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Grease Tickets - Piccadilly Theatre, London

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Grease London Theatre Tickets
Venue Information
Piccadilly Theatre

Piccadilly Theatre
16 Denman Street

Seating Plan


(2mins) Pass the famous illuminated signs on your right to take Glasshouse Street/Sherwood Street where the theatre can be seen.


Grease is the Word!!!  This fantastic show is based upon the 1978 hit film which starred John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.  A tale of teenage love, identity, rock and roll, peer pressure and high school America!

A story of leather jackets and quiffs, Pink satin jackets and bobby socks, all played out against a backdrop of 1950’s American high school culture and society in general.  This show includes such classic tunes as ‘Summer Nights’, ‘You’re the One that I Want’, and ‘Grease is the Word’.  The lead roles of ‘Danny’ and ‘Sandy’ are played by Danny Bayne and Nicola Brazil with former member of The Osmond’s, Jimmy Osmond as ‘Teen Angel’.  Sexy dance routines and superb choreography by Arlene Phillips, one of the panel of judges from BBC television’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Grease: The Musical is a love story, set in a typical American High School, Rydell High, in the 1950’s.  We are introduced to high school gang, the ‘T-birds’, and their female counterparts, the Pink Ladies.  These two gangs see themselves as hip, cool and in control of what happens in both the town and school.  Danny is the tall, Athletic, laid back leader of the ‘T-birds’, who along with his friends is only concerned with girls, cars and hanging out. 

The Pink Ladies is an all-girl gang, who hang around with the T-birds.  Their leader, Rizzo, is a tough, straight-talking kind of girl who despises Sandy for her clean-living ways and gives her a hard time but she too has a vulnerable side.

Sandy is Danny’s love interest: she is a pretty, naïve, wholesome type of girl who is attracted to Danny and tries to fit in with his friends but is not really accepted by both gangs apart from the kind-hearted Frenchy. 

Sandy is a new girl at Rydell High and is reunited with Danny after they first met whilst on a summer holiday.  Then, Danny rescued her when she got into difficulties whilst swimming and they hoped to stay true to one another.  However, Sandy is originally from Australia and was just on holiday in America.  Danny imagines that he will never see her again but he never imagines that she will turn up at Rydell High.

It is the first day of a new term at Rydell High and Danny and the others are concerned with looking cool and tough.  Then Frenchy turns up with Sandy in tow and introduces her to the gang.  Danny is shocked to say the least but delighted to see her until he remembers that he has his image to maintain.  

Danny is concerned with upholding his ‘tough guy’ image and rejects Sandy who is puzzled by his behaviour.  She tries hard to fit in with the Pink Ladies but is given a hard time by them, especially Rizzo, who sees her as too much of a ‘goody goody’.  Sandy then befriends all-American, cheerleading girl, Patty and tries to fit in with her but that does not work for her either.  She also tries to talk with Danny but things remain as awkward as ever. 

At the high school dance, Danny partners Cha-Cha, a top dancer and ex-girlfriend.  Sandy unfortunately, is stuck a home, suffering from a cold and so misses the dance.  Danny and Cha-Cha win the school dance contest whilst Sandy realises that she is still very much in love with Danny. 

Danny and Sandy do finally get together at a drive in but it all goes wrong.  Sandy meets up with the rest of the gang at a garage where they are listening to music but Rizzo makes it clear that she isn’t wanted.  This forces Sandy to re-evaluate herself, in particular her image.  She realises that if she wants things to be different then she herself has to change and decides to enlist Frenchy’s help to do so.

All the kids are hanging out at their local burger bar when a transformed Sandy walks in.  With a tough appearance and attitude to match she wows Danny and everyone else and finally gets her guy.

The producers of Grease cannot guarantee the appearance of any performer.  Danny Bayne is expected to appear in all performances though this subject to holidays and illness.  Jimmy Osmond is also expected to appear in all performances from the 19th January until the 14th March.  Again, this is subject to the same conditions as Danny Bayne.

Note: Grease is suitable for children aged 10 and over.

Show Information
Booking From: Wednesday, 25th July 2007
Booking Until: Saturday, 30th April 2011
Matinees: Friday 5.30pm, Saturday 3pm
Evenings: Monday-Thursday, Saturday 7.30pm. Friday 8.30pm
Show Status: This production is closed
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