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Garrick Theatre

Garrick Theatre
2 Charing Cross Road

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(2mins) Follow Charing Cross Road parallel to Leicester Square until you reach the theatre on your left.

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Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 209 review(s)


Latest Review: "A great show, we never got to see the original Beatles but these guys definitely looked the part ..."

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    Sunday, 26th May 2013 by Rebecca

Girls night out it was ok surprising to know most of the words to the Beatles songs as only own one album but disappointing its good as tribute bands go but nothing outstanding I wouldn't say wow can't wait to see it again and would much prefere to see a musical which this wasn't not for me sorry.

    Sunday, 26th May 2013 by John B

Excellent "concert" that took me back and my wife to the 60s. Class act musicians producing a masterpiece performance on 25 May afternoon show.

    Saturday, 25th May 2013 by Heather

Amazing performance by all! After reading the brochure and watching the show they followed the history and made comments that were true to the time!! Were very energetic in making the audience feel that they should participate in the program!!! By the reaction of the crowd throughout the performance I would say 'Very well done!!!' Well done!

    Thursday, 23rd May 2013 by Matthew Woods

Off key and tired looking cast, going throught the motions, it was painful to watch as they made increasingly desperate attempts to get the sparse crowd involved.

A woeful and tacky little show, its high time the plug was pulled.

    Monday, 20th May 2013 by Wayne

A confused and below par tribute the greatest band ever!

how to score this? Loved the Beatles music, it had me signing along, but I didn't think much to it as a show or of the lads on stage who were supposed to be The Beatles.

They came across as smug and unattached to the songs.

It was all a bit odd, they had the look of how the Fab Four would be portrayed in a comedy sketch, by someone lampooning them unaffectionately!

I am sorry to have to add the band i saw (at least) are not very close vocally either.

You might think I hated let it Be, I didn't, the songs endure and its a good sing a long show, but that isn't enough I can get that and done better by any number of Beatles tribute acts out there, poor casting and lack of story/time line mean this isn't memorable or a fitting tribute.

Which is rather sad.

    Sunday, 19th May 2013 by Janet and Steve H

Took my hubby to see this show for his 50th birthday we were both disappointed and agree with a lot of other reviews its over hyped for really just a tribute show that you can see anywhere we've seen similar much better shows doing the tribute thing but like others were expecting a musical as in story of the Beatles with acting and a plot etc not a show I would recommend sorry.

    Sunday, 19th May 2013 by David

Two hours too long, some of the songs times only been kind to in the hands of The Beatles in vintage footage, in context taken out of it, its hard to appreciate the impact the early stuff made and how it changed the face of music paving the way for everything that followed.

That's not put across by Let It Be. Some of the sings are throw away unfortunately they are given the same treatment as the absolute classics, like Yesterday, Hey Jude, let it be and The long and winding road, to name but a few.

Its all at one level until the encore then that's dulled by the attempted to impersonate McCartney to get people to sing along

Could and should be a lot lot better that it is.

    Saturday, 18th May 2013 by Minnie Mog

I'm someone born in the 90's, but adore the fashions and music of the 1960's. my bedroom at home is a 60's time warp, I love it! So I was sooo desperate to see the Fab Four at The Savoy in Let It Be.

I finally got to go on Friday night abs was thrilled to be upgraded to the expensive seats for free, but a bit worried at the lack of people.

After a tedious pop quiz the lights seemed to fail and there were sound problems, because the Cavern club opening was very dark and the drumming and Paul (who was pitchy at times) where over powering. The lighting was sorted fir the next act, but the singing remained below par.

The fashions although based on outfits The Beatles wore, spoil things so do some terrible wigs, Paul looks like he's wearing a bri-nylon crash helmet most of the time, while johns hippy wig looks like its seen a few too many pantomime dames heads.

The singing wasnt at all like the Beatles the Liverpool acents are laughable and Paul Is right handed? What!

Some people didn't return after the interval, and more people were upgraded to fill the gaps a bit more

I didn't expect exact lookalikes, but there was no resemblance at all?

The encore is the best bit even then not everyone joined in.

Very disapponted :-(

    Friday, 17th May 2013 by Kev

Have to disagree with Rob, I think its an even call on people who post reviews, people who want to moan and enthusiastic fans, the middle ground or the majority of opinion is probably nearer the truth.

I enjoyed the show,but wasn't overly impressed the sound was poor distorted and the drums over powered the vocals at times, and its much too dark at the beginning!

I've been to the Cavern a few times (and its not that dark!) and while there I have seen some great tribute bands and some terrible ones the one I saw at the Savoy was somewhere in the middle.

    Friday, 17th May 2013 by James Andrews - Beatles fan from Berwick

I was expecting some sort of story in terms of the order of the songs being played, showing how The Beatles became alienated to each other, drifted apart before they broke up, but there is no sign of any tension? its all on the same bland level.

The Beatles music is great, it always will be, but 'Let It Be' is just a tribute act.

5 stars for the music of The Beatles, but I am marking the performances and the shows containt for me that's a two and a half .

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Booking From: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Booking Until: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Age Restriction: Suitable for 5+

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