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Peacock Theatre

Peacock Theatre
Portugal Street

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(5mins) Turn left on Kingsway and carry on 200 metres until Claire Market, where the theatre is on your left.

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Latest Review: "Oh dear. Best summed up as a nice idea badly executed as the writer has tried to bring Opera to t..."

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    Monday, 18th Jun 2018 by Seankata

Oh dear. Best summed up as a nice idea badly executed as the writer has tried to bring Opera to the mass market but only succeeded in producing clumsily constructed 30 minute bites of confusion.

Turandot, the first piece, is very confusing. It's a complex opera when seen full length and with this one I had no idea of what was going on. The Crouching Tiger style high wire 'fight' was rubbish and the break dancing best described as amateur. A bad choice to start the show off.

Butterfly was better but had moments that confused. W had moved further back in order to see more of the stage (there were plenty of empty seats) and this allowed us to read the songs as they were displayed on screens to each side. The dialogue was clunky and, again, it was hard to know what was happening.

Carmen was the best of the bunch but that may be because it is the best full opera anyway? The staging came away from the Chinese theme and the songs fizzed more. The trampoline chase was funny but not deliberately.

All in all this is a miss for me. No point in making opera 'accessible' if by doing so you dumb it down to the point that the story and characters are washed out. Enthusiastic performances, good singing in places and a well played music but school panto stage layout, costume design and choreography. Too long between the three sections also. Nice try but don't do it again.

    Monday, 11th Jun 2018 by Javier

Very enjoyable. A nice adaptation of three very popular operas with three different scenarios. I would say they dare to produce something different and entertaining, and the result was a very good show.

    Friday, 8th Jun 2018 by Anne

Very entertaining but not for the reasons the director would hope, quite why stage crew provide so much of the entertainment as they move stuff around during the operas..... You know there's trouble when the director attacks the critics with an ad in the times. Shows appear to be being quietly withdrawn by the Peacock so get in quick while you can

    Saturday, 2nd Jun 2018 by Robin

A great night out. Very enjoyable A good insight into 3 very different operas... If you think of opera as highbrow then this will make you think again. Performances were light-hearted the drama well acted and the singing excellent...Some of the acrobatics were truely remarkable....

There are 2 longish breaks between the operas but with very different scenery and costumes it is only to be expected

All in all well worth seeing... Carmen is brilliant

    Tuesday, 29th May 2018 by Carrie

Good concept. Ruined by poor dancing, singing and one handed piano playing. Not to mention the overloud drumming. The very poor circus performers who were continually tangled in their strings, (Frank Spencer eat your heart out) and the overall amateurish production.

    Monday, 28th May 2018 by Florence Wainwright

I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. The music was absolutely wonderful, and at times the collective voices were spine-tingling. The break dancing could have been sharper and the English translation was unnecessary. The Chinese bull in Carmen, was a joy to watch. Be aware there are two short intervals; this was a little confusing and when the fire safety curtain came down during the second interval, some people thought it was the end of the show.

I recommend this show to all ages and hope to go again.

    Thursday, 24th May 2018 by Emily Jackson

Absolutely ridiculous. It definitely entertains, but not in the way it expects to. I understand that the creator wants to make opera exciting for young people, but, as a millennial who was there with a group of other millennials, this was not the way to go about it.

Expect hilariously bad breakdancing, the most amateur aerial stunts we could imagine (think flailing on wires, including the most awkward aerial sex scene), tap-dancing Geishas (fake tap-dancing, even), and bad English translations. We all would definitely have preferred original language. Throughout the show, I noticed the cast looking at each other for direction as if they were not sure where they were supposed to be moving on the stage. Some beautiful voices, though; I hope those cast members find productions less ridiculous to showcase their talents.

All in all, worth a laugh, very entertaining, but definitely not good.

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Booking From: Friday, 29th June 2018
Booking Until: Sunday, 1st July 2018
Running Time: 2 hours 35 minutes
Age Restriction: TriOperas is a dazzling experience for audiences of all ages

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