painting of a precarious The Green Violinist (1913.)

I cannot recommend the show too highly and could not praise Andy Nyman enough for a masterful performance as Tevye and storyteller.

    Thursday, 13th Jun 2019 by tony zotti mbe

this show was excellent the singing dancing and the actor was good I would come again well done keep up the good work

a must to see in London tony mbe

    Sunday, 19th May 2019 by annebrav

amazing show and set. Only two things wrong - the too young Rabbi and his diabolical stuck on beard and the song 'if I were a Rich Man' the rubbish words were changed and 'just not right'

    Tuesday, 30th Apr 2019 by Chris lowe

A mixed cast

While the staging was excellent and very inventive I felt the performance missed something. More than anything else I have always felt fiddler is about one man and his relationship with his god. Somehow one never felt that tevye had a real personal relationship with god. This aspect of the show appeared much more to be just played for laughs.

I also felt that some of the major roles, again including Tevye did not really have the singing range required by the part. All in all I felt I have seen better versions from both professional an amateur companies

    Tuesday, 9th Apr 2019 by Cynthia Wood

This performance was amazing in every respect, acting, singing and dancing. Andy Nyman endeared himself to the audience from the word go and the audience felt part of the village. We were sitting in the very front row with no room to stretch our legs against the stage. But it was so entrancing from start to finish that the crush didn’t cause any problems whatsoever. Definitely want to come again and bring others.....

    Saturday, 16th Feb 2019 by Missholly

Fantastic production ! The cast are amazing, very believable and atmospheric . Would watch it again and again .

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Show Information
Booking From: Friday, 18th October 2019
Booking Until: Saturday, 2nd November 2019
Running Time: 2 hours 50 minutes
Show Status: This production is closed

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