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Dominion Theatre

Dominion Theatre
268-269 Tottenham Court Road

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The theatre can be seen from the station, on the corner of the crossroads between Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street.

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Average Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars based on 22 review(s)


Latest Review: "Jeff Wayne and the orchestra were brilliant if a little too loud, but very disappointed with the ..."

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    Sunday, 14th Feb 2016 by Stella

Loved the show. Very different to the O2 but that was to be expected as its a theatre not arena so it was less about the music and more the story telling.

Loved Danel Bedingfield as the artillery man. The brave new world routine was excellent. Jimmy Nail was brilliantly demonic at times but patchy. Sad to say David Essex murdered thunderchild. I thought the red weed was a clever twist.

Would highly recommend for an evening's fun entertainment - gripping from beginning to end.

    Sunday, 14th Feb 2016 by Phil Knight

We were looking forward to this and unfortunately we're a bit disappointed. The sound was awful. We could not understand what the singers were saying as it was drowned out by the music.

Great visuals and music, but as I say sound mixing with singers appalling.

    Saturday, 13th Feb 2016 by Amanda

From the moment the orchestra began to play the instantly recognisable intro, I had goose bumps and was instantly transported back in time....

This show far exceeded my expectations. I went with my sister. We cried (Forever Autumn..poignantly sad still) we giggled (random Owl moment??) but mostly, we were blown away. Don't hesitate to see this, it really is all about the music which is performed with such attention to the original detail. Absorbing and thrilling.

    Friday, 12th Feb 2016 by mow

Hardly any dialogue, music drowned out what speech there was so came across as shouting not singing,and flashing lights just gave me a headache. Felt like I wasted £43.

    Thursday, 11th Feb 2016 by Mike

Saw it on 11th February and it was just superb. Yes, there were a couple of issues with the sound but these were minor. Jimmy Nail steals the show together with Chris Spedding on guitar. There are a couple of additional songs that enhance the show and the contemporary dance is great. Bear in mind that this has been around for years and there have been a number of reincarnations. David Essex is charming and Daniel Beddingfield is improving show by show. However, it is all about the music and this was faultless. Go to see it and love it.

    Thursday, 11th Feb 2016 by jon

Music - fantastic

Orchestra - fantastic

Sound - appalling

So this has all the hallmarks of being great, great cast, great music, supposed technical marvels... but failed on so many levels (Liam wasn't a hologram at all,... that would have been good), what looked like an A-level drama class acting of being burnt and most dissappointing was the sound - in the circle you simply couldn't hear ANY of the cast, Liam Neeson was almost in audible.... was moved to the stalls where it was much better, but then (sorry Nick) Jimmy Nail was also so indistinct he should have stayed at home. At least now we all know that Daniel Beddingfield cannot act for toffee!

    Thursday, 11th Feb 2016 by Christine

Went to this show last night. Special effects were very good and music was great, but unfortunately it drowned out some of the singing voices Liam Neeson's narration was a bit muffled and once again drowned out by the music at various points. I still enjoyed it and appreciate that the music is very dramatic, it but feel if it was just toned down a notch in places, then I could have appreciated the undoubted talent that was on stage. Love Jimmy Nail and David Essex.

    Wednesday, 10th Feb 2016 by Nick D

Was just ok I am afraid. The holographic image of Liam Neeson is in fact a projector image on a semi transparent screen and occasionally a TV! Sorry to say but the lead character was actually quite rigid and boring. David Essex's voice is not what it was. The whole thing was saved by Jimmy Nail and some special effects. Cannot see this lasting particularly long.

    Wednesday, 10th Feb 2016 by Karen Siggins

We went to see this show on 9th February 2016. We were really looking forward to it and were very disappointed. The sound quality was very poor. We could not understand a word Liam Neeson said at it was very distorted and muffled, we left the show at the intermission, probably the worst show I have ever seen.

    Monday, 1st Feb 2016 by Chris

Part concert, part cinema & part musical theatre, this show will blow you away. And you don't just need to remember the original album or be a syfy geek to thoroughly enjoy it. Your kids will love you for taking them to see this - where else are they gonna meet a martian fighting machine. Certainly not in the Lion King!!!

I'm not one for seeing a show more than a couple of times - once you know the plot and know how it ends, what's the point - but I've been to 8 TWotW arena shows and loved every one of them. Especially as the show just keeps evolving and improving.

Please go. Don't just think about it, it's only on for a limited time. You'll be glad that you did. It's a fantastic concert, excellent cinema and brilliant theatre. Ulla!!!!!!

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Booking From: Thursday, 28th April 2016
Booking Until: Saturday, 30th April 2016
Age Restriction: Recommended age of 8 years or older

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