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Piccadilly Theatre

Piccadilly Theatre
16 Denman Street

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(2mins) Pass the famous illuminated signs on your right to take Glasshouse Street/Sherwood Street where the theatre can be seen.

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Average Rating: 2.9 out of 5 stars based on 67 review(s)


Latest Review: "This was really cheesy and unrealistic. I am 13 years old and I normally enjoy watching shows and..."

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    Sunday, 9th Dec 2012 by Mandip

Great story, great actors and exceptional music. I went with 6 pals all in our 30s - we LOVED it! I would definitely go again if I get the chance to visit London in the future!

    Sunday, 9th Dec 2012 by Adam

I am the biggest Spice Girls fan and was so excited about the musical. The Music in this production, I loved. The cast are weak, apart from two they aren't good singers. One of the girls was so annoying I wanted to throw my £18 Viva Forever bauble at her.

The jokes were terrible, I was sat in front of Jennifer Saunders and the only person laughing during the show was her.

I don't understand why Judy Craymer didn't go, "No, Jen, this is sh**!!"

A spice Girls musical could have worked, this is going to bomb terribly and I doubt anyone will go near the idea again. I want it to do well but it needs to be re-written.

    Sunday, 9th Dec 2012 by ij

Car crash of a show. What a waste. Jennifer Saunders should be ashamed! Shame on the producers for not having the guts to tell her the script is complete garbage...

    Sunday, 9th Dec 2012 by Glenn

Some good bits but most of it was bad. Singing wasn't great, storyline was ok, finale was fantastic.

Overall, needs a major re-work.

    Saturday, 8th Dec 2012 by Scarlett and Caitlin

Awful!!!!! Waste of £58 per ticket! It's was a spice girl version of Mumma Mia. Very disappointed and a real shame!

    Saturday, 8th Dec 2012 by Kung foo

Do not waste your cash / utter garbage!!

    Friday, 7th Dec 2012 by Perth, Scotland

The audience wanted Spice Girls not a poor effort of sniping at X-Factor!

Bought my ticket in June, I was looking forward to the show opening that much.

There are some really good parts but the show needs a major re-write if it wants to last more than six months.

    Friday, 7th Dec 2012 by Lisa

Loved it!

    Friday, 7th Dec 2012 by Brad

I saw this on the very opening night of the previews and was dissapointed. I was hoping they might improve it but reading many of these reviews they havent yet. This was seriously lacking something and seemed far too long. Such a shame as was looking forward to a fun night. The songs could have been used much better.

    Friday, 7th Dec 2012 by Steph

I saw the show a few days ago, I thought it was pretty good.

I was quite impressed with it, it’s a lot of fun and has an easy to follow story line, sure it’s a bit cheesy but that’s what musicals are!

I loved the Mama/Headline/Goodbye mash up, very well performed by all.

The only thing i really disliked were people in the audience talking all the way though the show, on the third row so the actors would be able to here there conversation, so rude and they never got told to quiet down by the stewards grr!

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Booking From: Tuesday, 27th November 2012
Booking Until: Saturday, 29th June 2013
Matinees: Friday 5pm and Saturday 3pm
Evenings: Monday to Thursday and Saturday 7:30pm, Friday 8:30pm

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