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Garrick Theatre

Garrick Theatre
2 Charing Cross Road

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(2mins) Follow Charing Cross Road parallel to Leicester Square until you reach the theatre on your left.

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Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 209 review(s)


Latest Review: "A great show, we never got to see the original Beatles but these guys definitely looked the part and..."

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    Sunday, 30th Sep 2012 by Wayne Donaghy

I was somewhat disappointed with this show. The story was the music which for a show like this i feel a narrator would have been good. I would like to of seen more tension between Lennon and McCartney. This felt like the type of tribute show you would watch in a small town, for London and the price I expected much more, the set appeared cheap and lacked imagination. On the plus side the vocals from the fab four was really good, On the whole I think the writers could have done a lot better, my advise is to take a leaf from the writers of The Jersey Boys, they know how to tell a story.

    Thursday, 27th Sep 2012 by BeatlesFan

In reply to "FancyTatt" - the set changes completely for each scene, about 5 or 6 times in total and the actor playing John Lennon plays all of the piano live. All of the music is performed live. The additional keyboard player simply adds strings and horns for the later numbers.

This show has never claimed to be a story, it advertises itself as "spectacular theatrical concert jam-packed with over twenty of The Beatles’ greatest hits!" so what did you expect?!!

And what everybody who has said anything negative about this show fails to see is that this is the ONLY show about The Beatles that has had official support in the form of the grand theatre rights. The very people who vehemently protect and control The Beatles' image knew exactly how the show would look/sound and granted them permission to go ahead. Surely that speaks volumes about 'Let It Be' and the people involved in the show.

I have seen the show and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I saw it when Michael Gagliano, Steve Hill, Ian B Garcia and Phil Martin were on stage and I couldn't fault any of them. Great musicians, great singers, great mannerisms and great accents when talking to the audience. We were all up out of our seats dancing and singing. What a great night out! I can't wait to go again.

    Saturday, 22nd Sep 2012 by AR

Felt like 16 again. Enjoyable sing-a-long night. Not much dialogue but if you're a beatles fan then you'll love it.

    Friday, 21st Sep 2012 by FancyTatt

20th September

Good musicians, but I could have gone to a local tribute night in a pub/club and been able to get up and dance. There was nothing special about this show. The set doesn't change, just the lighting and the addition of a piano that someone else plays! I was so disappointed, we left before the end.

    Tuesday, 18th Sep 2012 by actualbeatlesfan

The other reviewers have obviously never been to a Beatles tribute band concert before because this is all what this show was, an average tribute band playing Beatles songs and very overpriced. Not one of the reviews makes it clear that this is not a musical by any stretch of the imagination. Its 20 songs played by some people who put on a terrible Scouse accent, over exaggerate mannerisms to the point it is annoying with some poor TV footage with no 'official' clips at all. Dont expect a story like the jersey boys. If you have a lot of money, have not been to a Paul McCartney in concert or other bootleg Beatles gigs then maybe this is for you.

    Tuesday, 18th Sep 2012 by Gary Whelan

Went on the 17th Sept' didn't know what to expect, Four lads took to the stage and started out with some early Beatle hits. Foot tapping and clapping lead into standing, clapping and singing along as we were taken on a journey through Beatlemania.

Very talented musicians who know how to put a show together, a must for any Beatle fan. ( 10/10 )

    Tuesday, 18th Sep 2012 by Buzz Smith

Is this what West End Theatre is turning into? This 'Show' was like watching the Thunderbird puppets as a Beatles tribute act. Utterly awful and cheap with film extracts of the Beatles inbetween songs. I'm sure the makeup department could have found better wigs for the puppets. The musicians were good but would be better off performing in a 'gig' venue and not on a theatre stage.

    Sunday, 16th Sep 2012 by robert grimes

Absolutlely brilliant show recommend this show to any beatles fan.

    Sunday, 16th Sep 2012 by ifLord Elpus

If you like the Beatles then this show is for you. It was brilliant, a real great night out.

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Show Information
Booking From: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Booking Until: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Age Restriction: Suitable for 5+
Show Status: This production is closed

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