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Garrick Theatre

Garrick Theatre
2 Charing Cross Road

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(2mins) Follow Charing Cross Road parallel to Leicester Square until you reach the theatre on your left.

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Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 209 review(s)


Latest Review: "A great show, we never got to see the original Beatles but these guys definitely looked the part and..."

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    Monday, 23rd Sep 2013 by Roger Payne

I agree with many of the reviews on this page, the musicianship and performance by the 4 principal players, plus a fifth keyboard player, adding extra orchestra parts and musical texture, was exceptional. The characterisation of the fab 4 was convincing and anyone picking out irrelevant details about exact likeness or Paul playing right handed, need to get out more! For a West End show, Let It Be is a simple presentation, where the band basically present and play the songs from the various eras of The beatles, in chronological order. An ultimate tribute show. This should not be compared to a show like Jersey Boys, which is a full musical, stage show, with actors telling the story of the 4 Seasons, with the music intergrated into the story. I think the publicity and information around Let It Be need to make this more clear as some folk may be disappointed that they will not be getting the story of the Beatles acted out before them. BUT! Still an incredible experience, celebrating one of the most important cultural phenomenos to emerge from Britain

    Friday, 20th Sep 2013 by Ruby Tuesday

Lead guitar solo, 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps', played by Stephen Hill is heartfelt and beautiful.

    Wednesday, 11th Sep 2013 by Peter


An meinem 65. Geburtstag super Vorstellung!

    Tuesday, 3rd Sep 2013 by Paul M

sat nite show on august 24 2013....

seen the show now four times....this performance will go down as one of the greatest ever.

does anyone who has seen the show a few times agree that this performance was just perfection

    Monday, 26th Aug 2013 by Tony Wilmot

Went to the evening performance on Sunday 25th August with my wife and her sister. We are all in our early 60s so we remember the Beatles well and lived through those wonderful times. We were tempted not to bother when we read some of the reviews on here. However, we went and cannot understand for the life of us where some of the more acidic reviews are coming from. We see about 15-20 top shows every year ranging from War Horse to Jersey Boys and all points in between. So we are not novices and, yes, we have seen some stinkers. This was not one of them. The show - because that is what it was - was brilliant. The boys - all talented musicians - sang their hearts out. I have seen the Beatles live - in their Cavern days - and, believe me, they were not always in tune. By comparison with the Fab Four, last night's act came a very, very close second. So, for Pete's sake, stop knocking them. Well done lads, you were well worth 5 stars.

    Friday, 23rd Aug 2013 by Joe B

Saw the show on 21 August. These group of lads performed their socks off. Ok the accents were a bit dodgy, I am from Liverpool and I couldn't pull off a John Lennon accent. They are great musicians, even the Beatle never played all the 42 songs live. I was a couple of years too young to see them live, But last night I believe I did. Everyone raves about the Jersey boys (Barber shop Quartet) Let it be is for real music fans

    Tuesday, 13th Aug 2013 by Kate & Marcus

Saw the show Saturday night and have found ourselves listening to the Beatles on repeat since,

The show however did not do it for either of us, it was all a bit wooden and tired looking the performers on stage all looked and acted a bit bored like they'd done the show so many times they'd lost the spark and zest for it.

Its very scripted which is an odd thing to say for a what is just a tribute concert, every head nod and thank you clearly as its exact beat.

Robotic and soulless than Rubber Soul

    Monday, 12th Aug 2013 by Jeff W

Had a great night. I don't give a t**s that it wasn't just like this/that or that the bass player is right handed. Saints alive!! It's about the songs, and perhaps compared to the other reviews I must have gone on a good day because the show was pitch perfect, loud and fun. Having never seen The Beatles 'live' I am sure Let It Be minus the screams, smoke, and medicinals gives some idea what it would have been like.

    Sunday, 4th Aug 2013 by Karen and Elliot

My 8-year-old and I went to see the matinee yesterday (3 Aug) and loved it. Didn't know what to expect - advertising doesn't make it clear whether it's a play, musical or concert, but it's the closest you'll ever get to a live Beatles gig - & tribute bands probably wouldn't go through this range of styles. It starts with the raw energy of the Cavern Club days and moves through to thumping bass and excellent effects; Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds is a headswimmy high point. Of course the Company aren't facial replicas of the Beatles - but they're excellent musicians as evidenced in Blackbird - and they've clearly studied the mannerisms and characters and are very convincing (from row M at least!)

    Tuesday, 30th Jul 2013 by John McCoy

If you're expecting a musical with a story, then this isn't the show for you. If you want to see a great band play through the different periods of the Beatles' catalogue with dedication and finesse, then I'd highly recommend it. If this show had a story, I dread to imagine them crowbarring perhaps only half the number of incomplete songs into horrible, cringeworthy places like in Mamma Mia, We Will Rock You or Viva Forever. That'd make the Beatles sound cheesy.

This isn't cheesy, it's a simple concert celebrating the music. Those after rubbish music with a story should see 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang instead'.

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Show Information
Booking From: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Booking Until: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Age Restriction: Suitable for 5+
Show Status: This production is closed

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