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Sondheim Theatre

Sondheim Theatre
51 Shaftesbury Avenue

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(3mins) Take Shaftesbury Avenue along where the famous illuminated signs are. The theatre will be on your left about 100 metres along, just after the Gielgud Theatre.

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Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 186 review(s)


Latest Review: "Went to see the concert version of Les Mis. What a night to remember. Wonderfull cast, superb music...."

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    Friday, 9th Mar 2018 by Deramore

I know I'm a lone voice on here, but neither my wife nor I enjoyed Les Mis. We have been going to the London theatre for over 30 years, so we have realistic expectations. OK, it had been hyped up by friends who have seen it, and by its own publicity, but even allowing for that it was very disappointing. We had reasonable seats in the upper circle, so no problem with our view. But the music and singing seemed loud, strident and to be honest, a bit tuneless. And we couldn't follow the plot at all, too many characters and too many apparently disconnected scenes. We left at the interval and drowned our sorrows in a nearby bar.

    Friday, 23rd Feb 2018 by Peter Marshall

The best show in the west end by far, went to Saturday matinee which was sold out. Will certainly be going again.

    Wednesday, 7th Feb 2018 by Caitlin38

Saw the show for the third time 6th Feb 18, having seen it first in the 1980s and then again about 4 years ago. Agree with previous review - some of the singing was substandard, especially the female leads - too much forced yelling at one point. Cosette's voice absolutely not to our taste (fingers in ears at one stage) though I'm sure technically sound. Valjean was outstanding - beautiful voice and great range - and Javert too. Come on Cameron - sort the others out please. I don't feel this was doing Les Mis any favours.

    Monday, 8th Jan 2018 by Robmatz

This was the 10th time I have watched this production in London - Jan 6th - evening . and I also saw Les Miz on Broadway and in some german productions - and I always loved this show. However, I was so so disappointed with the performance!! Whoever was playing Cosette, in this show - awful singing. Javert - Valjean - Thenadier - Madam Thenardier - bad performance - the only highlight are Eponie - Fantine and the kids. With this cast - not again

Having payed so much for the tickets and it being a special treat for my son I left feeling very let down.

    Sunday, 31st Dec 2017 by Tracey Dixon

I went to see the show at 2.30 on 30th December 2017 we were told that the main lead Jean Valjean was to be played by t an understudy who's name I didn't hear but I have o say he was amazing I found myself crying almost sobbing at his performance of 'Bring him home' and again when he died.

I was so impressed by the show in all the acting the one slight let down was the character of Corsette not only should she have blond hair but her voice was too formal and stiff not from the heart as I felt with the other actors.

Who was the understudy and why is he not the lead? Think on, he was given a standing ovation for his performance.

Well Deserved.I would happily pay to see the show again if I knew he was in it.

    Sunday, 29th Oct 2017 by kaz

This was the 5th time I have watched this production - and have always loved this show. However, I was so so disappointed with the performance, from whoever was playing Cosette, on Saturday 28th - awful singing. Having payed so much for the tickets and it being a special treat for my son I left feeling very let down.

    Friday, 20th Oct 2017 by Lorraine Quinn

Wow this deserves more than a 5. It was incredible x

    Saturday, 15th Jul 2017 by Poppy

My thanks go to the whole of the cast and the brilliant orchestra for an amazing show on Wednesday afternoon. I saw it for the first time two decades ago and it is still worthy of the standing ovations. Great singing from all, from our seats we heard every word. Such a rarity in the musicals of today. Well worth the tedious journey into London to experience!

    Wednesday, 5th Jul 2017 by Norman Bristow

My family and went to see Les Mis last Saturday.

This was a treat for my two girls who are leaving home to go to uni and the army in Sept.

the first half was as expected wonderful.

We had an ice cream and waited for the 2nd half, but the curtain stayed down.

this went on for about 50 mins.

Mr Shaw the manager came on stage to say there was a problem with the set.

He explained if any people want to leave they could have a refund.

obviously, anybody who stayed forgo their right to the offer.

He told us the cast were happy to carry on and do a concert version of the rest of the show.

Sadly many people seemed to take up the offer to go.

We stayed

We obviously stayed....how could anybody be so crass as to go?

The cast treated us to a fantastic second half, the set was immaterial.

They were wonderful, at the end they were treated to a very loud standing ovation.

We in turn were treated to applause from the cast, followed by Killian Donnelly (Jean Valjeean) coming to the front of the stage, went down on he's knees and bowed to us. in mutual thanks.

This was a very special experience and I thank everyone from Mr Shaw, he's staff and everybody involved with the show for an afternoon of theatrical magic.

    Monday, 3rd Jul 2017 by David Gregson

Most people's visit to see a show in the West End is an experience that they will never forget.However our experience for my wife's 60 th birthday was unforgettable for different reasons.The performance of Les Mis on Saturday 1st July was a complete disaster.We were surprised that he theatre doors were late opening.As the crowds gathered around the door a gentleman pushed his way to the front and announced that there had been a technical error that would not allow the second part of the show to be performed as normal.The cast would simply sing the songs without the setting.We could either choose to watch this at no reduced cost,which was appalling or have a full refund.We chose the later.By this time it was to late to find another show.So the months of careful planning and costs of travel to London and two nights in a hotel were simply flushed down the pan in minutes.At least we had not come from as far away as Australia as some people that we spoke to.

Sometimes things go wrong.However it is how you respond to these events that is important.A garbled announcement 30 minutes before the start of an event is not adequate as I'm sure many people waiting to enter the theatre did not hear it.Any one booking a show should read the small print on their ticket and realise that the theatre companies will not take responsibility for costs to the theatre or any accommodation costs.It quite obvious that these sort of things have happened before,it is a great disappointment however that the Queens Theatre had no contingency plans for such an occurrence.

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