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London Palladium

London Palladium
8 Argyll Street

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(2mins) Exit 8 from the tube goes out onto Argyll Street (opposite the large Topshop). The theatre is 100 metres down the road.

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Average Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars based on 46 review(s)


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    Friday, 21st Mar 2014 by Sporty girl

What an embarrassment! I felt genuinely embarrassed for the cast having to perform such a dreadful show. The storyline is non existent and incredibly unfunny and choreography non existent. Considering it's meant to be a musical there are barely any songs! When you have a female lead with such an amazing voice, use her! I only went back for the second half because I thought it has to be better than the first, wish I hadn't bothered! People were walking out before the end of the show, surely that says it all? I give it 3 months before this shambles is removed from this beautiful theatre. The set, lighting, sound and female lead were fabulous but all in all It's a no it's a no it's a no from me!

    Wednesday, 19th Mar 2014 by YM

Waste of time, awful taste, just plain bad...

    Wednesday, 19th Mar 2014 by JL

If this were an end of the pier show at the seaside, it might prove mildly diverting on a rainy day. However, it simply isn't good enough to be in the West End. Having said that, it was better than I was expecting. The cast works hard with a weak script and forgettable songs. Cynthia Erivo has a strong set of pipes on her and Alan Morrissey is a likeable love interest. Simon Lipkin's talents are wasted on the material he is given to work with and poor old Nigel Harman has very little to do as Cowell. Ashley Knight has got Louis Walsh to a tee. This is not a family show as some of the humour is too crude for children and not clever enough for adults. Unless you're a die-hard X-Factor fan or Simon Cowell admirer, save your money.

    Tuesday, 18th Mar 2014 by RA

Went to a preview performance of this musical with an open mind and thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you want to see thought provoking stories or classic songs then do not go to see it, but if you want good entertainment, a wide range of music and are a fan of Harry Hill's comedy then you will enjoy this.

Overall good night out fun.

    Tuesday, 18th Mar 2014 by MT

While generally unfair to review a show while still in previews, it's pretty safe to say that this show's problems will never be fixed. Much hype has been made by the media over long interval times and cancelled performances - however although my performance ran smoothly, it took a lot of persuasion to return for Act 2.

The Spice Girls famously terrible Viva Forever looks like a Chekhov masterpiece compared to this show, which was akin to watching a train wreck in slow motion - unable to look away and unable to stop it. As a previous reviewer commented, the show fails to connect with any particular audience. The parents next to me were clearly uncomfortable with some of their jokes having brought their young son - a show with CBBC style humour, with references to fat women having sex, shower seduction scenes and self-pleasuring puppets sprinkled liberally throughout.

Credit goes where it's due though, and the performers did their best with what little material they had to work with. Cynthia Enviro is superbly talented actress and singer, but with the exception of a few high notes in Act 1, was unable to showcase her true talent - and puppeteer Simon Lipkin. While his character was easily the most terrible in the show, in the few occasions that he wandered off script, his one liners were genius. Sadly the writing and musical numbers for the supporting cast made it impossible to tell whether they were talented or just pulled from the street.

Reading through the programme after the show, it's interesting to note that although the creative team have some impressive credits behind them, none of them have previously worked properly in musical theatre, with the exception of the sound designer and orchestrator of the forgettable songs.

Anyway, go see it, and judge for yourself - unless you have to pay for a ticket. Then just buy Harry Hill's movie on DVD. Wait, I hear that's a bad idea too!

    Monday, 17th Mar 2014 by KIeran Hearty


I saw the show on Friday 14th March and predicted that feedback would be polarised. If you like the X-Factor, you are much more likely to enjoy this. If you are a snobbish theatre-goer, I'd recommend something else! The leading lady is an excellent singer, and the premise of 'taking the piss' out of Simon Cowell and the X-Factor delivered on the promise of a good night of weird 'light entertainment'. Nigel Harman was fairly good. The Cheryl and Louis characters were mediocre. The other characters were mostly pretty good, especially the talking dog! Highbrow it is not, but if you just want a laugh, I recommend you give it a try.

    Monday, 17th Mar 2014 by Peter

Never seen such rubbish. And how can you put a production like this in a icon of a theatre like the London Palladium. Please take it off as it will make tourist think that we are crap at making good musicals

    Monday, 17th Mar 2014 by Jantreg

We saw this Saturday 15/3. Was really looking forward to it and bought 8 tickets last June at a cost of £450 .it is Saturday night TV. Some of it works- some does not. Bits made us laugh as Harry Hill is genuinely funny. But not enough bits. Did not find any rudeness with the staff. All perfectly polite. Would I go again - no. Was it value for money - no. Is it harmless and would children like it yes.

    Sunday, 16th Mar 2014 by Bromleytheategoer

Thought this show was fantastic!! Totally cheesy but that's what it's meant to be. I think it's a show people will either love or hate but my friends and I found it hilarious and totally entertaining. If you want a good day/night out and don't take things too seriously I'd recommend it.

    Sunday, 16th Mar 2014 by Craig

Fabulous, dahling!

Incredibly funny, great songs, beyond zany, brilliant cast. Teething problems must have been sorted - last night's performance (15/3) was effortless.

A definite hit – go, see it ..... and feel good.

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Booking From: Saturday, 10th May 2014
Booking Until: Saturday, 10th May 2014
Important Info: Audio described performance 8 May 2pm

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