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Aldwych Theatre

Aldwych Theatre
49 Aldwych

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(10mins) Head out onto the main road Strand. Cross street where possible and go right. When you reach the fork, veer left onto Aldwych.

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    Wednesday, 4th Dec 2013 by Peter

Not really a musical more a play with the feeling that the music was added as a stop gap.

did neither as a play or a musical it fell, between two stools.

very poor for a Lloyd Webber effort.

no wonder he did not appear after the show!!!!!

complete flop although the actors did a splendid job - not their fault.

    Wednesday, 4th Dec 2013 by Geoff P

Went to the first performance last night and enjoyed the show.

Excellent performances from Alex Hanson in the lead and Charlotte Blackledge. Charlotte Spencer also good. Thought Anthony Calf was brilliant As Lord Astor / Griffith Jones.

An unavoidable issue is that it's hard to really care about any of the characters given they are either seedy or corrupt in one way or another. So no romance as a basis for show stoppers. I liked This Side of the Sky in act 1 and then Hopeless When It Comes to You (lovely performance by Joanna Riding as Valerie Hobson). Too Close to the Flame also a nice song but could have been fleshed out a bit IMO.

Fair bit of swearing and a bit of nudity - which was very funny so not one for kids

So, if you are OK with a lot of sung narrative to tell a story then you will enjoy the show but if you like lots of memorable songs (like Les Mis) then you might be disappointed.

The audience all seemed to like the show based on the generous ovation at the final curtain - well deserved by a hard working and highly capable cast.

    Wednesday, 4th Dec 2013 by Martha

This singspiel with far too little sing will be lucky to drag it's tuneless way to press night on the 19th December. Lacking even one memorable song but relying on the endless repetition of a 4 bar motif introduced in the opening number Stephen Ward The Musical should follow the example of its tragic eponymous hero and slip away in a haze of alcohol and sleeping pills!

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Show Information
Booking From: Saturday, 29th March 2014
Booking Until: Saturday, 29th March 2014
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Show Status: This production is closed

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