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Royal Festival Hall

Royal Festival Hall
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Take the Northern, Jubilee or Bakerloo line to Waterloo station. The theatre is approximately 10 minutes walk.

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Latest Review: "The video (balls, spiders web etc) is completely misleading; This is not suitable for kids, unles..."

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    Saturday, 13th Jan 2018 by Tony Moss

The video (balls, spiders web etc) is completely misleading; This is not suitable for kids, unless they like slow performance art. The balls only come out at the end and only to the front rows. So prepare for your kids to be very disappointed unless you bought the most expensive tickets. When I complained, I got the response:

"The lack of balls and spider web reaching further back in the auditorium is reflected in the price of the tickets which were cheaper than those further forward"

It is nothing like what it looks like in the promotional video - be warned.

    Wednesday, 3rd Jan 2018 by Grace Nelly

I work in theatre. I thought this would be my cup of tea. But I agree with all those who say it was tedious and uninspiring. I went with my two children one of whom enjoyed it (the youngest and also least imaginative of the two). The oldest (10) who plays and plays and reads and loves theatre etc ... he didn't understand it at all and he said that because of this he didn't enjoy it. He usually laughs at clowns and at anything ... this didn't make him laugh at all and at the end he said 'I was really disappointed'.

We were sat towards the back of the stalls in the Festival Hall. Maybe it was too far away from the stage to get the subtleties/magic ...???

Maybe this just isn't the right venue for it?

I get the fact they want the audience to participate. But afterwards we went to the Tate Modern and participated in our own magical story with the swings and stuff they have in the Turbine Gallery there. That was far more magical and inspiring and completely free.

    Friday, 29th Dec 2017 by Mark C

Unless you sit near the front you will be a mere spectator, my kids left feeling rather left out. I fell asleep after the interval......

    Friday, 22nd Dec 2017 by MM

The special effects are indeed amazing, and possibly make it worthwhile. But the clowning sequences are generally unfunny, and there didn't appear to be anything approaching a plot. Compared to most West End shows it felt dated and a bit pointless.

We did wonder if 'Slava' has become something of a legend, meaning that no one questions his judgement or the quality of his ideas. Certainly the second half of the performance was a one-man show, suggesting this was all a bit of an ego trip for him. Not good value for money, unfortunately.

    Thursday, 21st Dec 2017 by Jacky P

Three adults and four children went to see the The Slava Snow Show at the Royal Festival Hall December18th and we all thought it was a spectacular experience.

It is an unusual show with about seven "clowns" (not of the slapstick variety) performing a series of sketches, some funny, some very scary, some very poignant and some quite spectacular.

I can understand that it is not everybody's "cup of tea" but giving it one star seems very harsh and walking out at the interval would deprive you of the amazing final spectacle.

My fourteen year old grandson was indifferent to the first half but described the second as awesome. The seven and two ten year olds were enthralled through out.

The blizzard and giant balloons at the end made an amazing, breathtaking finale.

We all loved it. A lovely Christmas treat.

One tip - the nearer you are to the stage the more you are involved in the action.

    Wednesday, 29th Nov 2017 by Martin p

Really bad. Our children did not enjoy it all all.

    Thursday, 9th Nov 2017 by Caroline

I think one star is already too much for this show. It relies on poor and cheap effects, loud repetitive sounds which I wouldn't qualify as music and questionable humor to convince the audience that they are witnessing something great.

In fact it was just a group of clowns wasting our time and money - they are probably the ones laughing!

    Friday, 3rd Nov 2017 by Al

This is a Marmite experience, you’ll either love it or not. Most children will love it despite a few rather dark moments and there’s no doubt that the clowning in its old sense is good. Don’t expect a subtle plot line or development though. Best to sit in the stalls, you may feel disenfranchised in the circle;and at the interval don’t leave your seat for too long.

    Sunday, 10th Jan 2016 by Rose Alden

The best Christmas show I've ever seen !!! Thank you so much! Super! Brilliant and subtle performance for kids and adalts!

Slava is genius ! Please, do not read bad reviews , unfortunately there are many ones .... the best seats first 7 ))

    Tuesday, 5th Jan 2016 by Mary

I first saw Slava's show at the Hackney Empire years ago, and have seen it again at least twice. Clowning/miming isn't supposed to be always about the gags. If you care to find out a bit about the art of clowning, you will realise that Slava (who originated this show) and his family to continue it are genius's. It's about the lives we all lead, and the funny (and sad) things that happen on the way, and he triumphs in the end! I will go again!

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Booking From: Thursday, 4th January 2018
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