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The O2 Arena

The O2 Arena
Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX

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The exit to North Greenwich tube station is designed to come out onto the outside foyer of the O2. Just follow the crowd!

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Average Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars based on 31 review(s)


Latest Review: "Had the immense priviilege of seeing this at the O2 on Sunday 13th October. Had already seen it in S..."

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    Sunday, 23rd Sep 2012 by Sarah

I have to agree with the comments made about the matinee performance on Saturday (22-9-2012). We were kept waiting a long time with no explanation, but I guess most of us understand what's going on! The microphones were definiitely not picking up the beginning of many of the songs which was a shame and the technical hitch at the time of the crucifixion was a shame. I felt SO disappointed by the very crude way Jesus was 'crucified', and as your previous writer put it 'left hanging off a lighting gantry'. My son's school did a production this year, and in my view they pulled off a brilliant rendition of the show, with a much better, more sympathetic crucifixion!

If you weren't sitting centrally to the stage, seeing the image of a cross, you did not get an idea that he was actually on a cross, just two bits of lit up metal which symbolically meant nothing.

Tim Minchin stole the show in his part as Judas - fantastic singing and acting, and I was unsure about him beforehand. Chris Moyles was himself and right for the part. Mel C was Mel C, and not perhaps the right choice. Ben as Jesus was good.

The three of us (myself and two children, 14 and 12) enjoyed it, and am glad to have taken them to something they will remember for some time to come, and it was definitely an experience, but I do find it hard to justify paying so much money for a show that was flawed with tecnical issues. We are glad we went, but would not go out of our way to see it again.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Amanda Clark

we were at the matinee performance today (22-9-2012) and the show started 45 minutes late, had numerous problems with the sound quality, a technical hitch at the moment of the crucifixion, and to top it all off, jesus was not actually crucified, more left hanging off a lighting gantry beside the body of cross.

the scene where Jesus goes into the temple to throw out the money lenders, sex traders and market sellers was reduced to a very graphic live sex show, albeit with clothes on. i did not expect to see someone fake fellating someone on the stage, or other couples going through sexual positions at the front of the stage. I have seen several versions of this show, and in the others the sex side of the temple has been alluded too, and you can pick up on it without this.

Tim Minchin was brilliant as Judas, the hanging scene made me cry it was so well done, for some reason Mel C was made up as a transvestite for the first part of the show, but she did the role of mary magdalene proud. Bens vocals were weak in the first half, but brilliant in the second, and Chris Moyles was fantastic as Herod. I am so disappointed with the end scene resulting in Jesus just having sore arms from hanging off the lighting , to get something so vital so wrong is appalliiing. wish we hadnt spent £150 for this. :(

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Tommy

I had to leave because of the poor loud sound . i couldn't get the word out of the songs. today i still have my ears ringing a day after the night.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Sally E

Can't believe people walked out! Yes it was loud but it was MEANT to be this way. I had good seats on the ground level behind the sound desk. I loved that I could FEEL the music because of the volume. Undoubtably Tim Minchin is the show stopper but all the performances were amazing. I was moved to tears, elated and its still with me the day after. This is what Lloyd Webber imagined all those years ago.. A truly experiental production. Don't miss it. I saw it at the Lyceum and loved it then but loved this more

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by kaye

An amazing show! Tim was superb as Judas. Herod was so funny and a real surprise. Mel C gave a lovely interpretation and sang well. But for me the performance of the show was Gethsemene by Ben. The feeling and emotion combined with his beautiful voice provided a moving rendition which was heart breaking. He has huge future ahead of him. Will certainly see it in the west end if it comes here.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by disappointed

Brilliant performances from moyles minchin and Mel c but half hour delay at beginning with no explanation and then a gap when teccis let them down again. Staging is awful don't waste money going to this.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by A reviewer

Those of you that are complaining about the view can surely have never been to the 02 before! Yes it's high up, far away and expensive but I knew that when I booked. The show was fabulous and Tim Minchin was the out and out star for me. A magnificent Judas complemented by a reasonable Jesus. Chris Moyles was great but his performance hardly compares to that Tim and Ben. Liked Mel C, shes come a long way from the Spice Girls! How rude to walk out half way through!!!

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by lydia

A fantastic evening.

Yes it was loud - at times- but this is a Rock Opera. If you go expecting a gentle musical then you will be disappointed.

Tim Minchin outstanding - others in the cast superb. Great concept and, to me, very moving at times.

Would definately see again

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Jake

Its was sooooo loud it was painful and completely ruined a very expensive night out. After inserting tissue in my ears and then getting ear plugs at the interval, upon removal my ears had bled. I downloaded a decibel ap to my phone during the performance, and this averaged 118db this is only 2db below a jet aircraft on takeoff. As a result the speaker were distorting and it was hard to make out the words. As the performers breathed you could hear their breath as a loud rushing sound. A lot of people complained at the interval and many left. The performances were great, and the crucification scene was very moving and well done. Would love to have enjoyed this at a reasonable rock volume, this really was louder than your average heavy metal night and completey over the top. Don't take children to this show as it will ruin their hearing for ever, my wife and daughter had to walk out as it was too painful on their ears.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Gill Neville

I had a fantastic time at the show. Thought all the leads were really good. Loved Tim Minchin. Don't usually like Chris Moyles but credit where it is due I thought he was a good Herod. Loved the setting as well.

I only noticed the distortion on a couple of songs, in particular 'The Temple', but otherwise the sound seemed fine to me. Yes it is loud but it is an arena show and in my experience they generally are. I also had no problems seeing the screen.

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