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Latest Review: "Wonderful production just what we expected from the information ! Alan Tittchmarsh was perfect as th..."

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    Tuesday, 13th Jan 2015 by JP

Wonderful production just what we expected from the information ! Alan Tittchmarsh was perfect as the narrator, the characters were beautifully depicted by the dancers. Thank you for making our Grand daughter aged 7 so thrilled and excited. Hope to see you next Christmas

    Monday, 12th Jan 2015 by Malcolm Jay

Wonderful production - inventive - creative and played with huge commitment from the dancers to Alan Titchmarsh, who was a revelation. Captured the wistful quality of the book but with energy and comedy. It is a ballet NOT a straight play and some of the criticisms seem to not understand this. It can't be compared with the NT production which was completely different.

    Friday, 19th Dec 2014 by Disillusioned

We saw this production last night and came away feeling very disillusioned. It reminded me of the standard end of term offering in an average school. At first I was unable to distinguish which animal was which, not even a tail for poor old Ratty, a half-starved Toad, no real attempt to give them any real head gear. They were all cavorting about like ballet dancers on a busman's honeymoon. Since when has a badger been in the habit of doing high kicks? The scenery and props were very rudimentary and appeared to have been produced on a very limited budget. What a contrast to the production I saw many years ago at the National Theatre which was absolutely delightful. The accompanying music was dreadfully repetitive and often too loud especially when played while Alan Titchmarsh was narrating. In fact, apart from the amusing duo of Toad and the gaoler's daughter, I found very little to commend apart from Alan Titchmarsh who spoke extremely clearly and with expression. I give him full marks. The other characters, of course, had very little to say and made do with mime. It was impossible to feel any empathy with this production. I say "must try harder" to the producer.

    Saturday, 13th Dec 2014 by Cass

Absolutely magical! Terrific cast and Alan narrated beautifully. Some fabulous moments in particular the jailers daughter /head weasel. Not wanting to give too much away but the interval also had surprises. It was all great. I would highly recommend for family's in fact anyone.

    Monday, 17th Nov 2014 by Martha

It was amazing, and I am only sorry I can't see it again, as I live in U.S. and not London. I would definitely enjoy seeing it again. I am very glad to know this will have a further run, as I still hope that my 27 year old daughter could see it with me some time. She is a dancer and also knows this story and loves it as I do. I thought the ballet and dance aspects were superb, though as Kate's review said, this is nothing like going to a traditional ballet. The acting was also superb.

I note that some have given it only one star, and I think I may understand the problem. You have to understand, The Wind in the Willows is a children's story. One assumes that people know that, but if one did not understand that, and expected something different, then it would be a disappointment. BUT it is not true that it is only for 5 to 7 year olds, as my husband and I are both in our 60's, and we loved it. The Wind in the Willows is a classic story, and things become classic by being much loved over many generations. We love the story, but the performance was magical. The performers did a great job at giving life to this story. Of course, if you have children or grandchildren, take them and enjoy it with them, or take a favorite niece or nephew--children would particularly love it, but it's not only for children. It is very well done in bringing to life the children's story The Wind in the Willows.

    Tuesday, 4th Feb 2014 by Kate

This is an amazing prodcution of wind in the willows and its unmissable! I don't understand how someone reviewed it 1 star as all of my family saw it (we're aged 16,18, and over 50 parents) and we all fell in love with it! Even though my dad and brother normally wouldn't choose to watch a dance production, especailly ballet, they absolutley reaved about it afterwards. I'm very happy its transfering to the west end now - something it deserves very much! If you're not a ballet- goer don't be put off as in this case the term is used very broadly and its more contmeporary/modern dance for everyone to enjoy and there are absolutley no tuts, ballet shoes, princesses, or nutcracker music! A fantastic show!:)

    Monday, 3rd Feb 2014 by Liza

Very disappointing!

    Thursday, 30th Jan 2014 by Anne

A delightful mix of ballet, puppets, and storytelling. A lovely interpretation of this classic children's tale. The characterisation of Mole and Toad was charming.

    Friday, 17th Jan 2014 by miki

It is a real shame to take peoples money, without properly informing them that this is a child's play for children audience up to 5 years old only! This is not at all appropriate for anyone older than 5-7 years old.

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