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Garrick Theatre

Garrick Theatre
2 Charing Cross Road

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(2mins) Follow Charing Cross Road parallel to Leicester Square until you reach the theatre on your left.

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Latest Review: "A great show, we never got to see the original Beatles but these guys definitely looked the part ..."

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    Saturday, 9th Mar 2013 by Abbey Lane

(yes that is my real name!)  .

I grew up to a near constant backdrop of the music featured in Let It Be thanks to my Beatles crazy Dad (hence my name) and long suffering Mum.

After reading the mixed reviews my brother Lennon and myself decided to check the production out for ourselves befire booking to take our parents for their silver wedding anniversary.

Good job we did! Its shockingly poor!

Knew not to expect a story but nothing filled the void created by the lack of plot, instead its a breathless rush through as many Beatles song as possible.

Also i am afraid have to agree with others, the wardrobe department seem to have to have worked on a tiny budget, the Custumes apart from the Beatle suits are awful and cheap looking, the wigs are a joke, my brother is still convinced Paul had his on backwards for a bet!

The casting is also mystifying! We didn't expect exact doubles, but did expect to be able to guess who was who, you can't! Not with the cast we saw anyway.

They only Brieftly caught the sound vocally too, playing waa good but that's not enough!

We will not be booking for our parents, a bluray copy of The Magical Mystery Tour, a bouquet of flowers and a family meal out "will be the answer Let It Be"

    Thursday, 7th Mar 2013 by Kelvin Milner (Beatles Fan)

Didn't get it at all!!!!!!!!! Why is Let It Be considered West End, end of the pier more like.

Its all over the shop!

Why are the cast in their forties and fifties?

Why is Paul right handed! Thin faced and mean eyed?

Why cast people who don't sound like who they are playing?

Why cast people who don't look like who they are supposed to be playing?

Why is there no story at all?

I heard younger people ask afterwards why aren't they still going?

I didn't know where to start!

Let it be all ends on a happy note it shouldn't!

The Beatles were unable to record in the same room at the end, no hint of that at all

George left, Paul broke up the band and people turned on John and blamed Yoko.

The Beatles ended when Mark Chapman gunned down John Lennon... No mention of that either?

The show is a poor tribute act better tribute bands can be seen on YouTube so..

Why didn't the producers cast two of those bands knowing there was no need for any acting?

Songs and music are great, not always delivered that well or in tune.

    Thursday, 7th Mar 2013 by Derek Ashley

I read the reviews on the official website before i went, so was shocked and very disappointed at the lack of any development in the show even without any story line for it to be the story of the Beatles they're needed to be a sense of time and interband friction on stage, but no the show does this by cheap silly looking costumes and wigs which look like they came from poundland. The Beatles are also ageless no boyish bounce at the start and still smiling at each other by the end the songs are grouped more by type than time frame too, so its just an average covers band no one I saw (althougth I am aware there's 14 different actors playing the parts ) looked or sounded like the Beatle they were supposed to be and producers casting director please note Paul McCartney is from Liverpool, wide eyed and LEFT HANDED!

    Tuesday, 5th Mar 2013 by Shahabuddin family

Family outting 70th birthday surprise treat for my grandfather proved to be an unpleasant surprise indeed! For money spent we could of thrown big party in his honour, but decided to take him to see the show in honour of his long time heroes The Beatles, they have been playing a very big part in his life, he even had "All you need is love" played at wedding much to the anger of his father.

So it was painful for us all when he was not enjoying the Let It Be show, from begining he was complaining Paul should be left handed, where is the story? where is the humour Beatles were very funny guys, why are they wearing such cheap outfits, are specialist shops just sell Beatle clothing, what does he have on his head I have been seeing better things on top of a tea pot.

We had to agree with him, also first half rush rush, rush like they had somewhere else rather be! Too many songs, drumming too loud on sgt pepper especially, none of cast look like the Beatle they are suppose to being and not sound like Beatles either.

My grandfather insisted we listened to the red and blue albums on the long drive home.

    Monday, 4th Mar 2013 by David Felton

Saw this Sunday 3rd March, not impressed at all, cheap and tacky Beatles tribute gig, where the band on stage looked and sounded very little like the real Beatles, the right handed! Paul sounded like a Welsh American and was the worse if the look a-likes by far, his distinctive vocals are good but bit McCartneyesque, he also pulled off the marvellous feat of singing backing vocals to his own lead vocals, something I suspected from the get go, that some of the backing vocals came off tape, but became glaringly obvious during Hey Jude, such is the distinctive quaintly in the let It Be Paul's voice it was impossible it was any one else voice.

Felt ripped off and have to wonder what else isn't completely live including a few of the audience who seemed to have given up the will to live during a dull and rushed first half.

    Thursday, 28th Feb 2013 by Trev & Jan Oldshaw

My husband and myself went to see this, on opening night at the savoy, we didnt enjoy it its poor didnt sound or look anything like The Beatles my hush and and myself look more like John Lennon and Paul McCartney than the actors did on stage, not that there was any acting not a story at all, not anything no hint of any fall out at the end it was all smiles it should end with the four walking off sour faced in different directions and theres no Yoko or Linda either.

Songs great but sung in rushed and flat dull way.


    Monday, 25th Feb 2013 by Gary and Jan

Where did my sixty quid ticket mony go.

not on strings and horns,

not on stage sets,

not on costumes,

not look alikes

not on sound alikes

not on the second half we left.

    Friday, 22nd Feb 2013 by Darren

As an anniversary treat I took my long suffering wife along to see this show. She is a life long McCartney fan and I thought this show would be just the ticket so to speak. To say it was a big disappointment is an understatement. The show lacked atmosphere, direction and plot. The costumes were cheap and tacky and there wasn't any interaction between the cast they looked like 5 men dragged off the street and given instruments to play. The welsh bloke playing Macca did his best but even after you got over him being right handed when Macca is left handed he didn't sound a thing like the main man at all which didn't put me in the good books with my wife. All in all a most disappointing night had by all.

    Tuesday, 19th Feb 2013 by Rob Morgan

From the way some of the middle aged women i had the misfortune to be sat by were behaving i get the impression that they were only there as were fans of certain muscians in the show nothing to do with their actual ability to look or sound anything like the Beatles which IMO were nothing to rave about and as for the silly costumes and wigs ! suppose with a re- cast and better costumes and interaction might be passable..

    Monday, 18th Feb 2013 by Tami

Went to see the show while over from the USA visiting friends. Was looking forward to a great night out at a West End Show, having been told it was a must during a visit to England.

What a disappointment! The show was a poor tribute gig - I've seen better tribute bands in the states.

My advice would be to save your dollars and go see a more traditional west end show - this one wouldn't last a week on Broadway

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Booking From: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Booking Until: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Age Restriction: Suitable for 5+
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