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Palace Theatre

Palace Theatre
109-113 Shaftesbury Avenue

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(5mins) Take Charing Cross Road until you reach the crossroads with Shaftesbury Avenue.

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    Sunday, 10th Aug 2014 by Sally

I tptally agree with Julie. My partner and I have been to a number of Westend Shows before, it was not the standard we expected. We did not think it was worth the price of the ticket and would not recommend it to anyone else. It was like watching a 6th form school performance Save your money!!

    Monday, 14th Jul 2014 by Davie Kenny

Can't believe some of the comments regarding the swearing, This show is all about the story of working class life and ordinary people. The language used only illustrates the life and times. The show itself; I thought it was fabulous, It gave a good mix of the book and film with the performers giving great renditions of the characters. The music; I was concerned at first that some songs from the movie were missing but the show did not let us down with the ones they did perform, Jimmy, Deco and Joey were brilliant and comedy that came with them had the audience giggling like children. At the end the encouragement for the audience to sing and dance along with the band had everyone feeling part of the show. Would love to see it again.

    Monday, 30th Jun 2014 by LESLEY COOTE


    Tuesday, 24th Jun 2014 by liz saunders

it was brilliant, if you like soul music & comedy its for you

again simply brilliant

    Sunday, 1st Jun 2014 by LAW13

Second time of seeing this, once was just not enough!

Some subtle changes and extras made it familiar yet fresh and I even got to boogie with the cast as they stayed in character and made us a part of it.

It is NOT a typical musical theatre production but a story of the life in a band and very true it is too.

For some reason there appears to be some people posting poor reviews multiple times - what the purpose of this is, I really don't know but what I do know is that if you like a bit of a laugh, can be grown up about some of the language used (in context, it's more dialect than offensive) and you like soul music, then you'll love this show.

    Friday, 30th May 2014 by Taco

I can not believe that someone who like musical theater would be disappointed in this show to give it only 1 star.

Its one of the best I have seen, and I tell you...i have seen a few shows. The story is told in the right pace, the musicians are in the right place and are simply fantastic, the stageing is clever. The songs are abolutely great and the leading roles are just incredible, what a party, what a talent on stage. Absolotuly LOVED it. Highly recommened. Yes there are some harsh jokes, yes there is some foul language, but we are in 2014, I am sure 99,9% of the audience can handle that and simply love the humor. The night I saw this splendid musical, the whole Palace Theater were on their feet , celebrating, dancing and clapping.

Perfect night out 5/5.

    Saturday, 24th May 2014 by Michaela Kearns

Flippin' LOVED this show! ALL of the characters were spot on! The songs are to die for (as we all know) but the set....that was one of my fave things; it WORKED! It worked so well, in an easy to move way but it wasn't disappointing to the eye!

The scenes & the cast reminded me of my own band (Oops!) & we are all HOPING to get the opportunity to perform this light hearted, belly laughing piece of modern theatre ourselves in the not too distant future!

OK...Phantom it is not, Billy it is not....but entertaining....IT IS! :-)

    Monday, 19th May 2014 by Lorna

i just saw the current latest review that said they were very dissapointed and it wasn't what they expected of a west end show and i felt compelled to say i went to yesterday's matinee and can't wait to go again! - it was exactly what i expected and more! - the cast were energetic, funny, talented and the whole audience were on their feet, clapping & singing along at the end. The set was very clever and there wasn't a dull moment - well done to everyone involved and thank you for a fabulous time

    Tuesday, 13th May 2014 by Julie

Very disappointed with the quality of this show. Not what I would expect from a Westend Musical. I was totally bored and disgusted with the content and felt it had a very weak storyline. What a waste of money! The music right at the end was more what I would have expected throughout, but by the time we reached this point I had given up.

    Sunday, 11th May 2014 by Anne

Went to see show last night. It was excellent. Ian mcIntosh as Deco was brilliant as were rest of cast. So energetic a performance Deco split his trousers! Every single person in the theatre were on their feet. Fabulous night.

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