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Piccadilly Theatre
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(2mins) Pass the famous illuminated signs on your right to take Glasshouse Street/Sherwood Street where the theatre can be seen.

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Latest Review: "This was really cheesy and unrealistic. I am 13 years old and I normally enjoy watching shows and..."

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    Wednesday, 12th Dec 2012 by Gary

Oh my god I love London shows but this is the worst ever.

And to see Victoria go it with her family made it worse girl power stand united not alone

This will not last and I advise to go and see a better show

Ridiculous prices for a ridiculous show.

    Wednesday, 12th Dec 2012 by DQ

A theatrical abomination. Terrible script, poor performances. Choreography was really amateur. This is NOT Mama Mia so if you are hoping for something similar just skip it and go see Mama Mia

    Wednesday, 12th Dec 2012 by DF

It had the potential to be a great show - Spice Girls music, book by Jennifer Saunders, produced by Mamma Mia producer Judy Craymer.

Sadly it did not live up to its potential.

The Spice Girls had 10(ish) hit songs and 10(ish) hit songs does not a musical make. The first half was choc-full of lesser know album fillers and when a classic song cam along it was 'mashed-up' with another song - 2 became 1 - but there were not enough good songs to mix together.

The story - it was nothing about girl power, it was nothing about adoption, it was nothing about the evils of reality TV it was a cheap easy swipe (mickey take) at the X-Factor - something that Peter Kay did 4 years ago and far far better. And any storylines that there were were forgotten about by the time the show came to a rather abrupt end with no resolution to anything.

There were some good numbers - but for a band that was famous for upbeat pop songs, the best numbers were the slow ballads.

The similarities to the Mamma Mia production are very apparent but this is no Mamma Mia. If ticket sales are flagging in 6 months I wouldnt be surprised to see certain members of the Spice Girls shoehorned into the production as 'guest stars' to flog tickets.

Viva Forever? I doubt it. Viva For-a year? Probably..

    Tuesday, 11th Dec 2012 by Denise Sidcup

I was looking forward to seeing this show, Spice Girls music would guarantee a fun night and a Jennifer Saunders script. How wrong was I. Songs I hardly recognised, a script a mix of Ab Fab and Mamma Mia set to the back drop of X Factor. The whole night was a waste of money and not cheap even going on a preview night. Only go if you have money to waste and absolutely nothing else to do.

    Tuesday, 11th Dec 2012 by Emma

Just a huge let down, Took the essence of the spices girls and threw it out window, cheesy xfactor play that just happens to have spice girl songs in it. A little school play meets Ab Fab. Big shame was so looking forward to it.

    Tuesday, 11th Dec 2012 by Missy SMC

A score of 2 is being really kind to this production. There were a few funny moments but overall I would say don't waste your money. Will be interesting to know what the Spice Girls make of it - they will probably be cringing at the embarassment of it just like I was.

    Tuesday, 11th Dec 2012 by Ro

I'm with the majority here. I went with high expectations and left feeling thoroughly let down. There is an irony in the plot line - manufactured show business corrupting young talent - and I came away feeling this is an air balloon of a show inflated with distaste and 'not very niceness' that patronises its audience. With a back catalogue of songs, remembered by most with much fondness, it should work. Their interpretation here, has makes them forgettable and downbeat. Bye bye forever Girls. What have you done.

    Tuesday, 11th Dec 2012 by Nighty

After looking forward to seeing the show with my mum, for so long

I was very disappointed!! Not worth the £52 each a ticket at all!!

The storyline was long and boring, hated that it focused around a talent show thought would be alot more original than that. I am such a massive spice girls fan and even i could have chosen alot better songs than the ones that were used. I Wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you want to waste your money. I couldn't wait for it to be finished. wish I could ask for my money back !!

    Monday, 10th Dec 2012 by Sian

Poor! Incredibly boring story line - CRINGE Worthy - Best bit was the ending! Waste of Money! Very Disappointed!

    Monday, 10th Dec 2012 by Jenny

As a huge Spice Girl and Jennifer Saunders fan thought this show would blow me away, sadly it didn't......the cast were good, in particular the girl who played Viva had an exceptional voice. The songs of course were fab but so much more could have been done with them. The biggest failure for me was the storyline.....a play on X factor? was hoping for soooo much more. Do I still love Spice Girls and Jeniifer Saunders? Yes, would I see this again? Probably not :(

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