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Garrick Theatre

Garrick Theatre
2 Charing Cross Road

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(2mins) Follow Charing Cross Road parallel to Leicester Square until you reach the theatre on your left.

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Average Rating: 3.1 out of 5 stars based on 209 review(s)


Latest Review: "A great show, we never got to see the original Beatles but these guys definitely looked the part and..."

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    Friday, 17th May 2013 by Emma, Sara, Emma T & Becca.

We went to see LET IT BE as part of Sara's 19th birthday weekend, after reading the great reveiws, we thought it would be a really good. what a joke, its a pile of Poo. Lots and lots of old people some of them were even on the stage, Ringo is cute, but the rest of them look like my Dad & his mates & John looked like my grandad!

There were a few younger faces like us around, but they seemed to know be there for Ringo.

The start is boring and dark, the rest if the first half is dull, second half is a bit better the encore is the best bit.

Didn't look or sound like the real Beatles, very over rated.

    Thursday, 16th May 2013 by Rob

A cracking, crisp and colourful trip down memory lane. Sure, if anything they were too polished but you can't mark them down for that. If you want to hear some exceptionally well played numbers from the Fab Four then the Savoy has got a night you'll remember. Think the reviews here reflect a minority opinion, working on the fact that most people who post reviews only do it if they can have a moan. It was a good night.

    Tuesday, 14th May 2013 by Vince & Joyce

My wife and I remember The Beatles the first time round we fell in love married and had our first son to the backdrop of their music, we went to see the show very excited after reading all the great 5 star reviews, which we found to be very misleading,

The version of The Beatles we saw were not like the real thing in sound or looks at all!

George and John looked too old, while Paul (who is right handed!) and Ringo didn't even bear a passing psychical resemblance, all of which would have been forgivable had they nailed vocally unfortunately they did not, they played professionally and Paul gave it his all trying to engage the audience to join in with the singing and clapping, but a poorly attended performance with a large proportion not engaging with the show at all he got short shift from all, but a few people at the front.

We thought the accents and the wigs were terrible and the costumes gave me nightmares, my wedding suit looked much like the dark blue one Paul wore at the end, and it is a long time since we removed all our wedding photos from display for good reason.


It was an ok night out, but nothing more. Needs better impersonators in it.

Great music, but a so-so show, poor impressionists spoilt things.


    Sunday, 12th May 2013 by mr and mrs

great show enjoyed it all esp the actor playing john lennon shame they didn't have time to play for longer really enjoyed hearing the old songs again.

    Saturday, 11th May 2013 by Linda B

Not impressed, how can it be the story of the Beatles told by their music when it tells us nothing?

What you get for your money is; Four men playing songs by the Bealtes stood in front of a video back drop, that's so five years ago.

Dressed in (The iconic suits and the Pepper outfits aside) fashions it would be better if time forgot.

Accompanied by a fifth Beatle, (for the second half) some very dodgy Liverpudlian accents and even dodgier wigs.

If that floats your boat, more power to you.

    Friday, 10th May 2013 by Booble

Stars in your eyes comes to the West End

I was really looking forward to seeing the Beatles musical, I was to be very disappointed, it is not a musical it is a covers band gig.

It is crying out for some story telling, because chorologically and technically its is very messed up, while historical and musical history is also disregarded.

After seeing Let It Be with my own eyes then reading the reviews on here and the other customer review sites, I have come to the conclusion, that most people have no idea what the Beatles actually sound like.

"just like the real thing" They are not, nor is it "the closest you'll ever get to seeing the songs performed live by The Bealtes."

That would be watching Sir Paul McCartney sing these songs, hunch he currently is his world tour.

I am sure the cast are all talented in their own rights, no disrespect to them at all, but the "Fab Four" I saw didn't cut muster at all

    Friday, 10th May 2013 by Sally & Ben

Ok night out, but nothing more just four guys playing Beatles songs, The TV screens on the side apart, yawn we had seen it all before many times and often done far better too.

The multi-media hook is just a big screen backdrop, which is even done by pub acts these days.

The cheap silly wigs and terrible outfits are a joke.

It is dry and is too polished everything Rock And Roll shouldn't be!

We didn't get it, we love the Beatles, but Let It Be left us cold, thankful for the Savoy bar it was much needed post show.

    Thursday, 9th May 2013 by Jean Jones

One of the main things people are complaining about is its a concert not a musical so why is it in the west end with all the other musicals ? Some people are going to be naturally disappointed and others are just getting silly when you dont have same opinion as them, music is fab its not the worst show out there but its not great either the cast i saw ( seems like a few play the parts ) were good musicians but the closest thing to the real Beatles is a stupid statement, ive seen the real Macca live a few times nobody comes close in this show.

    Thursday, 9th May 2013 by Walker

I've just walked out of the performance, the sound levels were way too loud where I was sat a least, the drumming overpowered the singing.

I was not about to sit through another hour of crash, bang, wallop Whooooo!

    Thursday, 9th May 2013 by Si Monk

I am from Liverpool and am aghast at the acents - at least of the B cast I saw last night (8th May) John sounds like he is from Manchester while Paul reminded me of Jan Molby!

No attempt to capture the essence of The Beatles, it is just an exercise in rattling through the number as quickly as possible.

Did I miss the point? Is it supposed to be ironic?

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Booking From: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Booking Until: Saturday, 5th September 2015
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Age Restriction: Suitable for 5+
Show Status: This production is closed

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