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Venue Information
The O2 Arena

The O2 Arena
Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX

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The exit to North Greenwich tube station is designed to come out onto the outside foyer of the O2. Just follow the crowd!

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Average Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars based on 31 review(s)


Latest Review: "Had the immense priviilege of seeing this at the O2 on Sunday 13th October. Had already seen it in S..."

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    Friday, 8th Nov 2013 by Franonfire

Had the immense priviilege of seeing this at the O2 on Sunday 13th October. Had already seen it in Sydney and timed my trip to the UK just so I could see it again. Have also viewed the dvd numerous times. But this was utterly breath-taking! Since June the cast have matured so much; I didn't think it could get much better but it was richer, more layered and deeply deeply emotional. Ben's performance? Raw. Broken. Fearless. As if he reached in and tore his heart out for his audience. Spell-binding. Met him after the show and told him so. The appearance of Tim Rice and Andrew was icing on the cake! A night and a performance I will never forget. Please tour this show again!

    Monday, 14th Oct 2013 by Diana

Having seen the show back in the 75 ( i must have been a babe in arms) my daughter wanted go because of Chris Moyles. Thus I feel I am well placed to make a judgement. Well it was amazing . The music did not feel that it had been written 42 years ago and the staging was very contemporary At times I wondered if they had re written or added different songs. The lead actors were in a class of their own ( yes sadly I had also seen the Song of Music) and thought Tim and Mel C and Ben were incredible, - the band were also first class all in league of their own .Yes the O2 is huge and feelingless space. So thank you Chris Moyles because if it were not for you we would not have seen such an amazing show Love Nicola's Mummy

PS it is not appropriate production for children bbt surely everyone knows the story, prostitutes hangings whippings and crucifixions and no happy ending?

    Monday, 14th Oct 2013 by Barrie Lancaster

Attended last nights performance of Jesus Christ Superstar with daughter Gina about 43 years since I first saw original show in London was a new experience. The music was great, but our enjoyment was hampered due to 02 overpricing seats that were so far away that even with large single screen positioned above stage, felt we were watching a gang of ants running around singing. As the only screen to view performers for those facing stage was blocked by a bar with many stage lights hanging across front & two camera men sitting on platforms either side. The only way I could see performers & Tim Rice & Andrew Lloyd-Webber who came out at end of show last night was through my mini binoculars. 02 is not a venue I would want to attend another show at.

    Monday, 14th Oct 2013 by Suze

Sunday 13th October 2013

We went to see this show this evening at the 02 and have to say it was truly magnificent. The acting, sound and backdrop screen was fantastic and so was Tim Minchin, and Mel C. The highlight of the entire show for my husband and I was when Ben sang Gethsemene. It was so breathtaking, it almost moved me to tears. I loved the modern version of the story and cannot fault it one bit. Another highlight for us was at the very end, Andrew Lloyd Webber together with Tim Rice came onto the stage, because the audience was already giving the cast a standing ovation there were fresh cheers and whoops all around, it just added to the electric atmosphere. We feel so happy to have been there this evening. AMAZING !

    Thursday, 27th Sep 2012 by Lavina

After sitting in the V.I.P lounge for well over an hour, I'd never been so excited to actually be within a mile radius of Tim Minchin or one of my former childhood idols so the wait didn't matter when the evening show (22-09-12) was a bit delayed. Once we got settled into our seats (perfect place about 3 stalls back to the left of the stage and at £120 for the pair) and the lights went down, the opening started and immediately I became genuinely fixated.

The show itself was very modernised but it fitted well; tents, tattoos, piercings, apple name it! Tim Minchin's vocals were out of this world! Ben also had outstanding vocals! Mel C's however were not so powerful and it really showed whilst duetting in some scenes. Generally, the entire cast was marvellous, and the use of the back screen for Chris' Moyles number was superbly hilarious!

If you can afford to see it, do, if possible, in as large an area as possible! You will laugh, cry, and sit perched on the edge of your seat in pure bewilderment at Ben Forster and Tim Minchin's piercing vocals.

Definitely going to get the DVD because playing the soundtrack on full volume will never be as incredible as actually feeling a whole arena vibrate with sound then thousands clapping in a standing ovation!

    Monday, 24th Sep 2012 by Ann

Very dissapointed. We were in the stalls after paying £150 and couldn't see stage or screen. Technical faults and poor sound spoilt it. First time i've seen this show and havn't been moved to tears! Tim Minchin was the one that saved it for me-brilliant but overall, not worth the money, and it started 40 mins late with no explanation/apology!!

    Sunday, 23rd Sep 2012 by Disappointed

Disappointed. Dont take children to this show. Contents unsuitable for young children. Staging is not good. Viewing the big screen (which is essential) is blocked by lighting units / sound units. It doesnt tell you this when you book your expensive ticket. The music was loud but it is reasonable for the show. People seemed to leave early. In the interval I could hear a lot of complaints about this show. Did it work in an arena - NO.

    Sunday, 23rd Sep 2012 by Jane

After being slightly crushed in the corridors beforehand because nobody was allowed inside, we were eventually ushered into the arena late and the 14:00 show started some time after 14:30 (no explanation given, no apology). Some words couldn't be heard due to the sound quality and the distance from the stage meant there was no emotional connection made with the performers or the story. That said the voices (well the bits you could hear) were fantastic. The technical hitch was dealt with fairly swiftly and the actors resumed in a very professional manner. Definitely would not recommend spending this amount of money on going, wait for the DVD!

    Sunday, 23rd Sep 2012 by A Matinee Viewer

After seeing the West End version several years ago, and then seeing this version, I was left quite gob-smacked when we saw actors on stage with mobile phones,ipads and tattoo's... The cross of the crucifix didn't match up as it was a lighting gantry. The music was good though, although the main storyline during the second half was stopped due to a technical hitch... In a way this ruined it for us..

    Sunday, 23rd Sep 2012 by Jill

I knew it was going to be loud - so no problem with this. Unfortunately this was a theatre production not an arena. I totally agree about the screen being blocked by lights? sound system? Tim and Chris were good but Mel .... poor. I wouldnt waste your money going to see this. Watch it at a later date on DVD.

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Booking From: Sunday, 13th October 2013
Booking Until: Sunday, 13th October 2013
Matinees: 1pm
Evenings: 7.30pm
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