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Palace Theatre, Manchester

Palace Theatre, Manchester
Oxford Street
M1 6FT

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The Palace Theatre is situated directly opposite the Palace Theatre is Oxford Road train station. Piccadilly train station is only 0.3 miles from the theatre.

Show Information
Booking From: Thursday, 5th April 2012
Booking Until: Saturday, 19th May 2012
Matinees: Saturday 2.30pm
Evenings: Monday to Saturday 7.30pm
Show Status: production_closed
Review Summary
Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 12 review(s)


Latest Review: "What a travesty. I couldn't wait to see it having seen the production at the opera house many..."

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    Sunday, 6th May 2012 by Mandy

What a travesty. I couldn't wait to see it having seen the production at the opera house many years ago. It's like comparing a silk purse with a sows ear. I felt nothing. There was no chemistry between either couple and the lack of theatrics took away all the magic which mesmerised me all those years ago.

    Tuesday, 1st May 2012 by Welsh Lady

Wow... Second time now for my husband and i, seen the show on Broadway 2010. Cried buckets , very moving loved the girl who played Miss Daae phenomenal voice!! As for Mr Owen Jones best Phantom yet incredible! Thank you, took my mum for her 80 birthday she loved it.

    Monday, 16th Apr 2012 by Gillardk

zita and mac what a sad couple, get a life. A review platform is for people to express their opinions, not to slag other people off. After watching this show in three different countries as well as numerous visits to the west end, I think I am more than entitled to express my opinion. If you would watch this every night what sort of life have you got?

    Saturday, 14th Apr 2012 by Beejay45

Attended the matinee of Phantom today what an absolute delight... Scenery fabulous, acting flawless and singing pitch perfect. A total theatrical spectacular.

    Friday, 13th Apr 2012 by Carole

Still paying the same price for a show which didn't have the same scenery as the other shows we have seen so don't tell me to shut up :(

    Friday, 13th Apr 2012 by zita and mac

we also have seen the west end show on several occasions and we therefore realize that it is a permanent set, the people who criticize the manchester set obviously do not understand this fact and should appreciate the difference and to compare the 2 would be totally wrong.shut up , you dont know what you are talking about.

the cast were superb and we would watrch this show every night until it finishes..

    Wednesday, 11th Apr 2012 by Gillardk

Went to see the Manchester show last week.Absolute garbage. Having been spoilt with the London production on 6 occasions, this show was done on the cheap and was completely ruined by missing fundamentals, chandelier, boat on lake. The actual boat scene was embarrising, it just went across the front of the stage and the section where the chandelier falls was a piece of the stage prop falling down. Masqerade completely ruined, no staircase, hardly any cast, absolute rubbish. Dont go to see this if you are expecting the West End version.

    Tuesday, 10th Apr 2012 by zita rodaway and mac

This was the most amazing show we have ever seen and although we have aleady seen the show 4 times last nights performance was fantastic and i cried all the way through it, bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tuesday, 10th Apr 2012 by Carole

Phantom is my husband and I favorite show we have seen it 8 times the last time in the west end last September. The both of us were very disappointed on Saturdays nights performance there was no crashing chandler, no candelabras coming from the floor, no staircase for the masquerade and the costumes wasn't the same as previous shows this all left me and my husband deflated. It all seemed to be done on a budget. If you have never seen the show before it would of been good but for those people who have seen it, it left us All Phantomed Out. What a shame.

    Monday, 9th Apr 2012 by David

Brilliant - the best production of this musical we have seen - having seen it in the West End twice before. Although I was thrilled with the performances I thought the begininning (the auction) was weak, but it soon picked up. The most memorable sections of the earlier performances were undoubtedly the chandelier 'crashing down' over the stalls, and the gondola with the candelabras appearing in the mist - both of which were diminished in this production. But overall - excellent!!

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