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Aldwych Theatre
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(10mins) Head out onto the main road Strand. Cross street where possible and go right. When you reach the fork, veer left onto Aldwych.

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    Friday, 13th Dec 2013 by Simon Marlborough

I d been looking forward for weeks to see this show being a huge fan of many of ALWs previous musicals but a little puzzled at his choice of subject . Having seen and heard 3 or 4 songs On You tube particularly "hopeless when it comes to you " and "human sacrifice " I went thinking it would work after all and on the whole I think it did . I agree with some of the reviews however that some work is needed to streamline the show and thought that some of the singing by the female leads with the exception of Joanna riding lacked depth and quite frankly was poor especially in the closing number of act one but you can almost forgive AWL for anything when he can write songs such as "this side of the sky " and "hopeless when it comes to you " Would definitely want to see it again in a years time if it is and hopefully will be still running.

    Friday, 13th Dec 2013 by Barry

It was the second public show and the cast delivered with bags of enthusiasm, but how was the show?

Erm, well...

The lighting and the set design (based around a revolving curtain, behind which the scenery changes) are very good. There is also a nice use of scenic projections onto the curtained backdrop.

Shades of Evita and Sunset Boulevard permeate throughout the show, and for me that wasn't necessarily a good thing. Lyrically there are some very funny, witty and clever moments with some nice tongue-in-cheek period observations that work well within the retrospective theme.

'You've never had it so good' in act one is the stand out number. Performed with great-gusto by the entire cast,it's sharp, entertaining and imaginatively choreographed. The only other songs that had any post-event-cranial-staying-power were 'This side of the sky' and 'I'm hopeless when it comes to you'. The former sung by Stephen Ward and Christine Keeler, the latter by Mrs Profumo (it has to be noted that Charlotte Spenser (Christine Keeler) has a pleasant voice that weakens in the upper register).

Act one was entertaining at the beginning and the story moved at a reasonable pace ubtil half way through when it started to drag a bit. However act two (mainly comprising of the police investigation and the ensuing trial) was a pretty slow, dreary affair with, what seemed like, one melody occupying 2/3rds of the score. My mind started to wander and I kept looking at my watch as I slowly lost interest.

So in summation, with no real expectations I was pretty underwhelmed.

Even though it is set in the 60's, I found it a bit dated in the execution. In the last 20 years musical theatre has evolved but it appears that Andrew Lloyd Webber hasn't.

    Friday, 13th Dec 2013 by Mark

A good opening 20 mts but then it becomes a real mess. Plodding. Stereotypical. Tedious. A few okay but sub-standard musical numbers don't help raise the tedious script above the decidedly mediocre. By far the worse ALW show - and I enjoyed "Love Never Died". Also I don't understand the star ratings - most views are very negative but have 5 Stars on this page. I'm sure it's an error. Don't waste money on an expensive preview ticket but wait a few weeks as it might get better ( well a bit at least!)

    Friday, 13th Dec 2013 by Anthony Logan

Awaiting an Expectedly Amazing Musical Show

What can be more exciting than a musical play portraying the real- life scandal of 1963 and glimpses of the famous Profumo Affair brought to stage! Well, I just can’t wait to catch the Stephen Ward musical show. I am quite sure that the music by Andrew Lloyd Webber is going to leave us all spell bound and perhaps wanting for more!

    Thursday, 12th Dec 2013 by Jolanda

I saw the second preview and was bored. The script is worthless and the music is a rehash of ervything we've heard from Webber before. I'm glad I paid only 15 pounds (don't take THE restricted view seats. The view is completely restricted! I complained and ot better seats. Thank you, nice usher!) Don't go! There are much better shows to see! Joanna Riding her song was the best performance of the night. Everything else was c*ap.

    Wednesday, 11th Dec 2013 by Jackie Lee

Loved it! A serious story well told. Great cast and a fabulously choreographed orgy scene. Well worth a ticket and I shall be buying the soundtrack.

    Wednesday, 11th Dec 2013 by David Price

The best part of the show is the end. The music is not bad but It's drab,boring show and cast don't seem to be enjoying it nor is there any rapour with the audience. Make a play out of this famous story not a musical. Nothing amazing and given all the comments this show needs a lot of work before it opens on the 19th. I would not recommend anyone to see it there are much better shows to see in the West End.

    Tuesday, 10th Dec 2013 by MD

4 stars for the cast, 2 stars for the show, which is ordinary at best and tedious at times, (ie the police interrogation scenes). Although the cast perform valiantly, ALW will not further his considerable reputation on the back of the lacklustre tunes that are the hallmark of this disappointing musical.

    Tuesday, 10th Dec 2013 by Andrew

I attended the second preview which was very polished compared with those of other shows which I've attended in the past. It has a strong cast, is well staged and I'm still replaying many of the songs in my head almost a week later! The lyrics tell the story in a factual yet intruiging and sometimes humorous way and the costumes and sets undoubtedy takes the audience back to the 'swinging' more ways than one! I loved it and will be returning in the new year...this is Lord Lloyd-Webber at his best - a true genius!

    Monday, 9th Dec 2013 by ET

Very disappointing, and not up to ALW's usual standard at all. This is not really a musical - just a slow moving play with a few forgettable songs slotted in. Maybe the subject matter just doesn't really lend itself to a musical production at all.

The cast did their best, but the whole thing dragged - can't imagine this will run for long.

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Booking From: Saturday, 29th March 2014
Booking Until: Saturday, 29th March 2014
Running Time: 2 hours 20 minutes
Show Status: This production is closed

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