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Royal Festival Hall

Royal Festival Hall
Belvedere Road

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Take the Northern, Jubilee or Bakerloo line to Waterloo station. The theatre is approximately 10 minutes walk.

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Average Rating: 2.7 out of 5 stars based on 24 review(s)


Latest Review: "The video (balls, spiders web etc) is completely misleading; This is not suitable for kids, unles..."

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    Sunday, 3rd Jan 2016 by Ralph

Very sad to see such reviews. Too many people have lost the ability to appreciate beautiful, understated things. I find the show magical - not by showcasing complicated tricks and tacky jokes but bringing up all the range of emotions in young and old.

    Wednesday, 28th Oct 2015 by Natalie

Six of us went, and not one of us enjoyed it! The best part, besides the snow and balls at the end was seeing everyone else's perplexed faces at the bar during the interval. Seemingly, we were not the only ones to 'not get it'! Many people left during the interval, but we decided to stick it out and see if it got better; unfortunately it didn't. This is more a show you would see by street performers than a show you pay to see on stage. Spend your money on something else! We were very disappointed.

    Tuesday, 28th Jul 2015 by Karen

We were 5 adults. We all enjoyed it. You must get seats near the front and central though, to get the most out of it, or you would be be disappointed.

    Friday, 19th Dec 2014 by Helen F

I didn't get it at all - was there anything to get? The interactive bits were fun but not the rest of it - too subtle for me and my 3 children. Not value for money. I had thought it was a combination of magic and circus skills: now, that would have been fun.

    Wednesday, 8th Jan 2014 by lionel jones

Saw this christmas 2012 it was as albert steptoe once said and summed upth,is showfor me! a load of old cobblers.

    Thursday, 2nd Jan 2014 by jools

I have seen this show three times now....I love every aspect of it...as do as all my friends who have also seen it! Friends who, like me, are both educators and practitioners of Performing Arts.....so we actually can appreciate the complexity of what would seem to some close minded people to be an over-simplistic and pointless exhibition of self indulgence... I can only assume that these people have seriously lost the child within...if indeed they were ever children who indulged in imaginative play!

    Thursday, 2nd Jan 2014 by Andy

Two adults and three grown up teenagers. None of us got it !! If you want to watch people dressed as clowns and whatever else it was on stage spending an hour sweeping snow on the stage then great. A 10 minute spell where a clown is answering alternate red and yellow phones, during which I fell asleep, and an indefinte ending.....just weird. One consolation........we were so perplexed we all started giggling.....instead of joining those that had already decided enough was enough. Taking out the break it was barely an hours entertainment, if you could call it that. Not great.

    Thursday, 14th Nov 2013 by Hattie

This was the worst £200 I have ever spent on the theatre and our family of six go often. There was no point, the music was dull, the clowns were dull and to our teenagers - sinister. Im afraid I can only assume that the good reviews were written by the clowns themselves - save your money and go to see something worthwhile.

    Monday, 28th Oct 2013 by Dean Fergusson

People who don't like this are the sort that walk out after the first 20 minutes of a film. Don't read reviews. Don't listen to others opinions, good or bad. Don't watch YouTube videos. Don't dissect. Just go and openly try to enjoy. It's hoping to draw you in a little. Amuse you if it can. Play with you. And reward you a little for joining in...

    Sunday, 27th Oct 2013 by Cheryl Shaw

Just seen this show again for the 3rd time and would still go back. Totally mesmerising, both humorous and, at times, poignant. Beautiful and clever in it's delivery with a haunting soundtrack. If you want all your shows to be the same perhaps it's not for you but if you want to experience something different and astounding it's a must see. Everyone I've ever recommended it to has not been disappointed.

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Booking From: Thursday, 4th January 2018
Booking Until: Thursday, 4th January 2018
Age Restriction: Recomended for ages 8+. Children under 3 will not be admitted.

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