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Latest Review: "Thank you to the whole cast and crew for this wonderful performance. I was so inspired that I ca..."

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    Saturday, 23rd Jan 2016 by June

Thank you to the whole cast and crew for this wonderful performance. I was so inspired that I came twice. I am a music teacher, and I went back to school the next day and revived the song for Singing Assembly and the children loved it. I would like them to have a workshop in Irish dancing - any suggestions would be gratefully received. The leading men and women on both occasions were fabulous. I cannot agree with some of the terrible reviews written. Please don't take any notice. You inspired me - and I am not easy to please - THANK YOU.

    Sunday, 17th Jan 2016 by Mr & Mrs Barclay

We went to the playhouse theatre to see Lord of the dance yesterday....I'm pleased we didn't waste our time reading all the rubbish reviews beforehand as it was FANTASTIC...we had seats four rows from the stage so I can assure those who are higher up in the theatre that there is no dubbing going On with the violinists who added a great dimension to the performance...no dubbing with the singer and certainly no dubbing with the footwork...there are super sensitive sensors all around the stage picking up the vibrations from the shoes ....we enjoyed the costume changes and the change in tempo between the ballet from the girls and then the extremely fast pace dance from the boys...you can only be in awe of the skill And level of fitness needed to dance to this high level and I would disagree with anyone who thinks they cannot dance...utter rubbish! They were all perfectly choreographed and in time and beautiful smiles throughout the performance from everyone...the scantily clad young ladies and the bare chested young men gave it a more modern twist and let's face it the show is 20 years old...got to keep up with the times or you get left behind...it was all In very good taste and In keeping with the storyline...I agree the theatre is probably the smallest one that we've been to in London but that helped with the acoustics and the atmosphere and did not detract from the performance...the theatre is so easy to find and a perfect venue......look out for special deals on the ticket but we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and so did everyone around us...this could easily be gauged by the audience participation with hand clapping and standing ovations....would recommend this show

    Tuesday, 5th Jan 2016 by Pan

My husband and I were given tickets as a Christmas present and saw it on the 3rd Jan 2016. My husband has always wanted to see the show and so quite rightly was excited. I was sorely disappointed but my husband was more generous in his thoughts on the show. Sorry I cannot be and totally agree all of the above reviews. For one thing we were sitting with the Gods and could only see 2/3rds of the stage and I am sorry to say that missing the other 1/3rd was no problem. Waste of money whatever price you paid.

    Thursday, 31st Dec 2015 by MJ

I was ready to leave after 10 minutes. Garish costumes, poor dancing, no female talent, Irish dancing turned to cheap vulgar performance. Everything dubbed, no life. The only saving grace was the lead male dancer, who was actually good.

    Thursday, 10th Dec 2015 by Kat

I was really surprised when a friend was able to hook me up with 2 tickets to LOTD for £2 each! I thought it was outrageous and maybe the incredible art of Irish dance just wasn’t as appreciated as it should be nowadays.

However, after approx.. 15 minutes after the show started, I could see why we were able to get such cheap ‘floor filler’ tickets..

It’s terrible.

My heart literally sank when I realised that the LOTD that I grew up to love and aspire to has turned into an amateur production with less than talented dancers. I have a degree in dance and theatre- and whilst I wasn’t the most technically talented amongst my peers, I was vigorously trained alongside some of the most talented and mesmerising dancers I have ever had the delight of watching. So, I like to think I somewhat know what I’m talking about when I critique a professional performance.

I’ll try to not make this incredibly long winded- but here is a run-down on why I was able to pay £2 per ticket:

- The story was completely lost due to the lack of setting, clarity and inability to ‘act’ amongst the cast. One of my favourite parts within LOTD was the competition between the two leading ladies and this was soooooo poorly executed, you had no idea what was going on.The 'evil' one had to do a bit of body grinding (for want of a better word) and she looked like she had never done it before, it was so stiff and awkward. The blonde one also just repeated the same standard steps every 2 minutes and the 'modern' choreo did not sit well on her.

- Whilst we’re on the subject, the two main girls in the show were NOT GOOD. At all. I cant begin to describe just how awful it was to watch two dancers who are tryng to be sexy and appear awkward and stiff. They also cannot portray a character convincingly for sh..

- Actually, the girl cast on the whole were nothing to aspire to. Irish dancers are traditionally trained to not use their arms- they are either on their hips, or secured to their side. So, when the choreography introduced a lot of arm work- it was painful viewing. So, whilst the footwork was very impressive the overall impression of the dancers was again, not good. Although they had absolutely slamming bodies, their hair, make up and costumes left a lot to be desired. I believe my friend described it as like ‘watching an episode of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding’.

- Everything was pre-recorded!! From the footwork to the violins, everything was dubbed. The most horrendous thing about the entire show in fact could have been the shocking miming from a young lady who pretending to sing 4 or 5 songs. Surely.. SURELY it’s in the budget to find a singer and have them perform live on stage? It was embarrassing to watch and I was devastate every time she walked on stage to NOT sing for us.

- The manly men who were in the original cast are no more- the men of this cast are mostly tall, skinny and awkward. Making the whole ‘yeah we’re the hardcore protectors of the realm’ a little laughable. It’s their job to be in this performance, send them to the gym every morning and tell them to MAN UP.

- The costumes were questionable at best in some of the numbers and there were no live onstage visual FX- everything was projected from a screen and honestly the footage left a lot to be desired. Some dry ice would go a long way in this show..

- The cast just do not appear committed. Part of me thought “put me in a room with them all for a day and I will teach them how to ACT on-stage” which is so important with a storyline dance performance. Mostly it was just awkward viewing.

- The only reason I didn't gather my belongings was the male lead- he actually was very very good. If his footwork could be heard live, then I don’t think I could fault his performance.

- All in all, they took a fantastic show with an amazing story and turned into a half a*sed production with noticeably little budget and minimal talent.

- The ‘spirit’ as I like to call it was also not good. They just found some bendy bird who again, cannot act and gave her a flute to pretend to play. Badly.

- The CGI footage was dreadful. The stage was too small. The lighting wasn't very good. If you're going to throw together a botched performance then you need the resources to hide it.

I could definitely keep going here.. but really I am just absolutely devastated that a show I had only dreamed of seeing live as a child, was such a disaster of a production. I had expected the world from this and received an old, half chewed raisin. I felt like I was watching a last minute ‘groups and troops’ entry in a small, average, regional dance competition. The only highlight was the lead male, who was incredibly talented and also very gorgeous. The wine also helped.

Words cannot express my disappointment.

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Booking From: Tuesday, 12th January 2016
Booking Until: Sunday, 24th January 2016
Running Time: 2 hours 10 minutes

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