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The O2 Arena

The O2 Arena
Peninsula Square
SE10 0DX

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The exit to North Greenwich tube station is designed to come out onto the outside foyer of the O2. Just follow the crowd!

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Latest Review: "Had the immense priviilege of seeing this at the O2 on Sunday 13th October. Had already seen it i..."

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    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Louise

Agree with comments on initially being too loud (they seemed to sort it out though), but it is a shame people left early as the performances were stunning. Tim Minchin had a depth to him as an actor that blew me away. Plus, of course, he could belt the songs out across a challenging range. Use of the on-stage cameras and the updated message was superb and added an edgy, raw feel.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by TerryM

Excellent rework of the original I saw in the 1970s.

Stand out performer without doubt is Tim Minchin his performance is amazing.

Yes it is loud but this is no CATS... It's a ROCK musical so be prepared to be blown away.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Will

Despite the fact the sound system seemed to be being pushed too far and the microphones consistently kicked in a second after a performer had started singing, I still had a great evening.

Such a shame the setting makes Jesus and his followers almost impossible to empathise with. Mel C sang ok, a bit breathy, Tim Minchin was great and the guy playing Jesus sang well, but the acting needs more work. Chris Moyles did well. I hope the technical/sound issues are fixed for today. They need to be.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Jude Medhurst

Yes, it was very loud at the beginning. Almost ear splittingly so. However, one might expect a few gremlins on a first night. And with a venue the size of the O2 you can't really do a "spot-on" sound check until you have all the bodies in the building. By the end of the first act it was well sorted.

That said, the production is an absolute triumph. I adore Tim Minchin anyway - but, as Judas, he is a revelation and, for me, is the highlight of an already impressive cast. Mel C pulls off a fine interpretation of a modern day Mary Magdalene (she's surprisingly good) and as for Chris Moyles - a wonderful King Herod resplendent in bright red velvet suit doing a great impersonation of a cheesy game show host. Just brilliant. As for Ben Forster - what a find. And what a superstar he's going to be. Had me in tears when he sang "Gethsemane". Because he truly believed the words that he was singing, I believed him. That takes talent.

Hats off and respect to the whole crew. Andrew Lloyd Webber should be suitably proud and elated this morning. Job well done, sir!!!!

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Marian Peddar

I too had to leave because of the poor sound. It was so loud and vibrating that it made me feel unwell. This should have been in a theatre NOt an an arena as it got lost. Making it loud does not make up for sitting miles away relying on a big screen. More value for money would be gained by waiting for the DVD to watch it on screen. Having said that, the cast was good and the updating was novel but if you are a fan of the original show - forget it.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Anne law

Amazing show would quite happily get back to see it again and again. Ben was amazing as was the rest of the cast. Would recommend if you get a chance go and see. Would be an amazing show to introduce young adult to theatre and the modern twist on the story was great

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by A Standing

It was amazing, I was sitting in the gods as well but it did not matter. If I had left I would have missed Tim Minchin's totally fabulous performance which was beyond brilliant. Yes it was loud - what were you expecting? Chamber music? It was and remains a great piece of theatre. Want to go and see it all again.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Val Carey

Too loud/ seating was too far from stage and screen of which was blocked out by lights. Couldn't hear the words of the songs, O2 far too large for this production. Very disappointed . Left in the intermission as many others did too

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by yvonne perkins

Fantastic so different from the original but just as stunning...Ben as Jesus was faultless and Mel C was outstanding as Mary... the rest of the cast were awesome...

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by Madeline Armstrong

This was a great disappointment. We left after 30 mins. It was so loud that it was unbearable. We could not see. The screen above the cast was cut off by the light lamps, and there were no other screens. This cost a llot of money and we have always enjoyed Andrew Llloyd Webber productions before. Could not understand what the words were because it was all so loud. Other people were leaving at the same time as us.

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