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Palace Theatre
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(5mins) Take Charing Cross Road until you reach the crossroads with Shaftesbury Avenue.

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    Wednesday, 1st Jan 2014 by helen

absolutely brilliant . had everyone dancing in the aisles .a proper feel good musical if you enjoy soul music .actors staging and vocals were excellent .

    Saturday, 28th Dec 2013 by Irish

Thoroughly enjoyed the fast moving- passionate funny show. Lead singer was fabulous - being Irish I wasn't offended by the 'language' ..... heard worse on the train journey by locals !! Great night out ......

    Thursday, 12th Dec 2013 by Robert james Harvey




    Wednesday, 11th Dec 2013 by Martha

With a script by Father Jack (feck, arse, drink etc), accent-coaching by Tom Cruise (Far and Away) and acting from the school of Brian Blessed (shouting, shouting and more shouting), this straight adaptation of Roddy Doyle's excellent musical movie fails to deliver on so many levels. The staging is a health and safety nightmare and everything so frantic that me and the over 60s who are packing the far-too-big Palace Theatre were exhausted at the end of the 2 hour performance: that's about and hour and half of story time then an endless round of compulsory encores and the built in standing ovation. The soul survives though and yes I am black and I am proud!

    Sunday, 1st Dec 2013 by Geoff Waller


Fantastic Music, great performances, dancing in the aisles.

For those who want to complain about a bit of swearing....Get a life and make some changes. Read the book then comment!


    Tuesday, 26th Nov 2013 by Aileen Doherty

Have seen the show twice now, they plans to see it many more times. For those moaners, it's based on the brilliant book by Roddy Doyle, NOT the movie. The language is part and parcel of Irish life, nothing to get your knickers in a twist about.I noticed on my 2nd visit that the lnguage had been toned down a lot. The cast have so much energy and talent...bare in mind some had never performed on a West End stage before. Don't read and think and say "Will I go or won't I?" Just book your ticket, make a few scoops and enjoy!!

    Monday, 25th Nov 2013 by Roger Reynolds

Absolutely superb show.It is about an Irish band of working class young people,they are not going to say blinking this and blooming that.If you don't like 60 s soul music don't go.if you do get tickets now.Simples.

    Tuesday, 19th Nov 2013 by sharon

brilliant show very funny amazing cast all good singers but lead singer has amazing voice cant wait to see it again.

    Monday, 18th Nov 2013 by Diane

This is a 'must see' show. Completely captivating from the start, with very funny. The energy from the stage was electric. The audience participation at the end was amazing. A huge success. The cast last night (Sunday) was brilliant.

    Monday, 11th Nov 2013 by Eve

Absolutely amazing show. The dialogues are really funny.The lead singer is brilliant he sings with a passion.Loved his version of Ottis Reading Try a little tenderness. The only thing I would say...I would love to here more songs.

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