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    Sunday, 6th Oct 2013 by David H

Having read all the other reviews I can relate to something in all of them. If you are looking for a stage version of the film, you will be disappointed, if you are hoping to hear a lot of the songs from the film, you will be disappointed, if you want a good night out, with humour, good soul music (incidentally, another reviewer who cites the "Satisfaction" song as "rock", needs to learn who sang it first!) and lots of foul language, go and see it, I suspect it will not be around for long! Great night out, lousy theatre, but it is ancient!

    Thursday, 3rd Oct 2013 by Richie Madano

I saw a preview last night (Oct 2nd) and I was pretty disappointed. I think it just doesn't work because it isn't a true musical. In the first half, I was frustrated because we only get snatches of songs, which were generally perforated by some of the least funny dialogue I have heard in years. The second half was a lot better as it contained much more music, but the characters seemed to act without any real motivation - for example it was never really clear why the first drummer, "Animal", hated Decco so much. And the potential romance between Jimmy and Imelda seemed to spring out of nowhere at the end.

For the finale, they break down the fourth wall and perform as a band to the audience. I completely agree that this was the right thing to do, but it showed that aside from Decco, the band were good performers but not great ones. In the West-End we have been spoilt by some of the greatest performers of all time - but unfortunately most of this cast wouldn't be counted among them. Don't get me wrong, I loved their energy and vibrancy and for the most part of the show when they are in a pub band they are perfectly cast. But as a band for a West-End show, they are not really up to it. However, they will probably improve over time, so maybe in a few months this part of the show will be better. I also thought that they should have ended on a much more upbeat tune than "Try a little Tenderness" to make sure the audience went home with a song spinning round in their heads.

The dialogue was atrocious and the direction particularly lack-lustre. All the dialogue scenes seemed very stilted and under-rehearsed and once or twice I wasn't sure if meaningless pauses were due to poor direction or the actors had forgotten their lines. They really need to work on the non-musical parts of the play which I seriously hope they'll do before opening night.

The characters lacked any motivation for their actions and the darkness that made the original film balance so well against the comedy was completely missing.

With a lot more work there could be a really good show here - it needs to be a lot tighter, have rewrite of the painfully unfunny dialogue, big up the music a bit more and have a really big foot stomping production number at the end.

    Wednesday, 2nd Oct 2013 by Phil Kades

Saw it last night. Just terrible. Thisnt isn't a musical, it's a very second rate musical review. The producers have tried every cheap trick to engage the audience but it doesn't work.

    Monday, 30th Sep 2013 by EyeDon

Outstanding show even when viewed up in the gods.

Brilliant scenery, very slick production and excellent sound which showcases extraordinary levels of energetic musicianship. To paraphrase another Irish musical phenomenon from Tuam ' Ye looked brilliant and ye sounnded brilliant " Enjoy a long run.

    Sunday, 29th Sep 2013 by John

Great night out! Fantastic stage sets and brilliant soul songs performed by a more than capable cast. The whole audience were on their feet - and if you can get Rod Stewart and Penny dancing in the aisles you've done something right!!

    Friday, 27th Sep 2013 by sylv winter

Brilliant show well worth seeing.

    Friday, 27th Sep 2013 by Laura Garoufalias

We want to see the new Commitments stage show last night. It was super amazing and grabs you from the beginning to the end. The way the songs occasionally stop mid key for the actors to do their dialogue and as soon as they have stopped , before you know it the music starts off again seamlessly.

Really worthwhile and exciting night of musical talent! Well done!

    Thursday, 26th Sep 2013 by Franz K

Top night out, a musical for anyone who can't stand the normal west end cheese. (And those who love it anyway!). The set is simply jaw dropping, you cannot believe the amount of detail crammed onto one stage! Brilliant songs, hilarious script. Go.

    Wednesday, 25th Sep 2013 by woody

Went to see the opening night, what a great show, the cast are all fantastic.

The whole audience were up on their feet at the end, a must see show in my opinion.

    Monday, 23rd Sep 2013 by Billy Bob

I really wanted to enjoy this show being a big fan of the original film but I’m afraid to say I was slightly disappointed.

From the saviours of soul, I was hoping for more songs from the original soundtrack. Although there were a couple, there was more of a rock vibe with songs such as Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. Maybe this is to appeal to a wider audience but this said they are still performed very well. The story at times felt a tad rushed and varied too much away from the original film for me. I feel they missed keys characters and scenes from the film that could have brought this show to life. This is demonstrated though with the introduction of Mickah Wallace.

The star of the show is Deco. My one worry was that the lead could not match the charisma and voice of Andrew Strong. But I am pleased to say he does.

After the show, we were treated to Mustang Sally and Try a little tenderness brilliantly performed but I wish these were included in the storyline.

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