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Garrick Theatre

Garrick Theatre
2 Charing Cross Road

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(2mins) Follow Charing Cross Road parallel to Leicester Square until you reach the theatre on your left.

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Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 209 review(s)


Latest Review: "A great show, we never got to see the original Beatles but these guys definitely looked the part and..."

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    Sunday, 17th Feb 2013 by Patrick

if you want an expensive night out with a dull first half and so so second half then this is the show for you!

there are maybe six numbers out of all those performed that actually engage and four of those are slow acoustic numbers, The great reviews are clearly bloosted by copious ammounts of alcohol consumed and the last two numbers when very one gets involved many out of relief its all finally over.

Weak triubite act I've seen one member of this cast in an show almost indentical to this with the screen with clips and the same outfits at a family wedding. It was nothing to shout home about then and it was free! .

No story no humour terrible look and soundalikes the Paul we saw is right handed, thin faced, small eyed was a major distraction, before he even opened his mouth to sing, and then he sounded nothing like the great man he is supposed to be playing tribute too. Our companions failed to return after the interval.

    Saturday, 16th Feb 2013 by Cherie-Ann

Took my children to see this show. It was absolutely FAB!!!!.

The voices of these boys was so close, it was like the real boys of the fab 4 was there on stage. The music, performers, stage lighting, props everything was incredible.

This show is thoroughly recommended. It is such a shame the boys did not appear in the forum to meet and greet the audience though, then again the screams would have been too much ....LOL

    Wednesday, 13th Feb 2013 by Tom W

Went to see this show after a friend recommended it well each to their own and all that but I wasnt impressed very cheap looking tacky costumes the Sargent pepper ones I thought I was watching the mikado !! The songs are great but I've heard better tribute bands and personally would like it to have been the traditional musical with a story and acting.


    Sunday, 10th Feb 2013 by Jake B

The new left handed Paul is fantastic!! Blown away by him the other night, hope he's the replacement for the thin faced Paul who sings well, but not Like Our Lord McCartney and he looks even less like the great man, still room for improvement, but Things are getting better!

    Saturday, 9th Feb 2013 by Macca Fan

As a huge Macca fan i was looking forward to this show but im afraid i was disappointed i couldnt stop looking at the guy who played Paul that night trying to do his mannerisums i found it amusing and nothing like the real thing its a ok show but nothing special to me its the sort of thing you can see anywhere the songs are timeless but it could be a much better show with the right cast IMO.

    Friday, 8th Feb 2013 by Ivor Williams

Saw the show its OK I've seen tributes very like it before at the old working men's club, same sort if set up, its just a gig not a proper show, expect more from a West End production . Its all rather naff and a bit cheap looking.

The advertising is shocking "Beatlemania Is Back!!"

Its never been away! And "The closest thing to seeing the Beatles play live." That's got to be DVD aside, Sir Paul then the Bootleg Beatles then a whole hosts of other tribute bands out there, neither Ringo is convincing visually or vocally the same goes for the Welsh Paul. Great pair of lungs on him but McCartney he ain't

    Tuesday, 5th Feb 2013 by Matt

Saw the AD on TV and then the show Monday it wasn't the same McCartney! the one I saw looked nothing like the real Paul they sound good, but not like The Beatles, I don't get it as a West End show? No story no real interaction the few words spoken didn't even sound Liverpudlian. The last few numbers were fun, but its just a gig.

    Monday, 4th Feb 2013 by David Miles

Went Sunday the 3rd of feb treat for the wife, so I could sit up all night watching the Super Bowl - she's been nagging for months to go see Let It Be.

Very disappointed we'd read the reviews but were still unprepared for how little the five men on stage didn't look or sound like the Beatles, even in costumes and wigs which are very poor compared to the Bootleg Beatles we've seen before it was unbelievable no idea why you'd have people who sound and look nothing like any of the Beatles play them on the West End of all places? Paul is the worse of the bunch there are odd notes and words he sounds vaguely like Macca but the majority of the time, I've no idea who he sounded like doubt he's even been to Liverpool much less comes from there. The songs are great be played without conviction held back vocally and its all a bit flat the lighting aside.

Result disappointed wife. Same goes for me needs a recast and overall lots of empty seats and most people not joining in a few seemed really into but they seemed to be real oldies

    Monday, 4th Feb 2013 by Gerald Miller

Am a life long Beatles fan and was looking forward to this show. However I was to be disappointed this is more of a badly put together tribute group than a musical. There was no story like just a gig set from the different decades. The 4 men on stage had no natural interaction with either each other or the audience. Won't go too much into the costumes and wigs just to say they are very cheap and tacky looking. Musically speaking they played well though Macca is left handed and they had a right hander playing him. All in all a night I will never forget but not necessarily for the right reasons.

    Monday, 4th Feb 2013 by H & T Devon

A fantastic night out. It does not give them justice to say they are a tribute band. Four talented musicians who came close to the real thing. OK there was no rapport or story to tell but the songs and the music, along with the footage, said it all. I would definitely recommend this show and would love to see it again.

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Show Information
Booking From: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Booking Until: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Age Restriction: Suitable for 5+
Show Status: This production is closed

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