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    Wednesday, 9th Oct 2013 by Kevin

Great Cast. Great Set. Brilliant songs. The show is only let down by the weak ending to the plot, although that can be forgiven. The performances are great. Joe Walmer almost steals it as Mickah - his psychotic skinhead brought back bad memories of the 1980s! Strongly recommend going - you will elave with a smile on your face if you "have soul".

    Wednesday, 9th Oct 2013 by Will

Went to see The Commitments last Monday evening and loved it. The production was very slick and entirely refreshing as musicals go. A multi-talented cast makes this show a must see. Well done to all and I hope that you remain committed in your efforts and enjoy a long run.

    Tuesday, 8th Oct 2013 by Julie

I saw this last night, and thought it was one of the worst musicals I had ever sat through. Only the main singer can actually sing, and the dialogue is extremely dated and unfunny (unless you think every other word beginning with 'f' the most hilarious thing you have ever seen). The cast try hard, but it really had the feel of an amateur production - and the script is truly terrible. There are so many brilliant musicals out there but this was just hugely disappointing (and particularly a shame as the film was so brilliant).

    Tuesday, 8th Oct 2013 by fay

Oh dear ! I was so looking forward to this but just found the whole show poor - terrible dialogue and just not funny ! The acting was wooden and "forced" . There was not enough of the original film music (why ?) but I enjoyed the end "concert" and Declan's voice so lets hope the rest of the show improves with time.

    Tuesday, 8th Oct 2013 by Louise

I went to see The Commitments last night and it was brilliant! It took me on a nostalgic trip down memory lane; I'd be surprised if Roddy Doyle wasn't happy with that!

Most of the Palace Theatre were on their feet at the end singing and dancing along...I wish it every success!

    Tuesday, 8th Oct 2013 by chrisb

Disappointing. Not enough music, story not strong enough, and the 'family' elements were so weak they might just as well have been left out. For me there was no real spark. People may have 'danced' in the aisles but this I thought was contrived; if you are some way back, it's the only way to see what's going on - certainly not spontaneous.

It was an OK event but I expected more, and rather forgettable.

By the way, huge amounts must have been spent on the moveable house - why? It added very little - style over substance.

    Monday, 7th Oct 2013 by Donna

Loved the original film but loved the soundtrack more! Very few songs from the movie make an appearence in the show however you won't be disappointed it was fantastic!

The vocals are amazing!!! go and see this show it is well worth it!!!

Much like the film, this is not one for you if bad language offends.

    Monday, 7th Oct 2013 by Dean

We thought that this was a great show, the music was arranged and performed beautifully, the lead male & female vocalists & support artists were all very good.

The set was simple but very effective & the the entire cast were fantastic.

We were concerned prior to going that the cast might not be able to transmit the grit & humour of the film, but think they acheived it very successfully.

The whole audience (aged 7 -70) were up on their feet at the end, we rarely go to see the same production twice but for this show we will make an exception, it is a must see show in our opinion.

    Sunday, 6th Oct 2013 by Kathy

Absolutely fantastic. What a show. The whole audience were on their feet begging for more. Apart from what some might consider excessive use of the "F" word, making it unsutiable for children, the whole play, set, story and music were really fabulous and the humour and sets were great too. A real must for Soul fans. Go and see it and you won't be disappointed.

    Sunday, 6th Oct 2013 by helen

Brilliant I am coming back x

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