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Aldwych Theatre

Aldwych Theatre
49 Aldwych

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(10mins) Head out onto the main road Strand. Cross street where possible and go right. When you reach the fork, veer left onto Aldwych.

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    Wednesday, 12th Mar 2014 by JEAN LIGHTWOOD

I have seen this musical 6 times and travel from Birmingham each time. I have taken different people and they all love this show. It is absolutely brilliant, the cast are faultless, this show has it all laughter,seriousness and for me tears at the end. The man who plays the Barrister for the prosecution I could cheerfully hit him he makes you believe you are actually there in the court room magnificent acting and the gentleman who plays Stephen Ward ought to get an award because right from the word go he has got you, he becomes Stephen Ward the young lady who plays Christine Keeler becomes her. This is acting at its finest. Please could I ask Andrew Lloyd Webber just one question why could you not have given this show another 3 months I am sure it would have gained support. This show is far too good to bin and so are the cast. I shall see this show twice before it ends and for it to be axed makes me feel so very sad. I do wonder is the Lord not well as

he does not usually do stupid things but this is big stuoid mistake he is making.

    Monday, 10th Mar 2014 by MB

Very last minute decision to go, in our seats just before the start. Loved it. Hadn't done the homework so didn't know it was Lloyd Webber, didn't spot the orchestra till the very end. Cast brilliant, and music so nice I should have guessed it was Webber. People who hated it must have told loads of their friends. I enjoyed seeing a bit of history I'd seen in the news as a teenager. A half empty theatre doesn't necessarily mean you've got a bad show coming - just that the detractors were too successful.

    Sunday, 9th Mar 2014 by Susan

Felt compelled to post a review after learning the show is about to close. I saw it 1st February. Stephen Ward is one of the best theatre productions I have seen. I sat rapt for the whole of the musical. Funny, sad, and entirely fascinating.

    Friday, 7th Mar 2014 by Sandra West Sussex

Once again - brilliant!! Comparable to blood brothers with a great story put to music. Incredible stage changing which enhanced the story very well. It wasn't supposed to be "catchy" but the musical numbers were sung beautifully by all the cast, Alexander Hanson (any connection to John Hanson) - best voice ever...

    Wednesday, 5th Mar 2014 by Alan Wooding

Question: Why has a fabulous musical such as Stephen Ward failed to attract a full house at every performance and be pulled following such a short run? Answer: Its title!

Having originally intended to go in May, once the decision was made to quit at the end of this month, I quickly made arrangements to see the matinee performance on Tuesday… and having been so impressed, I've thankfully still got time to see it again!

Being of an age that I can well remember the Profumo affair, ALW's stunning musical score added to the brilliant lyrics from Don Black and Christopher Hampton, made this easily the best new musical to hit the West End in over a decade.

Had the title included sex, scandal or political corruption, it could be running for years, but instead 'Stephen Ward' means nothing to London's tourists or British youngster who would also know nothing of the political scandal that brought down the then government. The whole cast, production team and musicians must be absolutely gutted … I am!

    Monday, 3rd Mar 2014 by Carol

I saw the matinee performance on Saturday 1st March and enjoyed every single minute. The lyrics and music told a wonderful story with it being shown as it should be. The actors were brilliant and very believable, I was delighted the cast received a well deserved standing ovation.

This truly is a magnificent production and a travesty to be coming to an end so soon!

    Thursday, 27th Feb 2014 by Mary

Excellent - very pleasantly surprised after reviews, but then I was around at the time of the scandal.

    Tuesday, 25th Feb 2014 by JRP

Brilliant show. Can't think why this musical is closing down.

    Thursday, 20th Feb 2014 by Barbara

I went to see this show on Boxing Day and thoroughly enjoyed it. The songs and the acting were very good, even though there were odd little bits of other ALW musical phrases noticeable in a few of the songs. I went home and googled the story of Stephen Ward to compare with the show's story. I would definitely see it again - very enjoyable.

    Wednesday, 19th Feb 2014 by Pat Fox

Loved this show...very moving..2nd half better and Alex Hanson was brilliant...great voice

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Booking From: Saturday, 29th March 2014
Booking Until: Saturday, 29th March 2014
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Show Status: This production is closed

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